The change of era

The game of sports which we used to see in the mid of 70s or 80s has changed its direction and way of playing completely. We have seen the era when players only used to concentrate on their playing techniques or solely focus on the game understanding. But now the things have changed immensely. We are saying this because now players are also showing concerns towards their fitness and sports accessories for the better game approach.

Essentiality of sports accessories

As we have discussed earlier in the upper text that how the trend has been changing and players are now more concerned towards their body fitness and quality sports accessories. The reason is that we all know how technological advancement has affected the sports and provided an imperative aid to enhance the level of the game.

Role of the shoes

Shoes have their own essentiality in terms of sports. We have seen how players shuffle their feet in ground or pitch. But have you ever tried to know the role of sports shoes in the game of sports? I think you might not; that is why we are going to tell you the imperativeness of sports shoes for the game and for the players.

A good quality and technology-based shoes allow the players to move their feet with ease. The better comfort, cushion technology and extra grip give the extra support to the players to play their game on maximum strength. Earlier, it was quite often to get injured may be due to the slipperiness of the shoes or because of lack of control in the feet. But now, the shoes are made especially to provide extra grip on the ground and give better balance and control on the feet while playing.

Yonex- The trust of Decades

The great journey of Yonex brand and quality products were all started a year after the 2nd world war, when a man called Minoru Yoneyama from Japan established a company called Yonex and the rest is now history for all of us. In the year of 1961, they started to make badminton racquets and after two years of success, they started the worldwide distribution.

Now, this brand represents itself as the best manufactures of tennis, golf and badminton equipment in the entire world. They do not only produce quality equipment for different sports but also make the best and advanced technological badminton shoes in the world. They know the demand of the game and needs of the players, and that is why they are now among the top of brands which produce the best shoes for the professional players.

Now, lets discuss the two unique and quality shoes from Yonex brand and know their specification and also figure out the major differences between the two.


(1) Power cushion Eclipsion Z


Power cushion Eclipsion Z is one of the latest shoes from Yonex brand. This shoe is built with multi-technology. This is solely for professional players of badminton game. In these particular shoes, Yonex worked on stability and durability of the shoes. To give more stability and balance, they used a graphite plate. They also made these shoes with their latest technology called Die cut section. It means you will get better quality and finishing. These shoes come with interesting colour sets and are lesser on weight.

Key specifications-

(i) Power cushion+ technology

In comparison to the older cushioning technology or material, the power cushion+ will give you more 28 percent shock absorption power and 62 percent repulsion ability too. They add a great quality elastic resin to the Power cushion for better absorption and appending a lightweight aspect.

(ii) Power graphite

The technology of Power graphite is used for the enhancement of the stability and mitigation of shoe weight. They installed the power graphite beneath the mid portion of the foot.

(iii) Toe Assist Shape

They worked on the toe design and gave the shape through which the player can move their toe more freely and take extra support for reducing pressure from the shoes. They used toe-centric design through which the pressure of the big toe can be easily mitigated.

(iv) Synchro-Fit

Yonex brand ensures better quality, that is why they made their shoes with synchro-fit. A synchro-fit can create and manage the comfortability contact between shoe and foot of the player, through which the wastage of energy can be controlled.


(v) Round Sole

The use of round sole in the shoes is the direct indication of better and quick moment ability. It means the round sole is used for better support from all directions and provides greater smoothness and dissemination of the highest energy form the foot.


(vi) Hexagrip

Hexagrip technology pattern is the symbol of extra grip and lesser weight quality in comparison to normal shoes and sole materials. Hexagrip gives you 20 percent extra lighter quality of the sole and 3 percent more grip from any other sports shoes.


(vii) Inner Bootie

Shoe opening with tongue connected mitigates the extra overlapping layers in terms of extra fit.



Yonex Aerus 3 is the latest addition in the series of Aerus. The shoes by Yonex brand are made with the technology of Russell mesh, providing the quality of lightweight and durability. The Aerus 3, is the most lightweight shoes in the series of Aerus. They weigh around 270 gms. They are made with the technology of flagship which is also pronounced as power cushion+. The technology of power cushion+ is developed to provide extra absorption and repulsion. They come in varieties of colours with attractive design.

Key specifications

(i) Toe Assist Shape

The Yonex brand has used the toe-centric design in Aerus 3 to give better shape by which players can move and shuffle their toe more comfortably and take extra support for mitigating pressure from the shoes. And the best part is that with toe-centric design, you can take more amount of energy for the intensive footwork.

(ii) Synchro-Fit Insole

The new concept of synchro focuses on greater fitting and extra comfort of the foot. Yonex brand used curve shape inside the shoes for better support. The main benefit of this technology is getting the comfortability between the foot and shoes.


(iii) Power Graphite Lite

E.V.A material and Power graphite plate are used in these shoes to protect the lateral movement of the feet under the shoes while quick steps. Yonex understands the standard of the game and that is why they fully concentrated towards the technology of the shoes.

(iv)3D power carbon

Yonex is always a step ahead from other manufacturers because of its technological advancement and better quality. They used 3D power carbon technology to provide greater stability at any point of the game. They used a moulded graphite sheet in the mid-section of these badminton shoes.

(v)Durable Skin Light

The Aerus 3 is very lightweight because they are made with the polyurethane which gives you rubber-like pliability in the form of hard plastic. And this will allow you to play with light feet.

(vi) Round Sole

The round sole is used for all-round support and more durability and stability.


So, these are some exquisite features of these two badminton shoes and now lets figure out some differences and find out which shoe is going to suit you the most.

(1) Lightweight

Both shoes have the same cushion technology but the major difference relies on lightweight quality. Certainly, Aerus 3 is more lightweight than the Eclipsion Z and this aspect makes Aerus series shoe a step ahead from Eclipsion Z because in sports like badminton, you need lightweight shoes to shuffle your feet more quickly.

(2) Shoe Closing

It is very important to consider every aspect of the shoes while figuring the difference. That is why we are discussing shoe closing technology. Eclipsion Z shoes have tongue connect shoe closing while Aerus 3 is only giving you the conventional pattern of laces.

(3) 3D carbon technology

The inclusion of 3D carbon technology in Aerus 3 is one of the greatest factors to consider. Twisting and the ability of sharp movement is a valuable aspect of badminton shoes. That is why Yonex has used this technology. And this technology proves the essentiality of Aerus 3, making it a step forward to Eclipsion Z.

4) Hexagrip

Yet another important factor to consider, the technology of Hexagrip is very essential because it gives you extra grip from the surface and it makes your shoes more lightweight and anti-slippery. So, this point goes to Eclipsion Z, because Aerus 3 is made with normal material.


(5) Price

This is also considered as a massive factor while purchasing any product. In terms of price, Aerus 3 is slightly more costly than the Eclipsion Z.


So, these are the various aspects and major differences between Yonex Aerus 3 and Eclipsion Z. These badminton shoes come with a lot of new benefits and technological touch; and last but not the least, the trust of Yonex brand. So, if you want to give your best in the game and you also need to choose best for yourself and as per the difference and thorough review, Aerus 3 would be perfect for you.