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Are you looking for the right Yoga Mat to stay healthy and fit?



Nowadays, Yoga is one of the effective ways to keep your body and soul fresh and healthy. Yoga is a type of medication exercise which makes you get rid of addictive drugs too, now and then. In this journey, a Yoga Mat is very crucial and works as a faithful companion; so you need to choose this mat wisely. With the advancement of innovation and creativity, there are numerous types of carpets available through which it is challenging to select the right mat.

As runners and athletics have so many options when it comes to clothes, shoes, etc. and so do the yogis. Manufacturing companies nowadays tend to make every type of mat according to the need of the people. But for the ordinary people, selecting the right mat is a bit confusing. Moreover, from numerous options, there is a chance of picking the wrong mat which may waste your money.

Yoga mats come in a variety of textures and size including different materials used to make them. There are several factors based on which a person can choose an excellent mat.

Before we move on to selecting the right yoga mat, lets talk about the physical and mental benefits of yoga in the overall development of the body. The significant physical benefits of yoga are: -

Physical_Benifits_of_Yoga.jpg ? It helps in surging flexibility of the body which is very beneficial.

? Because of modern lifestyle, issue of weight gain is normal so to rid of it yoga is the best way out.

? Yoga helps the body from major internal and external injury.

? Helps in increasing muscle tone and strength.

? Can reduce metabolism rate up to a great extent.

? Cardiovascular diseases are booming at a rapid pace, so yoga helps the body to fight with this kind of problem.

Mental_Benifits_of_Yoga.jpg Mental benefits: -

• One of the essential benefits of yoga is it helps in the reduction of stress level from the mind.

• Practicing yoga provides a positive outlook towards life keeping you motivated all the time.

• Aids in relaxation of mind and body.

• Concentration level boosts which gives immense benefits in a profession.

• Helps in paying attention to the particular work.

Now we will discuss some of the things which the customer needs to remember while buying the yoga mat: -

Points_to_Remember_While_Buying_Yoga_Mat.jpg 1. The thickness of the mat: The width of the mat depends on the body type you possess. A standard mats thickness is 1/8 inch which is comfortable for most of the people. But a slim and trim body needs thicker mat then this. Indeed, the mat thickness also depends on the type of yoga you are doing.

However, thicker mat makes it hard for the yoga practisers to make the balance of the body while standing.

Other than this, an individual who has a joint problem should also do yoga on a thick mat that is of ¼ inches. It will make the person comfortable while doing it. Secondly, the tall humans can opt for stretched mat having a reasonable length of 68 inches. In case you have some past injuries, then the thicker mat is supreme to pad the knees.

2. Type of yoga: Different types of yoga are another essential factor while purchasing the mat to practice. Keep in mind on which level you are in your meditation. For the beginners, buy the mat which is reasonable in cost. In any case, if you think that yoga is not meant for you, then its a request not to invest more on expensive mats.

Other than this, once you think that you have groomed into yoga and the mat which you have purchased earlier doesnt suits you, and then change it. But always remember, various types of yoga classes need your arms and legs on the proper place. So, to accomplish this goal, buy a mat which has more friction in it.

For different yoga classes, unique mats are developed by the manufactures which make the yogis comfortable and relaxed while doing yoga.

3. The practice area: The type of place the individual is practicing yoga matters a lot. Go for a sober and straight forward mat when you are doing yoga at home. At home, there is no necessity for a more massive cloth. Not with standing, if a person is practicing yoga for the first time, then thicker and bulkier mat will go. But if you are going outside to practice yoga classes from an expert then buy a lightweight piece and what suits your body type will be the best one for you.

It is also recommended that if a person travels a lot and does yoga while travelling, then even a lightweight mat is a better option.

4. Choice of material in regards to the yoga mat: This meditation mat comes in different materials which suits some individuals, while may not be the right pick for others.

Dont buy PVC mat as this material is mainly used in making yoga mats. Some reports indicate that it contains carcinogen which is challenging to recycle. In case if it becomes old, then the best option is throwing it away and which results in polluting the earth.

• Nowadays, people opt for rubber mat because of the excellent material used in it, and it has an excellent reputation among yogis. Other than this, it is best for start-ups.

• Padded mats make the person comfortable and relaxed while doing yoga. From the manufacturers side, it comes with two portions the one which is inside is of foam and the other part is removable cloth. Indeed, while practicing yoga, this mat will not provide you a grip on the surface because of slippery nature. But it is useful in comparison to PVC or rubber mat. The outer portion is washable but the inside is not washable.

• To make a grip on the surface, cotton yoga mat is best for you. As it is natural material and absorbs more sweat than any other mat. Indeed, if sweat is more, then it has to be washed frequently so that there is no stickiness.

• Lastly, non-slip mats are the best option for vigorous yoga people. It has extra grip and sticks for more extended period wherever you are moving.

5. Pay attention to the budget: The price of yoga mats varies. You can buy a $10 mat to $100 mat, but it much depends on the practice you do. The 1/8 inches mat without any padding and thickness is the lowest priced mat a person can buy. Instead, when the individual is serious about yoga, then go for a branded mat which has various qualities like- anti-microbial treatments, crisp texture, and many more.

If you want to purchase an eco-friendly mat, it will cost more than usual.

6. The texture of the mat: Composition of the yoga mat makes a big difference regarding your skin type. It comes in various textures, so before buying a mat consider the kind of texture which suits the skin better and make the person comfortable. More the sticker mat will be, more it might irritate the skin.

Other than this, try smooth mats which give relaxation to your body while practicing yoga. Many manufacturing organizations make eco-friendly mats which best suits an individual.

7. Buy essential accessories to save the mat: For safety purpose, the mat should be cured in a bag so that it will not damage. When you roll your mat, apply cotton buckle into the mat. Other than this, always buy that mat which is easy to fold and store in a carrying bag.

8. Buy that style which motivates you to do yoga: Prettiness also matters in the mat as well. After considering the material, sizes, and texture of the mats, go for the best style of mat. Choose the best pattern, colour, and print which always encourages you to practice more. These small things matter a lot in concentrating and achieving your desired goal.

Best Yoga Mats Under Rs 1000/-

Yoga is considered as the best exercise for body and mind which helps in balancing your overall well-being. As the advancement in every field is surging from past 3-4 years, Yoga day is celebrated all over the world with great thrill and enthusiasm. Many leaders have now accepted that yoga has innumerable benefits which make our mind relaxed and concentrated. So, in future, before buying a yoga mat, think about the above points which will help you in choosing the right mat for your regular practice of yoga.


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