One thing I remember very nicely about my childhood is that no matter who ever played carrom at my home, I was the one that always used to sprinkle powder on the carrom board. Even today, I make sure to sprinkle powder before starting the game. I realized the reason behind smattering powder after growing up. Do you know why? Lets see

Powder is sprinkled on the board of carrom to make its surface smooth or slippery so that striker strikes smoothly, and secondly the coins too get to slide easily. Technically, it reduces the friction between striker, Carrom Boardand coins. In other words, smoothening doesnt let the friction affect your talent or skills.

Being too young, I didnt know that only special powders especially made for the purpose should be used. Powdering your board is just not a single technique to smoothen the surface of carrom board. There are many and in this post, I am going to acquaint you with other dependable methods in the process of making the board even. Have a glimpse of them underneath-


1. Get your carrom striker polished

Does it sound strange, as till now most of us must have heard about polishing on wood. Polishing your carrom striker is the foremost rule that you should implement for smooth game of carrom. Dont just ignore it as it can aid you turning the fortune of the game easily. The reason behind polishing a striker is to make it slide smooth on the surface of carrom board. If you feel that your striker isnt moving smoothly because of the friction, then polishing your striker is the first step to do.

Steps to polish striker:

• From the edge of striker to the other, write X on the playing side of striker with a black marker.

• Take a smooth sand paper (1200) and rub it on the striker in circular motion till the black marker sign gets erased completely.

• It aids in making the striker smooth and thereby eradicates irregularity on striker. It facilitates smooth slide on board.

• After it, use high grade sand paper (200grit) and rub gently this time on striker in a circular motion in the manner you write 8.

• You may also use a pinch of boric powder while doing this.

• Your task of smoothening of striker is accomplished and now you can enjoy smooth movement of striker while playing the game of queen.

2. Apply silicone spray on the playing surface

The next thing to do is work on minimizing or reducing roughness of your carrom board completely. Silicone is the ideal pick to apply on your carrom board surface to combat with the roughness. It forms a thin layer or film over the board that nullifies the roughness or inconsistency over the board, thereby making the playing surface even and smooth. But it should not be done frequently or at the start of every match. You should apply silicone spray couple of times a month for the best results. Silicone spray is easily available in the markets or I suggest you to visit the shop that maintains sports items to get yourself silicone spray. Various types of silicone spray are available in the market from difference brands.

Why silicone spray is considered best for carrom board smoothening –

• The best trait of silicone is that it is abrasion free, non reactive and attracts no dust.

• It has a quick drying feature.

• The lubricating property of silicone remains unaffected even in extreme temperature.

This is why it is the best means to make the carrom board smooth.

3. Task of old carrom board smoothening

This is no easy job as making an old carrom board smooth is much tougher than the smoothening of new board. Reason is wear and tear, weather etc.

Making an old carrom board smooth is not the same as smoothing the new one. As we all know that board is made of wood and the quality of wood declines with the time. Wood is prone to termites and environmental moisture and they can hamper its traits. This becomes easier when the carrom board has not been in use from long time. The issue of termite can be overcome easily if your board is not badly affected with it. You can spray or apply a coat of termite resistant. In the other case, the only idea is to dispose it off and buy a new board for yourself.

If your carrom board has swollen up or bloated because of exposure to rain or moisture, then we recommend you to get the surface changed or buy completely new carrom board for yourself. Well, you may not find much difference between a new carrom board and cost of replacing a carrom board surface. So be smart while deciding.

As far as the phenomenon of smoothening of old carrom board is similar to that of smoothening of new one. However, you may have to look for some other means for the smoothening of carrom board with bloated ply and sign of termite.

4. Use powder to ensure smooth surface while playing-


It is a very common practise and often performed while playing. But do not use talcum powder or any other kinds of powder as a boric based powder is especially manufactured to facilitate smooth surface of carrom board while playing. Professionals use only boric acid based powder and you can use it any number of time while playing. It caters temporary smoothening of board, doesnt have impact like that of polishing or spraying. But these days, use of boric powder is minimized as it is speculated to have harmful impact on players.

5. How to keep your carrom board smooth always

It is always great to maintain your stuffs. You can maintain your carrom board perfect, even if your holidays are over and now you may get to play only next weekend or more late. Just like you get your car serviced at regular interval of time, you should service your carrom board too. Ensure to service your carrom board on monthly basis. You can polish the board or may apply silicone spray on striker, coins too along with sparing the board.

During winter season, you may apply petroleum jelly on the edges and surface of the board, if you are sure that you are not going to play during winters at all. This wont let your board get rough with the time. Irrespective of season, make sure to cover your carrom board so that dust doesnt play its role and makes your board dirtier and rough.

6. You just bought a new carrom board, but it is not smooth? If you do not buy new carrom board vigilantly, the shop owner may sell you carrom board with not good finishing. Sometimes newly bought carrom board too can have a rough surface. You cannot by mere look at the board know about its surface until you play on it. Before paying its bill, try to use your senses and experience of playing on carrom board. If you have decided not to succumb to it, and then apply silicone spray over it. It is best and only solution for uneven and rough surface of your carrom board.

6. Keeping your carrom board smooth without powder

You may not be aware of the fact that boric powder is hazardous for your health along with being little irritating. At times, powder may make you sneeze as it may enter your nose while sprinkling on board. Why to use dangerous powders if various other options are available in the market.

Tips to apply powder on carrom board –

• Make sure to spill powder in limited or moderate quantity. Excessive sprinkling of powder obstruct the movement of striker, consequently the striker will not slide properly on surface.

• Instead of just spilling with the bottle directly, pour it in its cap first. Then starting from the centre sprinkle it in circular motion till you reach its edges.

• Take a striker and smear the powder evenly all over the board.

• Spread it to all corners and you may sprinkle little more powder on finding empty spaces on the board.

Conclusion -

Proper and regular maintenance assures long life of carrom board. If you like to pass on your recently purchased carrom board to generations to come, make sure to take good care of it. Do not discard the board due to less smooth surface of it as no matter how rough your carrom board surface is, it all can be fixed and made smooth. Silicone spray is ideally the best carrom smoothening tool however those looking for powders can use dancing powder or potato starch powder for effective and harmless smoothening of surface of their carrom board.