Badminton has always been a great racquet sport that provides numerous amount of benefits for the players. Whether you play this game in singles or doubles, it is a fun and interesting sport to choose if you are considering doing an activity which can boost both the physical and mental aspects of your health. However, the most important thing in this game is having a good badminton racket. Especially the beginners face a challenge as they do not know much about the game and its requirements.

The mistakes they often do are:

-purchase the most costly racket

-go for the racket which their favourite player is using

-go on the advice of the salesman by asking which racket is better

As a result, the beginners end up unsatisfied with the racket as it might not be appropriate for them. It might even lead to injuries. In some cases, they may even buy another racket and end up wasting more money than what was required. In such cases, players should always go for Yonex Badminton rackets which are very reliable, comfortable and extremely light in weight.

About Yonex Nanoflare Series

Yonex has introduced its new series of badminton rackets - Yonex Nanoflare series. The new 2019 Yonex Nanoflare Series reinstates the popular Nanoray series of Yonex badminton rackets This new Nanoflare series comprises of enhanced materials and advanced engineering. Similar to the old Nanoray series , the head of the racket is very light and is made with primary focus on skilful players who believe in clears and drops to improve their game.

This series features the new Sonic Flare System technology. This means that the rackets are made up of graphite material M40X* and the super high modulus graphite which provides unmatched power and stability for utmost shuttle acceleration.

This Nanoflare series is very different as compared to the other rackets as it provides the players with the perfect control. The racquet functions at the molecular level which makes the racket ultra-lightweight. These racquets are thinner, stronger and comparatively more stable than the ordinary racquets which offer major power and great speed from swinging.

About Nanoflare racket technology

Let us discuss in detail about the features of Nanoflare Yonex badminton rackets new technology-

1)TORAYCA(r) M40X- It is being said that is the best next generation robust but highly flexible carbon fibre, which was developed by Toray Industries, Inc. This is very new in the market. This material makes the racket really durable and provides excellent speed and grip to the players.

2)Sonic Flare System- It provides the best shuttle acceleration. The advanced graphite material TORAYCAR M40X and the super HMG provides the players with the great power and excellent speed. This technique was made to ensure that the shuttle gets proper speed. This is also something very unique as not many rackets are designed keeping this in mind.

3)Super HMG- The next thing used in this technology is super HMG. This super-elastic material creates sharper power for all type of shots. This is also a vital part because power is most important when playing the shots. This technique enhances the game of the players.

4)Isometric- This is something different and unique. The shape of this racketis a square-shaped ISOMETRIC frame which is created to ensure that the vertical strings remain at the same length. Apart from this, the horizontal strings also produce an enlarged sweet spot in all the directions.

5)Super slim frame- The frame of this racket is very sleek and gives it a stylish look. This frame offers a tremendous head speed which also gives it a solid feel. The frame is very thin, if we compare it with other rackets. This is one of the reasons why players are being attracted to this Yonex badminton racket.

6)New Grommet Pattern- This racket has single-pass grommet hole design which offers more grommet holes. This provides the player with high-performance stringing design. It makes the racket more durable and long-lasting as stringing plays a major role in increasing the life of a badminton racket.

7)Solid feel core- In these rackets, there is built-in solid feel core which reduces different kinds of harmful vibrations at impact. This technology is used in Yonex badminton rackets, as they are made in Japan. All the rackets manufactured in Japan have solid feel core as it makes the play better.

8)AERO Frame- This technology used in the racket decreases the air resistance and makes the swing quicker. All the technologies used in this nanoflare rackets are unique and new for the players, so is the aero frame technology.

9)New Built-in T-Joint- This is something very interesting to know. The built-in T-joint of this racket is manufactured from a very different kind of lightweight plastic which is blended with resin and foaming agent. This enhances the quality and performance of the game by enhancing the balance of the shuttle on the string bed and. This inbuilt t joint in the racket makes the racket tougher and gives better flexibility for better shots.

10)Control Support Cap- The control support cap of these Yonex badminton rackets offers 88% wider flat surface as compared to the ordinary racquets. This gives better gripping, sharpest motility and fast follow-through. This technology is one of the best and latest. Opting for it can boost your confidence in the court. It has everything - sleek look, durability, grip and flexibility.

What is Unique in Yonex Nanoflare series

Well, it is very difficult to specifically say what is unique about this series because almost all the features in this racket are very new and unique for the players. It provides the players with a very flexible shaft. It is very light in weight and players say that it feels as light as the shuttle. The grommet as mentioned above is quite different from other rackets as it has more grommet holes which makes the racket more durable and needs less maintenance.

The looks are fabulous, as the racket is so sleek and it feels really nice to hold it in the hand. Not only this, sonic flare system and HMG combined together make the racket even tougher and prepare it for worse conditions. The TORAYCA(r) M40X is the best thing used in this technology, as it makes the racket really strong and bear heavy duty.

Therefore, these rackets are a great value for money. One should always opt for this racket as it has all the features that any badminton player would wish for.

Different Models in Nanoflare series

There are 5 models which have been launched by Yonex in Nanoflare series and all of them are really good, let us know more about them in detail-

1)Nanoflare 700- This racket offers the players with maximum speed amongst all. These rackets are made in Japan, so there is solid feel core in it. It is made from the new TORAYCA(r) M40X, which makes the racket different from others and also stronger. The new grommet pattern is also used along with control support cap. The sonic flare system and super HMG together provide immense power to this racket.


2) Nanoflare 370 speed- This racket has a different feature i.e. Nanocell Neo which is a flexible graphite material. This makes the grip really good. The colour of this racket is really nice i.e. Yellow, which makes the looks of the Yonex badminton racket more appealing. It has the same features as the above racket - aero frame, built in t-joint, control support cap and sonic flare system. One of the major differences is that it has speed of 370.


3) Nanoflare 270 speed- This racket has all the above features except that it offers the speed of 270. The other difference is the colour, which is red. This colour is very much in demand as this racquet with isometric, super sleek shape combined with red colour, looks fabulous.


4) Nanoflare 170 light- This racket also has the same features as above, one of the difference is that it comes in 2 colours which are lime and magenta. The best thing about these rackets is that every racket has different colours and all of them are very elegant. This racket as well is very light in weight and the player feels really comfortable using this racket. This racket can be used by all type of players, be it a beginner, intermediate level or professional level player.


5) Nanoflare Junior- This racket is for the juniors. Yonex always thinks about everyone while making rackets, be it, kids, beginners or an advanced level player. The colour of this racket is very beautiful and designed according to the kids with blue and green colour combination. It has the sonic flare system, the same isometric frame which makes it look really good. This racket for juniors also has the built-in T-joint for greater flexibility and also has the aero frame feature.


This was all about the new Nanoflare technology by Yonex. Make sure that you take a wise decision and choose the Yonex badminton racket for yourself, which provides you with all the specifications that are required by a badminton player.