The era began in the late 90s when stardom came into the gentlemens game, and then it was all started. Most of us are grown up by watching legends like Rahul Dravid, who showed the quality of patience in his entire career with his SG bat . And after that one decade, the legacy has been evolving in the hands of Cheteshwar Pujara with the same SG bats. After discussing the quality of defense, now it comes to the ability of power. From Srilankas Sangakkara to star batsman M.S Dhoni, the flow of runs and hitting of massive sixes is continuing with SS bats.

So, the aphorism says if you want to create an impact with your bat in the cricketing world, then you got to go with something out of the box. Brands like Sareen Sports (SS) and Sanspareils Greenlands (SG) have been creating the finest cricket ornaments for many decades. And its a basic formula of any game if you want to train yourself to compete with the best, then you have to choose best.

Undoubtedly, the Indian players are best in the world and the most popular in the cricketing world. This is not just that they are the best players or Indian team performing great in the cricketing world, but the reason is they have a huge fan following in the whole world and people like to follow them. They are enormously doing the massive endorsement out of the field and also getting handsome cricket wages.

Now the question is why one should go for the expensive cricket bats ()? As we know in the game of cricket, Players play with two types of bats, one is Kashmiri willow and another one is English willow. Kashmiri willows are initial level bats, specially made for the beginners. These kinds of bats allow you to understand the basic conception of batting and strengthen your weaknesses. And now in terms of English willows, they are mostly used by the cricketing professionals. To maximize the quality of batting and to strengthen your skills, through which one can be able to maintain the standard of performance in the game of uncertainty.

Brands like SS and SG have been associated with Indian cricket since decades and producing the finest quality of bats according to the players needs. So, now we are going to check out some expensive cricket bats of 2019and thoroughly explain each of them.


About bat: SG, HP 33 is one of the most advanced and finest quality cricket bats. This bat is endorsed by the star Indian batsmen Hardik Pandya. This bat is made from top quality of grade and is a custom-made bat from top grade English willow. This bat comes with several qualities which distinguish it from other bats. It is purely handcrafted by the luminaries of the SG brand.

It shows some top class features like balance quality, light pick-up and weight distribution. Its specially designed for the young generation cricketers who like to play attacking cricket. It has a wide sweet spot and big edges, which allows the batsman to hit the ball powerfully.

It comes up with features like-

1) Super handle: This bat has several pieces of imported Sarawak Cane, to maximize the strength quality. It is required to strengthen the bond between the handle & blade to maximize the transfer of durability & power.

2) Rounded face: The rounded face quality gives the pure direction of power into the hitting zone.

3) Lightweight: This is one of the essential aspects of this bat, it comes light in weight that helps the batsman to move his arm freely and meet the ball properly.


2) SG SR 210 English Willow Cricket Bat

About Bat:

This bat of SG brand is made from the finest quality of English willow cleft. The bat quality and performance is far ahead from the normal bats. This bat is made for the use of international players. It has some imperative aspects of fine wooden quality, lightweight, big edges and wide sweet spot. This bat is totally Custom-made to meet the requirements of senior players.

It has a sweet spot position from mid to low. If we talk about the Edge profile of bat then it is around 39-41 mm. With the heavy 39-41 mm edge and flat face, the batsman can produce the destruction in his power shots.

Some essential features

1) Weight: With this lightweight bat, players can be able to hit the shots in his their comfort. This SG bat is around 1180-1250 gms in terms of weight and the SG brand uses Hand selected technique, through which one can attain the highest standards and exquisite performance for players.

And another aspect is, this weight range provides maximum side edge and also the maximum wood behind the sweet spot. This generates the power shot and will provide the ease to play in any condition.

2) Bat Handle: Handle is the essential part of the bat that allows the batman to create an impact while hitting the ball. This bat handle is made from Sarawak cane that gives you the superpower and better control over the shots.


3) SS Gladiator

About bat:

This one of the finest bat from SS brand which has been scoring runs from several years. This bat is made from the top grade English willow. SS Gladiator is one of the top exquisite cricket bat in complete SS range. The bat comes with low to mid sweet spot Spine.

The 12 piece cane handle, big edges, mid to low sweet spot and flat toe with the little round shape made this bat of high standards. This bat is considered as a Premium English Willow Cricket bat, and the player will have around 9 to 12 straight grains in it.


1) Bat handle: The quality of handle must be rigid and powerful to bear the high impact of the ball. The SS cricket manufacture used the 12 piece cane handle in their bats that shows the best possible combination of power and durability which maintain the high quality and performance.

2) Lightweight: This bat shows the variety from 1140 to 1240 gms, according to the demand of the player. This lightweight quality provides the right balance.

Some of the other features include thick and concave edges and scale grips for better comfort and control over the handle. SS_Ton_Gladiator_2019_English_Willow_Cricket_Bat_Standard_Size_Free_Anti_Scuff_sheet_and_Extra_Grip.jpg

4) SG RP 777

About Bat:

SG RP 777 English Willow Cricket Bat is another example of worlds finest English willow cleft. It has a sweet spot position from mid to low which provides the aid to deal with critical situations, especially in sub-continental grounds. This SG Cricket bat has little concaving from the back side portion of the wood. With wide sweet spot and large edges, this comes up with humongous power. These sort of cricket bats are often used by the Asian players.


1) The weight of the Bat: This bat will give the range of 1180-1250 gms. And also the Hand selected technique embodied the highest standard and better performance for players. This SG RP 777 has the maximum side edge and maximum wood behind the sweet spot.

2) Handle superiority: To gain better control over the shots and powerful grip on the handle, SG brand uses 12 piece cane handle to develop the bat. These handles are made from premium Sarawak cane.

3) The Edge profile of bat shows the thickness of 39-41 mm. and quality of high thickness produces the ability of high destruction.


5) SS Ton Reserve Edition

About bat:

This SS ton reserve edition comes with extraordinary grain profile, around 9 to 12 straight grains. With the expensive price, it has also shown the exquisite features that are undoubtedly increasing the quality of this bat. With 12 piece cane short handle, one can easily attain the right balance. Mid to low sweet spot and round shape toe and highly concave edges features are maximizing its ability.


1) Weight: The Weight of the SS ton bat varies from 1130 to 1240 gms, which provides the right balance. Around 40-41 mm edges thickness generates the hitting quality with the right combination of sweet spot area.

2) Powerful handle: The short shaped handle gives the indication power hitting ability of this bat. Short shape handle with 12 piece cane technique will provide you with the aid of tight grip and precision of balance.



So, these were the awesome yet expensive bats of 2019. Despite the area of high price, these are must buy bats. Generally, every player wants to start their journey with the best and to choose the best for your success, its an intricate thing. But if you are watching someone who has been giving a great performance with their cricketing choice, it will provide you with the ease to make your decision with precision. These bats with their unique features will provide you with help to improve your game.