Football shoes have come from a long journey in the past decades. In the early century, sports shoes were used merely as a protective foot cover for the sportsperson. But in present times, the companies have brought latest innovations and trends to bring football shoes to another level.

Nowadays, it is not only a protective gear but also proves to be a game enhancer for the player. Comfort and protection are the utmost priorities of the companies to be taken care of while designing the latest football shoes . The earlier heavy material used in the shoes is replaced with the latest trends and technology. Moreover, shoes are also customizable according to the needs and preferences of the players. Let us check out different innovations and materials used in the football shoes in present times.

Types of leather used in football shoes

The football shoes with advancement come with many options, especially the upper case. The upper case of the shoes is traditionally made up of leather as well as synthetic leather to provide comfort to the players. There are many types of leather, which is used in football shoes. The details are given below:

Kangaroo leather: The upper is made from this leather to provide durability and comfort to the foot of players. However, there are only a few models that have been created with this leather form.

Synthetic leather: Many top football shoe brands are now using synthetic leather in the upper case of shoes. Synthetic material can be developed with waterproofing features. With ban in the natural leather material, many companies have come with the most significant innovations by using synthetic leather.

Synthetic material: The use of synthetic material offers complete comfort to the foot. The light weight doesnt make the foot heavy. The material is slightly thinner as compared to the leather, and adds comfort to the ball region.

Insole and Outsole material:

The next innovation we observe is in the insole and outsole material. The insole is made with aero technology to provide foot comfort, which feels like putting a foot on air. The insole is made of foam, which in turn consists of polyol and a little bit of use of water-resistant material in it. The insole is lighter in weight these days and supports running and changing positions quickly.


The outsole is similarly made up of different materials which range from natural rubber, synthetic leather, polyurethane, and much more PVC compound in shoes. The modern football shoes are mainly consisting of polyurethane material which adds light weight in the shoes. Many top brands include synthetic material in their shoes, as well as polyurethane.

The outer part of the football shoes

The outer part of the shoes in past decades was only available in the black color due to the use of natural leather. However, in modern times, the outer part is available in customized colors and fabrics also. The outer part of the shoe was mainly formed of natural and synthetic fiber. But nowadays, the upper sole is also consisting of silicon embedment to provide extra comfort to the foot. The net covering the shoes also add water-resistant quality to the shoes.

Laces and ankle material

The modern football shoes lace is made from synthetic fiber and also from cotton material. The synthetic fiber generally consists of naturally synthesized polymers. The socks innovation also gives a proper fit to the ankle region to protect the foot. The socks are also manufactured from natural cotton or synthetic material to add comfort to the foot and for proper fitting of the shoes.

Studs material

The traditional shoes come with studs fitted in the lower sole of the shoes to provide firm landing and gripping to the grounds. Studs also came in round and conical forms. The studs and cut of shoes are also made from natural rubber, synthetic as well as plastic material. It will depend upon the ground and area use during playing. However, with the latest advancements and new technology, the study is also made up of aluminium.


For example: If the pitch is hard and has a requirement of amateur players, then the shoes fitted with plastic studs are preferred. But the indoor football or lush green compound football game requires rubber studs instead of plastic for providing firm gripping on the ground. If the game is played on an artificial grass compound, then the shoes are mostly preferred to have aluminium studs.

Upper net material

The top net of the latest football shoes is made of natural cotton and synthetic material. The use of aero technology adds breathability feature in the shoes. It seems helpful in absorbing the sweat and also provides comfort to the foot. However, the net is also made from some artificial polymers to add comfort in the sweet spot region. It moreover enhances the look of the shoes.

Other innovations in football shoe materials

The use of BOA technology in football shoes brings another change in the material. Earlier, the weight of the boots was above 500gm, which felt cumbersome on the foot. Therefore, many brands of the boots are now using synthetic fiber, firm cushions fitted with silicon, rubber, and artificial net for water-resistant quality. Most of the shoes coming with evolving material are of polymers.

However, many known companies involving Nike are using carbon fiber in manufacturing their shoes. It is exceptionally lighter in weight and also adds durability in shoes. The shoes now only come with the lighter weight of the only 190gm. Carbon fiber used in shoes also adds flexibility in the movement.

The base plate of the football shoe is combined up with the mixture of carbon material, woven with TPU and polyurethane material. The innovative concave design constitutes only two eye lace corners and has safety features, which is also known as MetaGuard. The material is flexible and composed of reinforcing cushion foam and thermoplastic polyurethane. It helps enhance the performance of the players and add ease in the sweet spot areas of the shoes.

Environment-Friendly material

The companies are also getting conscious about environment pollution. They have now started looking for another advancement in the material which is eco-friendly and recyclable also. The Nike GS football shoes are the first on their own, having the latest bio-based plate of traction. It is only made from the castor beans. It upgrades the flexibility and strength of the shoes.


Moreover, the sock liner is also composed of 100% natural castor beans. Almost 70% of the laces lining is made from cotton. The toe board is also made from recyclable material. The collar of the shoe is made from the 20% recyclable material.

The soleplate of the shoe is made up of nearly 50% recyclable Pebax and TPU material. Another innovation seen is the use of Kanga-lite synthetic material in the upper case of the shoes. It is solvent-free and improves the control of the shoe. The material is also recyclable and lightweight. The sock liner is composed of a chemical-free process and only consists of castor beans. The most prominent feature in new technological shoes seen is asymmetrical heels. It helps lock foot to the ground and improves stability.

Advance technology composed in the shoes

The new advance shoes are coming with fitted technology in them. Adidas F50 in the first-ever shoe which comes with fitted computer technology. It is inserted with a miCoach cell chip in the sole of the shoes. This helps in measuring the distance and speed. The data collected through the chip is also helpful in improving the game and performance of the players.

The adiZero F50 shoe commonly known by the name of "The Blackout" is having this chip also. There is a cavity that is in the present in the outsole of the shoe where this advance sensor is fitted. It is also helpful in gathering the 360º capturing and useful in checking and measuring the speed, distance covered, several sprints, maximum speed, average speed, stride rates, and steps as well.

The data can be easily transmittable to the PC and Mac books wirelessly. However, the data is also downloadable from the mentioned plans via miCoach websites. The companies are also looking for enhancing the latest technology and trends in the football shoes for modifying the games and other sports, including running, cricket shoes, and basketball shoes as well.


Different types of material used in the manufacturing of sports or football shoes helps in enhancing the game of the players. The latest trends and technologies used in the shoes seem helpful in creating more lightweight shoes to bring more comfort to the shoes. Many types of materials like synthetic polymers, TOU, polyurethane, cotton, castor beans, silicon in the insole, and outsole make them water-resistant. It also enhances the durability of the shoes.

The best part about the latest materialistic advancement is that the shoes are now eco-friendly and recyclable. It is the most significant step that companies have taken towards the environment by making shoes with the recyclable feature. Moreover, the use of advanced computer technology in shoes is also helpful in gathering the data to enhance the performance.