Badminton shoes are important part of badminton game as it offers player flexibility to play game with safely and helps in effective court covering. Badminton is world’s fastest racket game and required lots of foot movement within the court to win the points.
Following are the key characteristics of Good Quality Badminton Shoes:
It should be lightweight in nature.
It should provide comfortable feel to player.
It should be durable in nature.
Sole flex is very important. shoes sole should be optimally designed to provide better flexibility.
It should be equipped with latest technology.
Shoes upper should made of good quality material like PU.
It should equipped with better cushioning technology so that player will get better footwork and could play long badminton rallies with pain on knees and toes.
Outsole of shoes should be made of 100% non marking with good patterns so that player will get better traction force.


In this blog, we are listing the Best 10 Badminton Shoes for All Type of Badminton Players::
1. Yonex Power Cushion 03 Z:


This Yonex badminton shoe is developed for professional badminton player. It is latest model in Yonex footwear which is developed with innovative die cut upper sections. Upper material is Pu leather which is prepared with precision die cut sections. Further, lamination and welding technique is used to join the two upper sections. This technique gives seamless shoe upper design.
Yonex is used toe assistance shape which is basically a toe centric design concept helps in reducing the stress on toe. This technology helps in providing addition mid support and offer less power loss.
This shoe is fitted with 3 layer power cushion technology helps in providing better cushion, converting the shock energy into power for fast and light footwork.
This shoe comes in 2 colors. In first variant, base color is white and on side, black color Yonex symbol is provided which looks attractive. Second variant, base color is red, while yellow color die cutting section are provide.
2. Yonex Power Cushion AERUS 2:


Yonex Aerus is latest innovation by Yonex. This shoes is developed on Asymmetric design concept which uses natural curve follow eyelet. This gives best in class fitting and comfort to players. Upper of this shoe is made of high grade PU and durable mesh by welding technique which don’t uses the stitching and provides best upper fighting for professional class shoe fitting.
Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 2 is lightest badminton shoes in complete Yonex badminton footwear series. Further, to make these shoes more attractive, Yonex used all new graphics on it.
This shoe comes in two color schemes (1) Red Color (2) Blue .In first color scheme, base color is Red while on top of that white color graphics are provides with mesh welding technique. In second variant base color is blue while on top of that white color graphics are provided.
3. LI NING Volvo:


Li Ning Volvo is professional level badminton shoe by LI Ning Brand which is made of high grade microfiber material along with durable mesh. Its upper is made of microfiber, durable mesh and hard microfiber to provide strength to it. Shoe design shows the Li Ning trademark X on side and looks very attractive.
This badminton shoe is equipped with Li Ning cushion technology. Which uses cushion material gives better shock absorbing ability. Due to better shock absorbing ability, player’s gets better comfort and feel.
This shoes comes into 3 color variant Blue base color, Red base color and Black base color.
4. Victor SH-P9200LTD:


It is limited edition badminton shoe model developed for professional badminton players by Victor brand . Upper of this shoe is made of innovative material like Microfiber PU Leather, V-Durable and Double Mesh. The combination of all these material provide high quality upper with lightweight nature.
Shoe upper is made of 100% non Marking material which offers anti skid shoe outsole. To improve the performance of shoe, Victor used best in class cushioning material light shock-absorbing EVA, Light Resilient EVA and ENERGYMAX 3.0.
This shoe comes in two color variants. (1) Back base color (2) Yellow base color
5. Victor SH-A920LTD:


This is another good model by Victor badminton for professional badminton players. This shoe is developed with brace Tek technology which offers comfortable and safety feeling to players. Upper inner is most fragile part in badminton shoe. To provide better strength , Victor used V durable technology to improves the inner strength of shoe.
To improve the ventilation, Victor badminton used high quality breathable mesh to provide better ventilation.
Overall, this badminton shoes is a good quality shoe for professional players. This shoe comes in single color variant .i.e. Blue base color and on top of that silver and yellow color lining are provided.
6. Yonex SRCP 40 LD Badminton shoes:


It is top selling badminton shoe in complete badminton shoe catalogue of Yonex. Yonex SRCR 40 LD is latest model by Yonex in 2018 for advance badminton players. With improved technologies like power cushion, Ergoshape , Hexagrip and Round shole , this badminton shoe will be a perfect choice for those who wants to explore latest Yonex badminton foot wears. Upper of this shoe is made of PU leather and Poly mesh material.
Midsole of shoe are made of Eva and Power cushion material while outer sole is made of 100 % rubber (Non Marking material). Due to its 100% none Marking sole and Hexagrip players gets better traction force and soft feel.
This shoe comes into differ color variant which will suit the style statements of different type of player.
7. LI NING Ion:


Li Ning ION badminton shoes are latest model launched by LI Ning in Year 2018. This model is developed for advance to intermediate badminton Players with lots of new and updated technology. Shoe design is very elegant and graphics are very artistically presented on shoe upper material. Shoe technology and its material will definitely improve the player performance and with Li Ning brand Footwear, player can be assured on its durability.
To improve the cushioning, Li Ning used the Phylon midsole and 100% rubber outer sole. This Li Ning Badminton shoe is designed with all new footwear concepts like: Anti Slip High Strength Lace , Wider last for better comfort , Durable Upper Microfiber and PU , Phylon Midsole and 100% Rubber outsole.
8. NIVIA Rapid:


Nivia raid shoes are developed by Indian badminton shoe manufacturing company Nivia and this model is already a hot selling model in Nivia catalogue. Nivia rapid shoes are developed with traditional shoe manufacturing concept which it uses PU material, Mesh and durable foam material to prepare the upper design. It design is latest design with stitching pattern on it which looks wave like design.
Shoe color and mesh design looks very attractive. To improve the strength and durability of shoe, Nivia used high grade microfiber material. Further, HD foam with better durability is used to make this shoe more suitable for all round type of players.
This shoe comes in single color variant which is deep red base color and on top of that, yellow color mesh is provided which gives a different look to shoe.
Shoe midsole are developed with soft pylon material and additional eve sheet is provided to offer better shock absorbing ability. Outer Sole of these shoes is 100% non Marking material.
This Nivia Badminton shoes is suitable for beginner to intermediate players.
9. Thrax NPower Neo:


Thrax is another Badminton equipment manufacturing company producing high quality badminton shoes for badminton players. NPower Neo is latest 2018 model for badminton player with all new design concepts. It’s upper is made of high quality PU material with unique design patterns. Durable mesh is used to provide better ventilation.
Mid sole is made of very soft pylon material which offers best in class cushion to players. To further improves the cushioning effect, a soft and durable Eva sheet is used at mid sole.
Outer sole of this shoe is made of 100% Non Marking material.
This shoes comes in 3 color variants, Red base color , White base color and Lime Base color.
10. Pro Ase BG 010 Fly knit:


Pro ase BG10 is latest 2018 model launched by Pro Ase in badminton shoes. Pro ase used state of Art Flyknit upper material which is unique in its type. Fly knit is high quality upper material and its shape, design and pattern are developed in machine without any manual intervention. As, it a is machine generated upper to quality of upper is very high and there is no stitching mark other than at tongue and back side.
Mid sole is made of very soft pylon material which offers best in class cushion to players. To further improves the cushioning effect, a soft and durable Eva sheet is used at mid sole.
Outer sole of this shoe is made of 100% Non Marking material.
This shoe comes in 2 color (1) deep blue and blue (2) Black and green
Technology In Yones Shoes:
Yonex Power Cushion:
Cushioning is very important for badminton shoes as it gives energy management and power to absorb the shock or impact energy caused by player movement. Yonex used power cushion technology to absorb the shocks. Further , Yonex used power cushion material at midsole which is better than original Phylon material vastly used as cushion material. As a test result , when yonex tired to drop an egg on power cushion material its bounce back 4 mm above the power cushion which shows the effective energy transfer from Shoe.
Yonex Round Sole Badminton Shoe Technology :
Yonex designed the sole shape is different way (Sole shape is round at toe and heel area). In new shape , players gets better fitting , energy transfer. With better fitting , player move on court freely.
Yonex Ergoshape: (Ergonomic Shape):
Ergonomic shape is the concept which is developed by Yonex for badminton shoes. In this concept , specially designed shape is provided at forefoot and toe area of shoe.with this new shape , players get following key benefits:
Better Shoe fitting for different shape and sizes .
Better comfort
Good stability
Technology In Li Ning Shoes:
Li ning Cushion:
Li Ning used Cushion material at most impact part of shoe. This cushion material gives better shock absorbing ability. Due to better shock absorbing ability ,players gets better comfort and feel.
Li ning AWS Cushion:
Li Ning used specially designed shock absorbing material at mid sole and mid part of shoe which gives additional cushioning to absorb the unwanted shocks. This gives better feel and comfort to players .
Li ning Bounce Sole Technology :
Li Ning used bounce technology (Better material )in midsole. Bounce material gives better resilience. With better resilience ,player gets effective traction force to get maximum court covering.