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Written By : Jammy K Cric

Certainly, it is very essential to achieve certain goals in your life and make yourselves as successful as you have speculated. But the question is that is it enough to achieve only this part of life? We absolutely agree with you and are also mesmerized by your life desires, but there is something that you must pay attention to.

The creation of international Yoga day is the core paradigm of human concern towards their health. Because today we are living with the arduous combination of life. It means the part of high technology and stressful life makes us the clone of a hectic era. That is why the role of ancient yoga again is coming into existence. And again because of the new technology, we are re-defining the concept of yoga with new equipment like Yoga Mat .

A tale of Yoga Mats

They say if you want to remain fit and healthy, then just opt the ancient way of living. This quote is absolutely right because there are millions of people, who are completely reliable on Yoga for their healthier life.

That is the biggest reason why most of the manufacturers are now producing high quality of Yoga mats to ensure the best experience of the people. The concept of yoga mats is the combination of ancient methodology with new technology. Because it immensely improves the way of Yoga and allows you to do your contemplation or yoga with precision.

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Essentiality of Yoga mats

So, earlier we have discussed the usage of yoga mats and now we are going to thoroughly scrutinize the great significance of yoga mats and its essential qualities through which you can enjoy your yoga effectively.

1) It keeps you calm and focus

This is one of the biggest reasons why most of the Yoga lovers prefer the yoga mat. To keep your body warm and energized is the greatest perquisite of Yoga mats. Because it does not allow your body to decentralize the energy over the floor or ground.

2) Keep your body germs and bacteria free

You have heard it right. The yoga mats are specifically designed to keep you safe from the germs of surroundings. It means when you do your yoga along with the groups or in yoga classes, then the percentage of infection from germs also climbs up. Because no one can assure the cleanliness about the floor or ground.

3) Work as a best friend

It acts as a best friend and will give you full support to improve your yoga exercise. It means it will guide to keep the focus while doing the yoga because the cushions of yoga mats are designed specifically to meet the demand of the meditation lovers. These are available in all sizes and for all age groups. That means now you do not need to worry while performing your contemplation.

Types of Yoga mats

There are numerous types of yoga mats that are available in the market today. Lots of varieties of mats on the basis of age group, for different purposes, for certain yoga exercise, and last but not the least mats according to the need and suitability. So, these are the basic need of the people which is very effectively fathomed by the manufactures. That is why we have numerous types of yoga mats present in the market. So, here we are going to list out the different types of Yoga mats.

1) Sticky mats for Yoga

These are one of the most common yoga mats and popularly preferred by the beginners. Because these mats are less expensive and more durable for daily routine exercises. And the best part is that you can also select them according to your need. It means they vary from ¼ to 1/8 thickness.

These mats are specifically designed with sticky texture; it means you can be able to hold to do hard yoga poses or exercise without facing the errors of slipperiness. Sticky mats are more convenient and comfortable, and its better cushioning makes your intricate yoga to easiest one.

2) Natural rubber mats for Yoga

These yoga mats are one of the first mats which were introduced in the market. The concept says that these mats are suitable for all. The quality of eco-friendly and non-toxic is the biggest perquisites of rubber yoga mats. Basically, these mats are made by the recyclable and biodegradable materials. And as we have discussed in the upper section, these mats also have better cushioning for better comfortability and the quality of slip-resistant makes it a great product.

3) Plastic elastomer mats for Yoga

These yoga mats are the perfect example of new technology. Because these mats are made without the inclusion of latex, PVC or any toxic materials. These plastic elastomer mats are cheaper than the plastic versions. These are made from natural material and have the quality of slip-resistant and traction. That is why these mats are becoming more popular among yoga lovers.

4) Hemp and cotton mats for Yoga

As the name suggests itself, cotton yoga mats are ideal for the frantics of Yoga. This is because the cotton fabric is immensely known for its comfortability and soft texture. They easily absorb the sweat and you can clean them by just a simple wash. And now, the hemp mats are more durable than the cotton mats. Because they are made up of dense hemp yarns. These are more water-absorbent and warmth.

5) Jute Mats

These yoga mats are one of the greatest paradigms of nature. It means these yoga mats are solely made from jute fibres. The jute fibres are a biodegradable and natural material. These mats are considered as the most eco-friendly yoga mats among them all. These mats are suitable for all sort of exercises because they have natural quality of breathing.

6) Travel mats for Yoga

If you have the passion of travelling and you consider yourself as the frantic traveller, then these mats are truly made for you. Because these are thinner and compatible than the conventional ones. They are slip-resistant and can be rolled up and folded up easily. Basically, these Yoga mats are made for true travellers who love to do Yoga every day.

So, now let’s check out some top-trending yoga mats of 2019 with their imperativeness too.


1) Nivia yoga Mats


A yoga mat from the top brand like Nivia shows the must-have combination for the yoga lovers. These mats are available in several patterns and thickness. These mats vary from 4 mm to 12 mm. These mats are dust free and also easy to clean. The quality of antibacterial and hygienic makes them a step ahead from the other brands.

2) Stag yoga Mats


The yoga mats from Stag brands are second on our list. These yoga mats are very attractive and designer. These come from a thickness of 4 mm to 10mm. The texture of mats is solely based on Eva material. It means better support to your body. The stag mats are popularly known for their premium quality and durability. They are slip-resistant, eco-friendly, lightweight and easy to clean.

3) Cosco Yoga mats


We bet you must have heard about the Cosco brand. Cosco is a premium brand of fitness. It gives you numerous varieties to choose from. These mats are very attractive and best suitable for fitness freaks. The length and thickness of the yoga mats vary and one can easily select them according to their preferences.

4) Kamachi Yoga mats


The brand of Kamachi is popularly known for its uniqueness and high quality. These mats are suitable for all age groups and are extra cushioned for better comfortability. The range of thickness varies from 4mm to 10mm. These mats are easy to clean, washable, slip-resistant and easy to roll and fold up too. The use of PVC material makes them a step ahead for the other yoga mats.

5) Vector X yoga mats


The bard says that these mats are suitable for the beginners as well as the experts. These mats come in the exciting range and colors. The range of thickness varies up to 10mm. These mats are easy to clean and can be washed with just soap and water. They are fully slip-resistant and well cushioned for better comfortability.

6) Thrax Yoga mats


The yoga mats form Thrax brand is made from Eva material. It means you can expect better durability and comfortability. These mats are suitable for all age groups and are designed with extra cushioning for extra comfort. The range of thickness varies from 2mm to 6 mm.

Because of the fine cushioning in the mat, the user can do his yoga smoothly without feeling tired. It is easy to maintain, clean and use.

7) Strauss Yoga mats


The Strauss is offering some exquisite yoga mats for the fitness freaks. These mats are very well designed and come in an exciting range of colors. The mats are fully slip-resistant and well cushioned for extra comfort. The range of thickness varies from 4 mm to 15 mm. These are anti-smell, anti-tear and easy to clean.

8) Paffy yoga mats

Paffy _Yoga_Mat_Specification.jpg

The brand of Paffy is showing the perfect combination of comfortability and durability through their yoga mats. These are attractive and well cushioned for knee protection. The thickness of the mats is varied according to your needs. These are easy to clean and roll up.

9) Iris Yoga mats


They say if you are showing something then keep your best for the last. That is why we are showing you the mats from Iris brand. These mats are perfectly well designed and made from the finest material for great comfortability. The use of PVC material, quality of anti-tear, slip-resistant, extra cushioning makes it a must- have yoga mat. These mats come from the thickness of 3 mm to 25 mm with numerous choices of color.

10) Nivia yoga mat PVC


As we have discussed earlier, the brand of Nivia is known for its premium products. The PVC yoga mats from Nivia have their own essentiality. These are well cushioned and designed for extra comfort. These mats also come with a double layer. These are anti-bacterial, anti-dust, slip-resistant and hygienic.

So, these are the top trending yoga mats from the premium fitness brands. These all are well-designed for all age groups. So, if you are planning to buy the yoga mats, then you must consider these mats before purchasing.





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