Cricket is one of the most popular sports around the world. A cricket match was the first ever international sports game. The name cricket was derived from an old English word which meant stick.

Well, everything has to be a perfect one when it comes to cricket; be it the size of grass, the pitch road, players and also your shoes. Shoes play an important role when you are playing cricket irrespective of you play it indoor or outdoor. If you usually play indoor, then you might need rubber spiked shoes and if you mostly play it outdoor, then you might need metal spikes pair as it helps in keeping more grip on natural elements.

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As a cricket player, you should always seek for the following features while purchasing a good pair of shoes:

• The upper part should be very comfortable as it is very close to your foot. As a bowler, you need the upper part to have high cut upper and as a batsman, it should be less rigid with more flexibility so that the movement can be easy

• The outsole is a layer which is in straight contact with the ground. As a bowler, the outsole should be flat with more spikes, on the other hand, a batsman should have an outsole which has half spikes so that they get the apt amount of traction for playing shots

• The midsole is a mid layer which is framed for mostly shock absorption. Well, both bowler and batsman need a lot of cushioning for better comfort while playing.

Best quality cricket shoesways provide comfort, better fitting, very less weight and the best grip to the players at merest cost. There are ample of brands in the market but it depends on the player and his needs which pair of the shoe meets his requirement.

Let us discuss some of the best trending shoes for 2019. The list is prepared by doing a proper survey and according to the reviews given by the people using them!

1) Adidas ADIPOWER Vector Mid Full Spike-


A shoe which is specially designed for firmness and needs of fast bowling, the Adidas AdiPower Vector Mid Bowling Cricket Shoe provides one of the best cushioning and support for the fast bowlers, enabling them to explode on the crease. Fast speed and safety are of supreme importance for the fast bowlers. Keeping this is in mind, Adidas has made a slanted heel which aids the transition through crease plus an external strap for added support, which allows you to focus on blasting the batsman away.

As outsole is really important for a bowler and batsman, these shoes by Adidas are soft, lightweight and comfortable. They have absorption resistant toe, which keeps the fit of the shoe secure and improves the comfort level. It usually comes in white color with blue and orange lines on it and looks very attractive and impassive.

2) Asics Gel Peake 5-


These shoes are explicitly made for bowling. The ASICS Speed Gel Peake 5 is a very lightweight and an extremely reliable cricket shoe. Durability and flexibility are the two major key ingredients which make up this shoe as bowling boot, as it helps in preventing injury and aids the users to achieve top speeds.

GEL unit of these shoes absorbs the impact amazingly by reducing shock attenuation on impact which leads to less risk of injuries. The superlative thing about this shoe is that it grips the shoe into the position comfortably ensuring maximum pace gathering. These shoes come in mostly white base with blue lines on it and the other variant is white base with orange stripes. However, the orange shoe is very much in demand and mostly liked by the customers.

3) Kookaburra Pro 1500 Rubber Stud-


These shoes are made in such a way that it protects your foot while keeping it light. It has extremely good breathability and air flow, plus the upper of the shoe is water resistant. These features make the shoe durable. The 1500 spikes are one of the top spectra in less weight dual spike cricket shoe. It is ideal for batsmen and wicketkeepers who want to be quick on their feet without an obstruction.

It has the latest designed outsole which provides superb traction. The shoes are water resistant and have durable upper with the new breathable mesh construction.

4) Nike Domain 2 Spike-


It is a Unisex Cricket Shoe which provides lightweight cushioning and amazing grip on the ground with a Phylon midsole and intrusive traction pattern. The supreme thing about these shoes is that it provides a synthetic leather upper which gives more flexibility and comfort. Moreover, it is a long lasting shoe with a full-length plate which includes 11 metal studs for better traction.

These shoes not only provide better traction but also have mesh lining for better air ventilation and cushioning to make the player more serene. Well, to do impeccable footwork on the ground you certainly need to get hold of these shoes. The color combination of this shoe is amazing with a white base, grey upper and neon green base; this combination makes the look of the shoe really amazing.

5) New Balance CK4020B3 Stud-


The CK4020B3 is for the All-rounders. Tiredness from stretched days in the field is balanced by combining a light midsole with superb cushioning in the forefoot and heel. Perfectly escorted by responsive feel and lightweight cushioning, it has a power to combat long-day fatigue along with its revlite midsole. This means it has a new type of foam compound which provides the similar responsiveness and longevity of advanced balance foams which are 30% heavier. It provides a lightweight ride without minimizing designing or enduring underfoot cushioning or stability.

These shoes provide the best comfort required to both whether it is a batsman or a bowler. It is the best blend of compression set and foam cushioning, featuring rubber.

6) Puma EvoSpeed one8 R Virat Kohli-


Breathable and lightweight are these white colored evoSPEED one8 R Virat Kohli cricket shoes from Puma. Not only this, they have an air mesh upper and Light Weight Microfiber to provide better support and breathability. It offers you with a low ankle design so that it gives you a superb grip and fit.

The best thing about them is that they have very light ever track Rubber Outsole with imperatively placed nodes for good traction and flexibility. It allows you to put your best foot forward in the ground. These lace-ups are a worthy pick for any ambitious player. Its midsole compound provides excellent responsiveness and cushioning, plus the stitched toe guard aids in increasing the durability. Its maintenance is also easy and you can just clean them by any good quality brush or a moist cloth.

7) New Balance CK4030 W3-


These shoes not only contain Revlite midsole but also give Abzorb cushioning in the forefoot and help to lessen the fatigue. Whether you are accumulating time at the crease or out in the deep, the design of this lightweight shoe will keep you comfortable and protected during your long days in the dirt.

The new balance CK4030 W3 provides you with the Midfoot Support Strap with a soft action leather upper which will keep your foot stable. It is recessed with 11 spike configuration which allows the foot for toe-off power and exceptional traction. Its internal support system provides you with extra stability. The additional feature that this shoe offers is that it has removable spikes, so you can use them according to your needs. They come in 2 colors- one is neon green and white and the other is red and white, and both the colors are very attractive.

8) Puma EvoSpeed 18.1-


The Puma evoSPEED one8 R Cricket Shoes are endorsed by our Indian icon, Virat Kohli. An advanced cricket shoe with an imploring look manufactured to be the lightest shoes in cricket! It is a blend of protective and lightweight materials which allow cricketers to move across the grass rapidly. If it is for the one hand pick up or throw out in the deep, it gives you edge on the pitch.

The evoSPEED 18.1 Spike Cricket Shoes is an extension of the existing evoSPEED. The upper of the shoe has a soft synthetic material, and along with it, breathability and stability are provided by the completely fused mesh windows in them. The closure strap in them ensures the extra stability required. Not only this, the anatomically made outsole provides balance and support, using high-tech materials to lessen the weight and to increase the reactivity and stability for the ambitious Cricket players who are looking to give their best.

9) Thrax OptiPro Stud Cricket Shoes-


These are specially designed Cricket Shoes at an affordable price to fit the requirements for everyone. The model has the best consolidation of a breathable mesh upper and Nami PU. These shoes are multi-purpose with an attractive design, which anyone would want to opt for. The cushioning technology in the upper provides a perfect merger of comfort and performance.

If you are looking for something with comfort, then these are the shoes you should go for as it has Molded EVA in-sock to give better comfort and has reinforced toe with advanced abrasion-resistant materials. The best feature of it is that it has supreme rubber out-sole for best traction and enhanced arch support. Thrax Opti Pro shoe is mid range shoe with latest design and perfect fits

10) Payntr Stud Cricket Shoes-


The Payntr shoes maximize power, agility, control, and comfort. The outcome of all this is that the performance gets multiplied while playing. These shoes have a thicker and softer padded collar for more comfort. In the new shoes, they have vastly improved the upper to ensure that the shoes are much more durable and are able to handle even the toughest of situations. A strongly reinforced toe cap for safety is also incorporated, deserting the much scorned speed lacesystem present on the 2018 offering.

You would for sure rave about the multiple color options available – so that you can choose the one which suits you the most. You want get enough of the value for money, innovative technical details, gorgeous aesthetics and running-shoe feel of the Payntr cricket range of 2019.

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We have listed the best shoes of the year 2019 based on the research, reviews, specifications and quality. It completely depends on your requirement and comfort level on which shoe suits you the most. So, go for it and choose the best option for yourself without any obstruction in your dream game Cricket.