This Blog we shall explain the batting style and Bat used by MS Dhoni. In Indian cricket team, MS Dhoni established him as wicket keeper and quality batsman for middle order.

MS Dhoni is also kwon for his cool batting style and ability to take quick decisions.

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About MS Dhoni Batting Style:
Dhoni used unorthodox playing style which looks very unique and technically unusual. Dhoni plays cricket shots in his own style which is sometime not mentioned on cricket manual.

Dhoni Used Power on Shots:

The power on shot is the key of Dhoni batting style. To make hits, Dhoni use power on shots with little timings. It is a unique playing style. With powerful bottom hand, Dhoni generate massive power on shots to clear the boundary.

Ability to Hit Sixes in Yorker Ball:
It is only Dhoni who can hit six on a Yorker cricket ball. Due to massive power on shots, Dhoni can hit six on a Yorker cricket ball. Dhoni use a unique angle of attack for Yorker cricket ball by which he gets better rate of bat swing and perfect position to hit the six of Yorker ball. Who can forget the six hit by Dhoni in world cup match.

Big Sixes with Effortless Hitting:

Hitting sixes needs lots of power, timing and perfect position. When Dhoni hits sixes it looks effortless because of extra power putted on shots. Dhoni Unique playing style helps in generating more swing and power on shots.

Unconventional shots – Unique Playing Style:

Dhoni use minimum footwork to reach the ball, this makes his playing style so unique and different. Shots make by Dhoni is unique and you won’t be able to find those shot on cricket manuals.

What is special on Dhoni Cricket Bat? Low to Mid Sweet Spot:
Bat used by Dhoni is specially designed by bat makers. Right now he is using Spartan MS Dhoni Bat

sss which is very popular model among the players. Bat is customized as per the modern day game need and Unconventional playing style of Dhoni.


Maximum Power and Better Swing Speed:

MSD Dhoni bat is developed with unique spine shape which generates maximum power and swing speed so that player can hit the big shots even if ball hits off center.

Large Sweet Spot:
Dhoni used bat with large sweet spot so that better power can be obtained from cricket bat. With Massive sweet spot, player will get better ping and shots making ability.

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