Adidas introduced the youngest member of the family, Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit Football shoe series, with its latest innovation. The football shoe series comes with tailored engineering, which focuses on the most beautiful details that allow the player to pace the game and have great control over the ball with ease. The next level technology, three stripes, and the youngest Ace 16.1 Primeknit Football shoe brings back the new version of Adidas football shoes with a blend of ultra-comfort, most exceptional grip, and laceless pure control over the foot.


About the fitting of the shoes

The Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit shoe fits perfectly and is spacious along the forefoot and fit to comfort. The purecontrol features with Primeknit upper comes with weaving technology for a comfortable fit. It genuinely provides a delicate texture that offers pleasure to you. This Adidas football shoe also comes with lateral stability and lock-down internal knitted system, which supports the foot movement while changing the direction. The shoes come with Primecut ankle-length socks for a perfect fit and provide extra comfort to the foot.

The innovative design, including Sprint Frame outsole, minimizes the weight of the shoes, and its innovative CTRL 2.0 ground studs offer extra control on a firm ground as well as on the ball. It provides a natural, more comprehensive fitting with firm gripping on ankle that provides light stretch on the foot.

Centre of Attraction of the shoes

The centre of attraction of these latest football shoes is the dominating midfoot three stripes. Adidas has put markers on purecontrol and also comes with the solar slime option with classic black and pink detailing colors. The other exciting detailing which pulls the attraction is the lower cut in the Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit shoe, which is grounded in the middle. The innovative and attractive color variants pull attraction towards the new edition of the shoes. The collar makes the shoes look slightly bulky in appearance, but no doubt, use of the latest technology brings down ultra-comfort for the feet.

Material in the shoes

High-quality material is used in the latest football shoes of Adidas with innovative technology, which include: Primeknit upper, Primecut Ankle socks, sprint frame outsole, knitted support system, and CTRL 2.0 studs.

The surface of the shoes is soft, firm, and dry, which is designed for extra comfort, acceleration, and enhance traction. The upper is full knit with laces, which raises conspiracy.

Primeknit Upper Performance

The Upper case of the shoes is fitted with Primeknit. It is the first time that Adidas has introduced Primeknit in the upper case in the new edition of Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit football shoes. The internal cage system inside the shoes helps in gripping your foot and keeps firm in the midfoot. There is a primary layer of the Purecontrol in the upper case of the shoe that is fitted with Primeknit. The silicon coating in the shoe helps in protecting the softer edge of the knit material and holds together the upper region.

The material is extremely pliable that it looks like drooling over your feet with the ball. The forefoot of the shoe is also designed incredibly and fitted with silicon. It is softer, which adds another feature of absorbing shock during the kick and running.

The Primecut Collar

The latest Ace Primeknit 16.1 Football shoe comprises a perfect height of Primecut collar. The top line comes with tight-fitting above the ball socket joint to provide extra gripping and holding your foot in position. The Primecut Collar runs entirely in the direction of material with the forefoot. While standing, the Primecut collar gives a perfect grip to your foot with a unique fit and without separation.

Color variations in the shoes

The Adidas Football shoes come with greatest color variations, which are as follows:

White/ Shock Pink/ Solar gold

Brilliant Blue/ white lines/ Semi-solar slime

White base/ Shock blue lines/ Semi-solar slime

The Core Black/Solar gold/Matte Silver

Brilliant Green/ Core Black/ Shock Pink.

However, the color variants are also available in customizable form according to the demands of the players and their choices.

Comfort and breaking in

The Primeknit used in the latest football shoes of Adidas has the effect of ultra-comfort. The spacious tight fit around the forefoot, maximum liability on the upper foot and snugness near the midfoot, keep the position of the foot firm with perfect congruence. The Primecut collar fits perfectly around the ankle without offering a restrictive feeling on foot. The pure control of the shoes is a bit more hollowed from the ankle cut, which offers a more locked fit to the player. The latest version of the Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit shoes brings all comfort to the foot and doesnt press up against the ankle of the foot.

The traction and soleplate of the shoe

Adidas has put weaving technology in their latest version of the football shoes and SprintFrame in the soleplate as well. The soleplate is fitted with CTRL 2.0 studs in a conical shape to add firm gripping in the ground during playing. It improves the traction and gripping of the shoe on the ground. The reason behind opting for weaving technology with CTRL studs by Adidas is to reduce the bulky weight of the shoes. The soleplate modifications make it fit for both FG and AG as it provides perfect traction without any offensive gripping on the midfoot. It offers an ideal balance and firm gripping with ease of changing direction without putting extra pressure on the edges of the feet.

Purecontrol comparison

Adidas has made their latest football shoes with more firm gripping on the wall regions of pure control to make it wearable without laces. The innovation of absolute control is to give shoes more secure fitting. Although, the forefoot and Primeknit is similar to that of the previous version of Football shoes, the only difference lies in the latest version is its composition, ankle collar socks, and silicon coating on the upper plate of the boots. The purecontrol is much softer and constitutes prime micro-thin layers, which is incorporated in shoes to offer waterproof coating. The upper region of pure control is more rigid and firm and more looks like a synthetic layer. Overall, it gives out a high-tech appearance to the shoes.

Comparison with Adidas Ace 15.1 Primeknit Football shoes

The Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit Football shoes come with the latest version of a higher cut that is Primecut ankle collar, which is absent in the previous version of the shoe. It is fitted in the latest football shoe of Adidas to offer a secure fit to the ankle and create a perfect one feeling in between the foot and the leg. The design is quite more straightforward and effective as compared to the previous version of the Ace football shoes. Adidas continues to improvise the shoe with Primeknit timely and by using the latest technology and silicon fitted in the upper to make it more water-resistant and more pliable while running. Comfort is the main focus in the Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit Football shoes, which is crafted to feel more like gloves when you put a foot into the shoes.

With the greatest high-tech technology, Adidas has shifted to the innovation in the Ace series of football shoes with a standardized eleven stud layout design in a conical shape. It is far better suited for the FG and advanced artificial pitch or grounds.

A precise summary of the shoes

Latest highlights: The new Adidas Ace16.1 Primeknit Football shoes are fitted with advanced weaving technology having control and constituting Primeknit in advance direction. The Prime collar used in the shoes offers a more locked-down fit to the foot than regular boots.

Weight of the shoe: The weight is slightly reduced and keeps up to only 7.08 oz. The weight is precise for the control boots and also for perfect grip.

Firm category of the shoe: It comes to control the foot in all the ways.

Players fitting positions: The new advanced Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit Football shoe is specifically designed for a wide variety of players and positions. But overall, it fits for the players positioning to the mid-fielders and at the striking positions. It offers great stability to the players of this position.

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Adidas comes a long way in football shoes with the new version of Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit football shoes. The soleplate of the shoes is perfectly blended with stiffness and flexibility to provide extra comfort. The ace shoe is coming with more advanced technology and surprisingly lighter in weight to provide durability and comfort. The firm gripping with ankle socks offers extra stability to the foot, which makes it fit for the mid-fielder player and strikers. However, the low-cut collar fitted in the shoes barely gets noticed but comes with a bold move towards the latest technology. The hi-tech technology and silicon fitted in the uppercase make it more comfortable.