Yonex Voltric Lite 20i Badminton Racket

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With Flexible shaft and 297 mm Balance point (Head heavy configuration) , Yonex Voltric lite 20 I is attacking players choice , however its weight is just 78 gms which could lead to some power loss but its Tri-Voltage System technology is designed to delivery added power on shots.

As it is light weight racket (78 Gms) , so it will be easy to maneuver thus helpful in counter attacking means player can quickly return the opponents shots with lesser time. Frame material of this Voltric series racket is HM graphite while its shaft is made of HM graphite and Nonmaterial.

Yonex developed this racket with high strength material which offers outstanding weight to strength ratio as a result of this , Player can maintain the string tension up to 30 lbs in this racket. (In normal rackets, if you reduce the weight then strength of the racket will be reduced )

Voltric lite 20 i is conceptualized and developed with state of art technology known as Try Voltage System. this technology is developed to improve the performance of racket by adjusting the flexibility of frame. Top frame part is developed with stiffer material so it bends in controlled way thus transfer more power to shuttle. While thinner sides of the fame offers better racket swing speed. So as a result , this racket provide both, powerful smashes and controlled drop shots to players.


The developer of this fantastic Yonex Voltric Lite 20i is from Japan (It is made in China). When it comes to the specifications, these are very much similar to Nanoray 18i. However, this Yonex racket is designed with a heavier head and fits for powerful smashes. The material used for the manufacturing of this racket is Nanomesh Neo that increases the swift shafts throwback. The flexibility here is also an appreciating feature of this pair of rackets.

The head of the Yonex Voltric Lite 20i is isometric that results in maintaining the same length for the vertical strings. In the horizontal strings, an enlarged sweet spot is there in all directions. The latest and stunning trait that has also joined this racket is the built-in T-joint. It escalates the stability of the shuttle by combining foaming agents and epoxy. Also, it heightens the performance and standard of this Yonex Racket.


When we compare this racket with an ordinary one, an 88% broader surface on the support cap makes the grip more painless and trouble-free. The sharpest upward movement is also its benefit.

The players who love badminton and play regularly, these pairs are best for them. With little weight, the players would find it more accessible while smashing the shots. Simultaneously, , its perfect grip will assist them in giving powerful shots. An improved repulsion will be there in your smooth and polished shots. The string tension of this Yonex racket is 18-20 lbs that makes it appropriate for seasonal and casual players.

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