Badminton is an exciting game. If you are new to this game, then you must buy a badminton racket that has high-quality strings. You have to be choosy while selecting badminton racket as the tension of the string and its type significantly affect your capability of playing an ideal game.

As already mentioned, the surface tension of your badminton racket string determines your game. Also, high tension will bring you more control but minimize power, whereas less tension of the string will reduce control but adds strength. Gosen Badminton String provides right string tension according to the needs of badminton players. Let us see ideal string tension that is perfect for different badminton players.

For beginners: 18lbs-22lbs.

For intermediate players: 22lbs-24lbs.

Experience player: 25lbs and up.

Badminton racket strings must have these features: -

If you want to learn more about the quality and characteristics that badminton racket string must possess. Here, we are going to explain to you in detail.

As there are a lot of things associated with this equipment called badminton, but the essential ones are: -

• String durability

• String repulsion

• String tension

• And lastly, how it feels

String durability

String durability is measured by its type of material used in manufacturing, the tension created after stringing in the badminton racket, and gauge or thickness of the badminton string. Badminton string durability is scaled from one to ten. A higher value indicates its higher strength. The ideal rating for the best badminton string will be between 0.68mm to 0.7mm in diameter. If the string is thicker, then it will lose accuracy and control while hitting. Oppositely thicker the string is, it is less durable and very easy to break when force is applied to a small area. So, therefore, the gauge of badminton string should be balanced.

String repulsion

The elasticity of a string provides repulsion because when you hit the shuttle, the string gets stretched under an applied force, and when the string retains into its original state, it will power the shuttle to move forward. The badminton string should be made of a material having excellent elastic power such as multifilament nylon.

Also, thicker string has less repulsive power as compared to thinner string. Another attribute that determines the repulsion is hitting sound. The shuttle must sound very crisp while running on the sweet spot of the badminton racket.

String tension

String tension is an important attribute that should be considered firstly while picking badminton rackets. A thinner string of high tension is more likely to break sooner. To make the power delivery, your shuttle must hit the sweet spot. As the surface tension of the string increases, it will decrease the region of the sweet spot on the badminton racket and players find it challenging to deal with the sweet spot. But low tension string racket brings less accurate shots. So, an ideal badminton string must have higher string tension to improve your shots.

Feel of badminton string

Different strings bring a different feeling. Generally, strings are classified into soft, medium, and hard. Soft string feels bouncy and stretches easily, and hard strings are solid, rigid, and feel less bouncy. Soft string effortlessly brings repulsion and power but does not hold the string tension. Hard string easily gets contacted with the shuttle and feels less bouncy. The hard string also provides proper repulsion with optimal control.

About the Gosen company

Gosen company was established in the year 1951. Primarily they manufactured synthetic nylon threads. In 1954, this company started manufacturing racket strings and fishing lines, and in 1985, Gosen string was approved by Indonesia Badminton Association. Now, Gosen is a leading Japanese company that makes several synthetic strings for different sports like tennis, soft tennis, badminton, and other sports.

So, if you are passionate about badminton and want to make your career in it, then first buy a good badminton racket which will help you to make your game best slowly.

Gosen provides the best badminton racket string

If you are a fresher and want to carry your passion for this fantastic game to the professional level, then Gosen provides you the best quality badminton products. The Gosen badminton string is manufactured from the best materials. When you are looking to buy badminton products, then only Gosen is the brand you can trust. Gosen badminton racket string is a highly demanded and popular item.

These badminton racket strings are available in exotic colors and are one of the fantastic items as far as durability and reliability are concerned. Gosen company also claims that they manufacture the string with patented technology, which provides a super sizable sweet spot. Gosen gives you a unique range of badminton racket string that helps you customize the badminton racket that allows you to play a game of your kind.

Gosen badminton string is designed taking care of the requirements of players. Some players want less or more repulsion, control, speed, power, durability as compared to other strings, and these features of badminton strings minimize or maximize the string tensions.

There are plenty of options available in the market, but badminton players require the right string for smashing and hitting. Gosen badminton racket string is the only string that stands on your expectations. Try these incredible badminton racket strings of Gosen brand. This badminton string is also available in India .

Gosen G-TONE 5 badminton racket string

Gosen racket string is manufactured with the latest micro fusion production method that provides you supreme strength and crisp while hitting. In this new production method, core fiber firmly sticks with outer wrapping that increases its power. Also, its rough surface string gives an excellent spin performance. It is designed with highly resilient multi-filament Nylon and Quattro-fiber. It provides string tension between 18-27lbs after stringing badminton racket with it.


Gosen G-PRO Series

This fabulous Gosen G-Pro series offers two types of badminton string under it. They are: -

Gosen G-PRO70- String your racket with this Goaen G-PRO70 string that brings your badminton super durability and power. It is designed with highly heat resistant material and also multi-filamented with Nylon. While coating, they use the latest technology that is DRS-dual rough surface technology that creates this badminton racket string super durable, improves string tension maintenance, and its rugged surface improves spinning. This badminton racket string is available in different fascinating colors.


Gosen G-PRO 66- This badminton racket string is durable and resilient. Its thinner gauge and heat resistant coating is incorporated with new DRS-dual rough surface technology that makes it an incredible product. This string is made of Nylon multifilament and strengthened with Quattro-fibre wraps. This Gosen badminton racket string enhances the string tension maintenance, brings superior durability, and also improves spinning.

Gosen PRO 66 badminton racket string

The Gosen PRO 66 gives you marvelous comfort and power. This fabulous Gosen PRO 66 string is manufactured from the super Dipping technology. This dipping technology provides long-lasting durability to the thin gauge badminton string. To make this product durable and elastic, they use high-quality multi-filamented material Nylon which is also coated with resin.


Gosen AERMET 68 badminton racket string

To bring maximum control and response, this badminton racket string is coated with Aermet alloy powder in a thin gauge. It is made up of Aermet material which makes this badminton racket string more robust, reliable, and stable. It also made the racket stronger that can easily withstand high tension stringing without affecting the performance of the racket. It is made of Nylon material, which is multi-filament. Gosen Aermet 68 racket string provides you string tension of 16lbs – 22lbs.


Gosen NANOCUBIC badminton racket string

This Gosen badminton racket string provides necessary control and power. They use the latest nano-technology. Its multi core construction creates minimal tension loss, enhances elasticity, balances unnecessary vibrations, and improves its strength. This racket string is manufactured with mono and multifilament Nylon and also especially nano-coated with resin. This badminton racket string is durable and highly resilient. It gives you a string tension of 16lbs-22lbs after stringing.



You need the best quality string for delivering energetic smashes, hard-hitting, control, and balance. With the perfect badminton racket string, you can easily cope up with defensive shots while applying little effort. This exotic range of latest Gosen badminton strings helps you to achieve victory in badminton.

These badminton racket strings improve the performance of badminton players while playing at different levels that are beginners, intermediate, or advanced level players. Improve your game performance by checking out all exclusive Gosen badminton strings available in India.