Both Football and Soccer are famous sports that are played around the world by professionals and teens. Basically, everyone knows about the world cup of football. But what is soccer is an essential question still in the minds of the people.

Countless individuals say that both are same and most of them suggest they both are different. But in reality, both the games are different. Football is the game that is played with foot and ball to score the points while in the goal. There are innumerable football games that are represented in the world like Association football, Rugby, etc. And, what you call soccer is the game of association football.

If we talk about India, both adults and teenagers love to play this game. And also, every school or college helps the students to be perfect in football. They have proper teachers that help them to learn this game with full perfection. In many countries, the government has constructed courts to play football so that future players can be emerged and make the name of the country.

To play football and soccer, some type of equipment is necessary like cleats, dress, ball, etc. In this article, the main focus is given on the difference between football shoes and soccer cleats.

Everyone knows that cleats are the part of the dress if you are a professional player either of football or soccer. But have you ever thought that why all cleats are not created equally? Basically, both the cleats will make the player faster and offer stability, comfort, etc.

Now, lets find out why it is essential to wear football shoes or soccer cleats while playing and why not any type of shoes?

While playing the game, the players have to suddenly turn while running to make the goal or to stop the other team from doing the goal. During this, the shoes protect the player from any type of injuries. They have the capability to help the player to have a grip on the ground, move freely, etc.

Nowadays, new and advanced football and soccer shoes are emerging in the market so that the player can play comfortably and run quickly. Most of the manufacturers are inventing shoes those are: -

• Lighter

• Faster

• Comfortable

• Supportive

Every manufacturer tries to make the shoes unique according to their technology and sports for which they are manufacturing. The main features of the shoes that make them extraordinary are:

- ? The upper material of the shoes

Most of the companies use leather as it is foot-friendly, and easily mould to the foot. But there is another material synthetic that is getting famous nowadays due to being lightweight and easy to maintain even in wet conditions.

? Design of ball grip

Every brand of the football or soccer shoes has its own design on the upper portion that helps in better ball control. In this regard, the choice wholly depends upon the player. Some of the players think it very crucial, and others believe it is very typical.

? The design of the sole

Mainly, there are three types of sole designs that all manufacturers make. They are- Hard ground, Soft ground, and Turf ground. And each one has a considerable difference depending on the ground on which it is used.

The main work of both football and soccer shoes is: -

? Protecting the foot from unwanted injuries

? To deliver traction and friction

? Be suitable for every type of weather

? To offer joint support

This you can judge when you put soccer cleats in the game of football or vice-versa. However, both the cleats are almost the same. It means both have nubs, raised patterns, etc. So, lets find out what is the actual difference between the two in all aspects.

1. Football shoes India or all over the world come in various styles, but, soccer has only one style. According to the report of Livestrong, every soccer player needs the agility that is why all the soccer cleats have a low-cut design that delivers manoeuvrability at the ankle side.

If you talk about football shoes India , they are introduced in three different styles. They are: -


It basically supports the entire ankle. The lineman in the game of football prefers these shoes as it helps the lateral movement, which is very crucial to play the game.


These football shoes surround the portion of the ankle. This type of shoe works best for defensive players, running backs, wide receivers, and lastly quarterbacks. However, this cut also delivers full support and high manoeuvrability.


The players who are playing in defensive backs prefer these low-cut shoes as they are light in weight and offer maximum running speed while playing.

2. The construction of both the shoes


Soccer cleats: -

• They are lighter and smaller in size that works best in the long-running

• The outsole of the soccer cleats is made up of rubber or of polyurethane; thats why they are light and highly durable

• They dont have midsole, which is very helpful in keeping the players feet comfortable and centre of gravity will be very low towards the ground.

• The upper part of the soccer cleats are of synthetic and leather.

Football shoes online: -

• They have thicker outsole as compared to soccer cleats

• Overall football shoes are heavier

• Made up of same material as soccer cleats i.e. leather or synthetic

Overall, you can say that the construction of both the cleats is made in such a way that they can easily sustain in dirt, mud, rain or even in snow.

3. Football shoes have toe stud, and soccer cleat doesnt have

According to the report of AZ, a football cleat has one unique feature that soccer cleat doesnt. Near the big toe, there is a toe stud in the football shoes that helps the player to provide additional grip on the hunched position.

While, this stud cannot help in improving traction in the soccer player.

4. The outsole of both the shoes


Mainly, these sports are played on the grass, so they are made up of outsoles equipped with aluminium cleat caps that help in improving traction and durability. On the other hand, football shoes also come in a moulded and removable variety.

5. Soccer cleats have advanced natural toe feel

If you are punter or a kicker, then this feature can help in many forms. But if you are not, then toe feel and the striking response doesnt matter. The manufacturing companies who make soccer cleats ensure that every pair has an impressive feature that makes them feel natural as well as responsive.

6. Price

This factor is also crucial in both the shoes. Actually, the amount of shoes depends upon the company from which you are buying. So, you can spend money based on which position you are playing football or soccer. On the other hand, you can purchase football shoes online and offline according to your convenience.


Every sport has different types of shoes according to the field on which the player will play. In the above discussion, you have read about the actual difference between football shoes and soccer cleats, that is very essential to know.