Taking care of your Badminton Shoes jogging, playing, exercising, or running is essential. Whatever fabric your shoe is made up of, no matter how much expensive and good quality shoe that is, but if you will not maintain and clean your shoes timely, it will collect dirt and hence it will get impacted in a negative way. Therefore it is imperative to keep your shoes immaculate just after it is used and exposed to dirt. Frequent cleaning shoes not only make your shoes look attractive but also showcase your personality as well.

There is a well said saying A man is known by the shoes he wears. The difficult part of keeping the badminton shoes maintained is that these shoes are mostly white in color which keeps on getting dirty after playing even a single game or even if it will be worn for some time. Regular washing of white shoes is indispensable and cannot be avoided. After reading this blog you will get to have an idea about how to take good care of your badminton shoes.

Some players use running shoes while playing badminton which is absolutely wrong as running shoes do not give you that extra support while moving in a badminton court. Basically, non-marking shoes are mostly used for indoor sports like basketball or badminton. The reason behind its use is that these shoes have a softer outer sole as compared to the other shoes. The rubber of these shoes is so soft that it does not leave scuff makes on the floor and gives you enough resistance for the perfect gripping.

Here are some of the ways which will keep your badminton shoes exquisite, attractive and increase their lifespan-

1) Magic eraser and clean wipe-

how_to_care_the_badminton_shoes_Important_Point_khelmart_Guide.jpg Some people think it a waste of money, but investing in these things is equally crucial as it is investing in your badminton shoes. Clean wipe and magic eraser have very effective results and are easily available online on many websites such as Amazon. It actually removes the stains, spots, and blemishes from your shoes in a great way. Apart from this stuff, you can also use washrag. Just make sure that you dont use it with water. You need to dip it in vinegar and then apply it to the stains. It also has terrific results.

2) Using colored nail polish-

how_to_care_the_badminton_shoes_khelmart_Guide.jpg It may not sound sense to you but it really works. It even works very well on your white sneakers which have scratches and prominent marks. On white sneakers, you just need to apply the white nail polish. Likewise, whatever color your shoes are off, the same color nail polish needs to be applied. Just a little touch is required to clear off that smudge which you could see on the shoe.

3) Cleaning dirty laces-

Badminton_Shoe_Cleaning_Technique_khelmart_Guide.jpg Mostly badminton shoes are white and white laces collects dirt very easily. Cleaning your laces regularly is needed otherwise your shoes will look very dull and pathetic. As we know cleaning your laces can be a quite monotonous and tiresome task but there is a simple yet effective way of cleaning your laces without any hustle. You just need to boil some water. Till the time you see bubbles and it gets boiled, do not switch off the gas. Keep the water as it is for 2 minutes. Let it evaporate a bit. Then put your laces inside that water and take it out after 5-6 minutes. You will see much difference and your laces will become brand new.

4) Using toothbrush-

Badminton_Shoe_Cleaning_Technique_with_Toothbrush_khelmart_Guide.jpg Many people are used to cleaning their shoes by a piece of cloth or some other cleansing materials like old socks. Using this kind of stuff wont clean the shoes pretty well as a piece of cloth is not able to reach some areas of your shoes. It will definitely leave certain places which remains dirty. The best way to clean those places is to start using the toothbrush. A toothbrush will go at every possible place and will clean all kinds of spots, be it anywhere. You need to dip a toothbrush in lukewarm soapy water and rub it gently with the toothbrush on the spots or the dirt. You will see the difference as all kinds of spots will vanish.

5) Using shampoo-

In case your shoes have got some stains of oil, it is the best way to get rid of them. You or anyone else may unintentionally drop some oily stuff or it may happen accidentally, but now you have a remedy and you dont need to panic. You only need to apply some shampoo with your fingers at the dirt or over the spots, or over the oil stains. You may even scrub your toothbrush on the shampoo for the best results. This will give a charming new look for your shoes again.

If you love your badminton shoes and want to take good care of them, shoe gripping should not be overlooked-

When you have just started playing badminton (beginner) or even if you are an intermediate player, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind for court shoes is about shoe grips which are ignored by many players and especially by intermediate players. Most of the times they lose their shoe grip after wearing it a couple of times. This article will make you cognizant about how to improve or maintain the shoe grip of your badminton or any other sports shoes.

There are certain reasons which affect the shoe grip while playing on the badminton court such as -

a) If you do not keep it tidy and speck-less

b) If you are playing on a synthetic court

c) Using your badminton shoes for other purposes like running, exercising or workout, or maybe for any other thing. These shoes have a soft soul which should be used only while playing any indoor sport.

There are some ways to keep your badminton shoes up to the mark and maintain the shoe grip of them good enough-

1) By sanitizing your sole and the whole shoe-

You will observe that the sole of the badminton shoe is not like a normal sports shoe. Its sole includes a complex pattern which cannot be cleaned by just rubbing them on the mat. It needs to be sanitized in a proper way and it is going to require a deep cleaning by certain specific ways like-

a) First, you need to remove the dirt from the sole with a dry toothbrush or some other brush.

b) Then you need to wipe your shoe with a wet piece of cotton cloth.

c) After wiping it from a cloth, you need a toothbrush for deep cleaning.

d) Before applying a toothbrush, apply some shampoo or soap in the sole of the shoe.

e) Then dip that brush into hot water.

f) Rub that toothbrush smoothly on to the sole.

You can perform the same process not just for the cleansing of the sole but also to sanitize your whole badminton shoe.

This process will undoubtedly enhance the shoe grip and when you play on the court after getting your shoe going through this process , you will see the difference.

2) Using friction items-

This trick is not much effective for synthetic court but if you are playing on a marble or a wooden court, nothing can beat this method of increasing your grip of the shoe on court. It works by making it less slippery and by providing much stability.

This is what you need to do to have the better gripping of shoes.

a) You need to take glue, mix some water in it and get a clean mop

b) Apply that mixture on your badminton court with the help of that clean mop. Just make sure the mop is dust free otherwise, the dust particles will also stick on the badminton court and will make that mixture less efficient. Also, make sure that you do not apply it in excess as it will leave a black stain on court

Apart from using the mixture, you can also use some powder which some players use on their hands in order to avoid slipping, which further improves the gripping of their racket. The same way you can apply some powder on the court to improve the traction on the court which will lead to an increase in the court friction.

Mostly badminton shoes are lightweight for faster feet movement. They also have little lateral support. Badminton shoes are just like an asset which is not bought every now and then. Therefore, badminton shoes need to be taken good care of.

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