Badminton game in India is growing very rapidly and young player are join the community with passion and brining up new energy. India is traditionally known for home of international cricket player with little contribution on badminton. But players like PV Sindhu , Saina Nehwal And K Srikanth changed the mindset of India by wining international titles.

With the rapid growth of badminton infrastructure and player wining international titles (P V Sindhu won the gold at the 2019 World Championships) helping in promoting badminton game in India.

While badminton game is growing in India at the same time badminton equipment manufacturing industry in India is also growing rapidly. Brands like Nivia, Thrax, Li Ning and Yonex and doing research work for developing the state of the art badminton equipments.

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Like last year, in 2020, we are ready with the list of Best Badminton Shoes For Year 2020

It is always recommended for player to check these guides on regular basis to get the latest information on badminton equipment industries.

Moreover there are few qualities in badminton shoes which every player needs to check:

• Shoe should be manufactured with lightweight upper material and sole.

• Cushioning of shoe is important as it offers shock absorbing ability to players.

• Extra cushion is always help in badminton game as shoe with additional cushioning helps player to avoid the injuries.

• Outsole of the shoe is very important it helps in better grips and better traction force.

Here is the list of Best Badminton shoes for Year 2020:

1. Yonex Power Cushion 88 Dial

Yonex Power Cushion 88 Dial is a latest badminton shoes from the house of Yonex for 2020. In this shoes Yonex introduce new upper structure for optimal fit or BOA Fit System in which Yonex provides a dial for tightened the wire easily and the fit to be adjusted in the millimeters.


Yonex use innovative BOA system which is unique and first in it class shoe fit system. BOA is innovative dial system for closing the shoe.

Power Cushion 88 Dial comes with the Yonex flagship and trade mark technology Power Cushion + for quick footwork that transform impact into energy. New Power Cushion + gives 28% more shock absorption and 62% more repulsion compare to old power cushion.

88 Dial upper made from Synthetic Leather with Tough Guard III which is 3 times sturdy compare to ordinary synthetic leather and more resistant against heat for extended comfort and best performance.

The midsole of this badminton shoes is made from synthetic resin in which a graphite plate is inserted for increasing the stability and reduce the weight in the shoe.

With unique and innovative BOA fit system player will get better fitting and better comfort.

2. Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z 2

Yonex Power Cushion comfort Z 2 as its name suggest is developed with advance cushioning technology (Power Cushion +) which is best in class Yonex cushion technology for badminton footwear. Yonex gives the cushioning property of the power cushion + in to the entire midsole and a very high amount Power Cushion + in the heel with Power Graphite Drive Technology which helps in boosting your each step and guard your knees and ankle while maintaining your performance in the game.


The upper of the Comfort Z2 is made from the Double Raschel Mesh which is exceedingly light weight and durable and it gives the eight times more air substitute for releasing moisture compare to ordinary mesh fabric. Also the Durable Skin Light on upper which a polyurethane based material maintain best flexibility with the stiffness of hard plastic and lets you play light on your feet while maintaining a tough fit.

The midsole of the Comfort Z 2 is made from the Power Graphite Sheet with the cushioning properties of Power Cushion + which is responsible for increasing the stability and reduce the weight in the shoe.

The outsole of this Badminton Shoe is made from rubber with the Power Graphite Drive technology in which a large carbon sheet in the outsole avoid distortion of the foot and improves stability and also the Power Cushion + is used in the outsole helps the sole to return its original shape when bent.

3. Yonex Power Cushion SHB 65 Z 2

Yonex Power Cushion SHB 65 Z 2 is a badminton shoe from the Yonex Power Cushion 65 series which is used by the world top badminton players even Kento Momota (Worlds No. 1 Badminton Player) used this badminton series shoes.


SHB 65 Z2 comes with the Double Russel Mesh Upper and Ventilation Hole Sole which is a best combination of ventilation in the top and bottom of the shoe resulting full air circulation is achieved and gives you comfortable play.

Seamless Upper Structure of SHB 65 Z 2 covers the entire foot with a single piece of artificial leather resulting reducing weight and stress on joints for a soft and comfortable fit.

The upper of this badminton shoes made from synthetic fiber and the midsole of this shoe made from the synthetic resin with Power Graphite lite in which a super-light graphite plate is inserted under the middle portion of the foot to increase stability and reduce weight within the shoe.

4. Li Ning Shadow of Blade Pro 2.0

Li Ning Shadow of Blade Pro 2.0 is comes with the latest cloud cushioning technology in which a unique Li Ning Polymer material in the midsole provides better storage and quick release of energy resulting reduce external impacts and improve your performance.


Shadow of Blade Pro 2.0 is comes with the bounse cushioning EVA material which offers best comfort while giving excellent rebound energy and high bounce for power exercise and extended duration time in the air.

The upper of this badminton shoes is made from synthetic material which comes with the dynamicshell (A upper protection technology) based on foot joint kinematics and strengthen joint stability using 3D dynatic structured which helps in reducing the injuries and improve the performance.

5. Li Ning Sonic Boom 3.0

Lining Sonic Boom 3.0 is come with the Li Ning most successful technology PROBER LOC which is a thermoplastic stabilizing system inserted in the arch of the foot to connect the forefoot and heel for offering support function to the arch during the propulsion phase and reduce the pressure of the arch of the foot.


Sonic Boom 3.0 is comes with the bounse cushioning EVA material which offers best comfort while giving excellent rebound energy and high bounce for power exercise and extended duration time in the air.

The upper of this badminton shoes is made from synthetic material which comes with the dynamicshell (A upper protection technology) based on foot joint kinematics and strengthen joint stability using 3D dynatic structured which helps in reducing the injuries and improve the performance.

6. Victor SH P9200

Victor SH P9200 is latest launch and flagship badminton shoe from victor. This shoe comes with the Dual-Density Wedge Structure in which midsole comes with the Energy Max 3.0 on top and Light Resilient EVA on beneath according to the sports biomechanics to prevent you from injuries and provide stable support together.


New Light Resilient EVA in the midsole increase durability, flexibility, reduce weight and improves the life span of the shoe which help in the reduce the burden from muscle in intensive exercise which allows one to take agile paces quickly.

Its VSR Rubber outsole is an upgraded rubber outsole which is slip resistant and increases your performance by 21% on dry PU floor.

7. Victor SOAR AB

Victor SOAR AB is one of the best badminton shoe launch by the victor in year 2019. The upper of the shoe is made form PU Leather and a unique breathing mesh layer to increase ventilation which facilitate heat indulgence and provide a more comfortable environment for the foot.


The midsole of this badminton shoe made from resilient and solid EVA with nylon and TPU which comes with the Energy Max 3.0 technology which gives increase in rebound ability and shock absorbency by 22% and 6% respectively.

Also the material used in the midsole is durable and retain its shape better which is not only provide stability and shock absorption but also provide flexibility and increase the response time while changing the direction.

SOAR AB comes with the U-Shape rubber outsole which creates more comfort and quick response.

8. Thrax Aura 900:

Thrax Aura 900 is latest 2020 launched by Thrax for intermediate badminton players. This shoe upper is developed with die cut section in which shoe upper components are cut using specialized die. This type of advance component cutting offers better upper finishing and better comfort to players.


Aura 900 Badminton shoe is available in 4 different color schemes. Each color schemes is selected very intelligently so that different styles can be covered. Out of 4 colors white and blue color graphics looks very attractive.

For offering better traction force, Thrax Aura 900 is equipped with asymmetricity grip patters. Innovative patterns design offer perfect grip of maximum court covering or foot movement within court.

9. Nivia Gel Verdict:

This Nivia shoe is one of the finest badminton shoes for intermediate badminton players. Developed with ultra light upper material and better cushioning.


Its upper is made of PU and microfiber material which is designed for better strength and offer better style.

Nivia unique shape and unique grip patter offers better grip and optimize traction force. , Overall, Nivia Gel Verdict shoe is a good choice for intermediate players.

10. Pro Ase BG 010:

Pro Ase is India base sports shoe manufacturing firm mainly manufacture badminton and cricket shoe for beginner to intermediate players.


Pro ase BG010 is all new badminton shoe for intermediate badminton player with Flyknit upper material. Flyknit is very light and durable knit material for making the sports or running shoe. Pro Ase use this upper material for making the badminton shoe.

By using the Flyknit material, Badminton shoe become lightweight in nature while it offer better durability on ground.


While these are some of the best badminton shoe models for 2020. To explain it in better way we have developed some chart so player will have better idea.

Chart comparison shows the Cushioning of shoes:

As we explained earlier, cushioning is very important aspect of a badminton shoe. Better cushioning offers better shock absorbing ability this helps in better comfort.


Chart comparison shows the Fitting of shoes:

Fitting of different brands offer different feel due to different last standard so player need to check it carefully.


Chart comparison shows the Value for money:

Well value for money is something which every buyer wants, so it is very important for players. Shoe with higher price is not always offers best Value for money.