It is not just about your skill when it comes to playing great tennis. Although skill is a huge factor, but still it is not the only factor. It is also about having a superlative racket, especially the racket which is capable of matching your playing style and level. A comprehensive racket is the one which is selected keeping some aspects in mind such as its weight (should be light weight), ball control, durability/stability, power, responsiveness, touch/feel and comfort to empower you become like a pro in tennis without taking much time.

Always assure the strings that are used in the racket are of good quality or not. It has a direct impact on your performance which can really make or even break your performance. A fine quality tennis racket will give you a good swing and that is possible only when the strings attached to it are of superior quality. Choosing the appropriate grip size is another crucial factor which should be considered before the purchase of any tennis racket. Even though many buyers ignore to check the grip size but it is one of the important factor in its purchase.

Evaluating all the pros and cons of all the options that you have considered to buy should be done in order to be assured of performance. In our attempt to help you out in selecting the best tennis rackets for 2019, we have evaluated every racket considering all the attributes. This blog will give you a good selection to choose the best and suitable tennis racket for you as these are the top 10 rackets for this year-

1) Wilson Pro Staff RF 97-

WILSON_PRO_STAFF_RF_97_TENNIS_RACKET.jpg It is a lighter racket as compared to many othertennis rackets and offers a good level of spin. It is not an ordinary racket as it includes a kevlar/graphite layer. Moreover, it has an indistinguishable complete matte and smooth surface from the previous model. The latest version of this racket absolutely has classic feel with the world class exactness. This racket was designed by Roger Federer and has a hybrid setup along with a favoured over grip on the inside shaft. For hitting heavy strokes and for delivering full control, this racket is perfect. Its headlight balance consists of 9pts and has fast swing speed with the head size of 97 sq inch.

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2) Babolat Pure Drive Lite-

BABOLAT_PURE_DRIVE_LITE_TENNIS_RACKET.jpg It is the racket of pure drive series, which comes in soothing Blue colour with pretty light weight as compared to the previous model. This racket is ideal for enhancing solid youngsters and learners. Its head size consists of 100 sq inches with the length of 27 inches. Its head light balance is of 1pts which is equipped with FSI power. Its power level is not that great but still sufficient for the beginners. The swing speed and stroke style is medium. It has been launched with a new cortex hosing framework which gives it a particular elastic material at ball effect.

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3) Prince EX O3 Rebel 95-

PRINCE_EX_O3_REBEL_95_TENNIS_RACKET .jpg This version of the racket is composed of 95 sq inch of head size. The emphasis of this racket is on stability but it is quite heavy in weight. The frame provides a great control and feedback, although to some extent it does not help with spin. It has a sculpted groove within the frame, along with the energy channel that not only enhances the stability, but also the power. The flexibility rating is firm of this racket. The head light balance consists of 9pts and dense string pattern is (18 mains, 20 crosses). This racket is mostly suitable for top juniors, college players or serious tournament players.

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4) Wilson Burn 100-

WILSON_BURN_100_TENNIS_RACKET .jpg The Wilson Burn 100 is engineered with spin effect technology which facilitates spinning to control your shots from the baseline. It was launched with the emergence of Burn series. It is not only manoeuvrable with power but also light in weight. It has a head size of 100 sq inch along with the length of 27 inches. It is composed with graphite and has string pattern of 16 mains and 18 crosses. This racket has faster feel, and can be used by strong beginners and good level intermediate players looking to spin friendly performance and for extensive acceleration.

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5) Head Youtek IG Challenge MP

HEAD_YOUTECK_IG_CHALLENGE_MP_Tennis_Racket.jpg This racket is very responsive from all the areas of the court and provides a good level of control. It is a lighter model as compared to the other Youtek IG models. It has a length of 27 inches with the head size of 100 sq inch. It has 0 pts even balance and is composed of graphene. The grip size is equipped with hydrosorb pro and includes 16 mains and 19 crosses of strings. It is easy to manoeuvre and players can easily launch into their shots because of the magnificent combination of spin and power available from far behind. It comes in Yellow and blue colour which gives it a cool look.

The exclusivity of this racket is Head d30 which senses the needs of players in different strokes. On low speed impact, better feel and softer touch is felt, whereas the racket realign to provide maximum power on a high speed impact. It can be used for both beginners and intermediate players.

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6) Wilson Blade 98S BLX-

WILSON_BLADE_98S_BLX_Tennis_Racket.jpg This racket is designed for the advance and aggressive players. It provides an impeccable control for attacking players and the good news for the ones who are about to buy this racket is that this years launch includes some additional design features including clean lines, laser engraving and matte finishes. It is the first model which has been launched in the blade series with its 285 gram of frame. It is composed with graphite and has a string pattern of 16 mains and 19 crosses. 98 sq inches is the head size and 27 inches is the length. The beam width of this racket is 20.6 mm along with 1pts of head light balance.

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7) Head Youtek Graphene Radical Lite-

HEAD_YOUTEK_GRAPHENE_RADICAL_LITE_TENNIS_RACKET .jpg As it is much light in weight, the Radical Lite offers extraordinary manoeuvrability and easy play-ability. It has a bigger head of 102 sq inch which provides you with a bigger sweet spot. It is engineered with Graphene touch technology which provides an inconceivable touch and a solid feel. Its length consists of 27 inches and has an even head balance. It is also composed of graphite and is equipped with hydrosorb pro grip. The string pattern is 16-by-19 which weighs 48-57 pounds. It is a perfect weapon for intermediate and advanced club players.

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8) Wilson ULTRA XP 100S-

 WILSON_ULTRA_XP_100S_Tennis_Rackets.jpg This is one of the best tennis rackets if we talk about power. This racket offers extreme power along with great manoeuvrability which is because of the carbon fibre construction and the power profile frame making it more aerodynamic and stiff racket. Its string pattern of 16-by-15 offers immense spin potential. This racket weighs 290 grams and this racket is a choice of wide range of players. It has a head size consisting of 100 inches with 27.25 inches of length. It is made up of Graphite and components and string tension is 50-60 lbs. The players who are looking for power, you have got your answer. This racket is typically for advance players.

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9) Head Titanium Ti S2 US-

HEAD_TITANIUM_TI_S2_US_Tennis_Racket.jpg It is very light weight racket and is made up from a stiff construction of graphite and titanium. It has a grip size of 11.1 cm and has a medium length of 27.5 inches. It has a mid size head shape of 102 sq inch along with the powerful frame. The swing speed is medium and it is easy to use. The length of the racket is 69 cm and the string pattern consists of 18 mains and 19 crosses along with the strung weight of 266 grams. The beam width is of 25 mm which gives it a broad look. It comes in Red colour which gives it a sporty look. It is mostly for the beginners.

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10) Head PCT Speed-

HEAD_PCT_SPEED_TENNIS_RACKET .jpg This racket comes in Black colour which gives it an exquisite look. This racket is equipped with PCT titanium technology and has a grip size of 41/4 inches. Its head size is made up of 102 sq inches and has 698 inches of the height. The beam width of the racket is 270 mm and is ideal for all the age groups. However, it is more convenient for the beginners. The length of this racket is 27.5 inches and string pattern consists of 16-by-19.

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Comparision Best 10 Tennis Rackets in India for 2019

Comparision_Best_10_Tennis_Rackets_in_India_for_2019.JPG Now that you have gone through all these tennis rackets, you might be knowing that there is an array of rackets available in the market. They may look the same when you first see them but if you will analyse them as per their composition and attributes, you would notice abundant things. For the beginners, the racket with a bigger head size would be preferable as to they will be able to hit the ball easily with the larger sweet spot.