English willow cricket bats are made of cleft which is imported from UK. These bats are developed for professional to advance player who love to play with a bat which is super in nature and provide better performance.

Bats made from English willow offers following key benefits to players:
• English Willow bats provide better ping and punch so that player will get maximum power on shots.

• These bats are very light weight in nature.

• These bats offer durable performance to player.

• English willow bats mostly suitable for those players who love to enhance the playing skills by putting extra power on ball.

• The compressibility of English willow bat is better than Kashmir Willow bat,

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• Bats made with English Willow are lightweight in nature as compare to Kashmir willow.

Bats under 10000 Rs will be suitable for advance to intermediate player who already tried Basic English willow bats. With this price tag , player will get better ping , grains around 5 to 8 , light willow profile and better performance.

Here is the list of Best 10 English willow cricket bats under 10000 Rs.
Thrax Grand Edition English Willow Cricket bat :

Thrax Grand Edition bat is intermediate level cricket bat in THRAX Brand. It is a mid to low sweet spot bat which generates massive power on stroke. In order to manage the balance of the bat THRAX BRAND optimizes the bat weight effectively.

Further, the optimization of bat is achieved by doing little round and flat toe. In this light weight cricket bat, THRAX used fullback profile at back side, to optimized bat weight and balance THRAX used little concaving on the backside. So, with fullback profile in the hand and optimized weight, player will get power pack performance from it with maximum power.

Thrax Grand edition bat is tested by Professional player and found outstanding performance with lots on run on scope board already.

SS Ton 47 English Willow Cricket Bat:

SS Ton 47 English Willow Cricket bat is Power drive 9 Piece Sarawak Cane Round Handle for strength and flexibility. The SS Ton 47 cricket bat is made from superior quality English Willow which is designed to give you performance, comfort and style. SS Ton 47 English Willow Cricket Bat is developed with super spine concept. Super spine is the concept which is developed on top of the traditional bat spine. This spine combines with big edge of bat and gives super power on shots. It is a mid sweet spot positioned bat with big edge (40 to 42 mm), With full back profile .This bat is developed with grade 2 and player will get 5-7 grains.

SS Ton Heritage English Willow Cricket Bat:

This Ton Heritage English Willow Cricket bat is developed with Grade 2 English willow and player will get 5-7 grains. This cricket bat is suitable for advanced level of cricket players. The bat is prepared with 9 Piece Sarawak Cane Round Handle for strength and flexibility. The handle comes with a octopus grip giving you a stronger hold and feel when you grip the bat in your hand with your gloves on.It is a mid sweet spot positioned bat with big edge (40 to 42 mm), With full back profile .

SG Savage Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat:

Savage Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat is suitable for all round type of play skills. It is the choice of Hardik Pandya and many international palyers.Savage Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat contains 6 to 8 straight and clear grains.

In this SG Bat the sweet spot is mid to low which is very helpful to manage or control the weight of the bat.

The bat is full back profile with no concavity, SG used flat bat profile with gives extra paunch and more direction control on shots. This is a unique combination to power and control.

The willow of the SG Bat is processed naturally air dried process which offers best in class willow performance and durability with good moisture content. English Willow Cricket Bat made from Grade 2 English willow.SG Savage Xtreme is a light weight English Willow Cricket Bat

Adidas Libro 3.0 English Willow Cricket Bat :

It is a latest 2018 bat in Libro series by Adidas. Bat is manufactured with Grade a English willow which offers super durability and performance from it. It is a lightweight English willow bat which is developed for advanced level of cricket player. Bat profile and its shape are developed by keeping in mind of modern game need.

Following are the key points in Adidas Libro 3.0 Cricket bat:
1. Bat is developed with Grade B English Willow.

2. Bat Grains profile is superfine which gives clear willow with 5 to 6 straight grains.

3. It is a lightweight English Willow Cricket bat with weight around 1160 to 1200 gms.

4. Bat profile is developed by keeping in mind latest game need.

5. Edge profile of bat is around 35 to 38 mm which generates maximum power to shots.

6. This bat is developed for professional or advance level of cricket players.

7. It sweet spot is located at mid to low position which is suitable for mid to low bouncy pitches.

8. With high spine, this English willow cricket bat generates maximum power on shots.

9. Bat handle is very important part and this bat is equipped with 12 piece swark cane handle. 12 piece swark cane offer best combination of rigidity and flexibility which ensures the proper energy transfer from bat to cricket ball.

10. Willow cleft is processed with natural technique which offers better moisture content in willow.

11. Bat comes with full body padded cover.

12. Adidas modified the overall graphics and sticker of the bat. Now, new sticker comes with black color and new shape.

SM Player On Series English Willow Cricket Bat :

SM Players ON Series of Bat in latest 2016 model BY SM Cricket. Developed with skilled craftsmanship on SM cricket, this bat will give you best performance in all type of game format. Developed with Grade 1 J S write Cleft , SM Players ON Series is one of the Top line bay in SM Cricket Series of bats.

SM series is extracted from ancestral qualified experience in craftsmanship, exquisitely hand crafted and with state of art automation technique .SM an excogitated brand quality that brings about complete satisfaction of a true cricketer. SM Cricket equipment, paced for sheer drive & pleasure with a level of distinction that even the competitors would aspire too.

SF Sapphire Pro Player English Willow Cricket Bat :

SF Sapphire Pro Player English Willow Cricket Bat: SF sapphire pro player bat is developed with grade 2 English willow which provides better and durable bat performance. It is a lightweight English willow cricket bat for all-round type of performance. Bat face, its spine, edge and back profile offers extra ordinary balance and pickup to match all round type of performance.

Bat handle is made of 12 piece swark cane, which offers best possible combination of flexibility and durability. This bat comes with full body padded bat cover.

Kookaburra Cadejo 350 Cricket Bat :

BRAND NEW for 2015. Kookaburra has released their inner demon...introducing Cadejo! Using one of Kookaburra’s most effective powerful profiles ever produced, the Cadejo is poised for impact.

Hand Craft:
Kookaburra cricket bat is made by hand and designed by expert of Kookaburra Manufacturing System. This series cricket bats will give good performance and looks and its shows the quality of bat.

Super Spine:
Kookaburra bat have a super finest spine it shows the durability of the bat. With super spine, player will get max power in stoke hence they can perform better on cricket ground.

Big Sweet Spot:
This series of bats are equipped with a big sweet spot. Bigger Sweet spot give maximum hitting by which player gets added advantage to make aggressive shots. Big sweet spot also helps in better placement of shots.

MRF Genius Classic English Willow Cricket Bat :

Made from Selected Grade B English Willow..

6-9 Straight Grains.

Rounded Handle made of Sarawak Combination Cane.

Handle designed for Shock Absorption and Driving Power.

MRF Plain Bat Handle Grip for Control and Comfort.

Edge Thickness 37 TO 40 mm.

Bat Weight 1160 to 1230 Grams.

MRF Authenticity Hologram.

Comes with MRF Padded Full Length Bat Cover.

Gray Nicolls Classic GN5 Senior English Willow Cricket Bat :

Maverick Classic GN 5 is equipped F1 speed grove technology. With this technology , player gets better balance so that it is easy to get optimized swing speed. Further , this technology also helps in generating the better rebound. Edge thickness of bat is around 41 mm while bat profile is slightly concave which gives lightweight bat feel. Sweet spot of this bat is located at mid positioned which gives all round players performance. It is a top end cricket bat for pro players , player will get 6 to 8 grains in this bat with better grains profile.

Bat handle is made from 12 best possible cane which gives superb rebound and control to player.A mid-blade sweet spot provides maximum power from the rounded back of the blade.