Best 10 Squash Rackets in India Squash is one of the most entertaining sports which are widely popular all over the globe. This game is a great exercise for an individual and fun at the same time. The game of squash is very hard to play and for this, the athlete has to be fit and healthy and must have a lot of strength and endurance.

Learn How to Choose Best Squash Racket

It dates back to the 19th century, but with the modern time, its variation is changing as we now know it. Right now, its not an Olympic sport but its pinnacle comes in the form of many championships. It is an extremely competitive and fast-moving game in which the player has to cover the whole court while playing. It is an indoor racquet game and every country has a world-class player to represent this game internationally. As it is the racquet game, so let put some light on the Best 10 Squash Rackets in India which is gaining popularity because of its material and other things. They are: -

1. Head Microgel Blast Squash Racket


This squash racket is best for a player who wants to excel and give their best by ruining competitors. The technology used in this squash racket is microgel having graphite composition that delivers magnificent power accompanied by solid feel while griping excluding maneuverability. On every shot, the new special coated microgel molecules form an interconnected polygon cluster resulting in a high quantity of extra pop.

Its power is outstanding and rock-solid feel makes it extraordinary and unique compared to all other rackets.

Features: -

• Light in weight that is 150 grams which gives an ease to the player while playing shot and gives comfort to the hand

• The head is big and heavy in size with 12 mains and 17 crosses string pattern which helps the player to play the shot with full strength

• When you play with this racket, there is a great accuracy with every shot that hits the opponent

• Length is 27", the beam width is 20 mm

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2. Head Cyrus 145 Squash Racket


Anyhow this squash racket is very comfortable and gives excellent shots towards the opponent. It is apparently 145 grams in weight which is medium as compared to other rackets. The technology used in this squash racket is you Tek which is composed of head Innegra hybrid-composite structure.

Head size is 495 with a balance point of 320 mm which would be crazy head-light. Moreover, the beam of the racket is 16.5 to 20mm which seems thinner and grips hard. The balance point is lighter than air as it provides a good shot to the opponent. Which could be handy if your game plan is to float slightly above the opponent.

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3. Prince TT Sovereign


This racket is also known as prince triple threat sovereign. It is quite an old squash racket but since its release, it has become extremely popular. While playing with this racket, you can improve your shots and play a more intense game with this. It is mainly made for those who are intermediate players as it lets them be professionals by playing with this racket.

The string is 16*17 which gives natural power to the player while playing. The head size is 480 sq. m which is less than other squash rackets. Indeed, the manufacturing company offers half cover with the racket which prevents it from wear and tear. The stiff shaft delivers greater control and power to the player while playing dominant shots towards the defense.

Main features: -

• Graphite body which makes it lightweight and sturdy

• Total weight is 135 grams which is much lighter than others

• The size of the grip is standard

• Durable and feels good while playing which makes you an excellent player of squash

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4. Dunlop Black Storm Squash Racket


While playing with this racket, you can experience power like never before. The open throat design of the squash racket offers out power because of powermax string pattern which is 14*18. This racket is very famous and best seller of all times. So be the best with Dunlop black storm titanium squash racket which is made up of 4d braided material which is woven in four directions so that the racket blade remains strong.

Main features: -

• The technology is powermaz which gives it more power to play an excellent shot

• Made up of high modulus graphite which absorbs the vibrations when the ball touches the strings

• Due to the weight distribution and construction, it is an ideal choice for players

• The headlight is balanced, and due to this, the graphite used in it is maneuverable

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5. Prince Textreme Pro Warrior 600 X


Prince textreme pro warrior 600X is the first choice of worlds best squash player- Ramy Ashour. The pick up of this racket is super light and offers comfortable balance which delivers ease to the player to hit the best shots. The head size of this squash racket is 74.5 square inches which is heavy as compared to others.

Features: -

• Stronger and durable than ever before

• Superior torsional stability which results in offering more power and control while playing

• The strings are made up of textreme spread tow fabrics which are good to make the racket lightweight and improves the stiffness

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6. Dunlop Rage 25 Squash Racket


Its a good squash racket for beginners but bit costly as compared to other rackets. Both men and women can play with it comfortably; and it has a weight of 185 grams. The material used is graphite which is light in weight and gives strong griping to the player. Moreover, it is highly durable because of hydro max grip type.

Its construction is titanium with dynapower strings for a long-lasting and powerful shot. The company is not delivering cover with it so the player has to buy it from outside to protect it from any damage. Height of this squash racket is 26 inches and width is 22 mm.

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7. Tecnifibre Carboflex


This racket is best for beginners with advanced playing. It has great control and power to hit the opponent ball with perfection. As compared to other rackets, it is much lighter that is 89 grams with open throat head shape. The shaft flex benefit provides more convenience and suits today skillful touch player.

The body is very powerful, delivers a fast response to the opponent, and it is comfortable. The frame is very stiff with wide sweet spot but if by chance you hit out of this area, then vibration will come out of it. It is best for boys with advanced playing. Indeed, the balance is 350mm which is quite heavy.

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8. Cosco Squash Racket Titanium 10 X


If you want to play right and a professional game, then a correct squash racket is very significant to enjoy the invigorating game. The material used in this racket is titanium which makes it lightweight and gives more strength to the racket while playing.

Features: -

• The composition of graphite delivers great feel and durability

• The weight of the racket is 145-155 grams which is perfect for the squash game

• Functions and usability with the head size of 74 square inches offer 35-49 lbs tension

• Titanium mesh in the racket offers fast head speed and strengthens the muscles

• The technology used in the racket gives high maneuverability and control to the player while playing

• It is ideal for every class including men, women, girls, seniors

• The company offers full coverage with it for the safety purpose

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9. Head Microgel Heat Squash Racket


Head microgel heat squash racket combines control and power to ensure excellent performance in playing. It is manufactured with the help of Microgel technology. Besides this, the material that has been placed throughout the hoop is designed to react at contact and distribute shock around the frame.

Other than this, the string pattern is 12*17 which delivers perfect and strong power on every shot which goes towards the opponent. Moreover, it is an excellent choice for players who want to improve their game. It is the best selling model and has a midweight design that delivers unique power and touch.

It has a head light balance of 320mm with a height of 70 cm long.

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10. Head Microgel 110 Speed Squash Racquet


Head Microgel 110-speed squash racket always offers the player power packed and active game which surprises the opponent player. It has latest and modern microgel construction for ultimate stiffness and durability. The technology of microgel which is used in the head delivers all players rock-solid feel and touch which gradually improves the performance level.

The carbon fibers used in the strings enables the player to make sharp and powerful shots towards the opponent with better control. The racket is constructed so smartly that the racket distributes the impact of the fast-approaching ball when the hit time comes. The balance is 370 mm which is quite good for the players.

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Squash is a well-established and renowned game internationally which offers great benefits to the body. You can opt it for recreational purpose as well as a career because of vast scope. But it only needs good physical health to play.