Overview of Racket:

Victor thruster Kis head heavy family racket by victor. We are reviewing the master color racked which is matt finish black and deep blue color. Victor used specific graphics and new features in this racket.

New graphics with matt finish look attractive, however victor use blue color smartly to give you unique look.

The weight of the racket is 87 gms while we are using G4 grip size for its review. It is head heavy racket with extra stiff shaft which is similar to VT Z force 2.

We used 26 lbs string tension in this racket. Victor used lots of new features in this racket those will be explains later.

Lets Start the Review:


Racket Performance from 3rd Line:

Reviewing head heavy racket from 3rd line is always a fun game as you got lots of power in shots from 3rd line. No doubt, Victor thruster K is rock solid racket for attack.

Since it is a stiff shaft racket so player will get better swing speed and you player can time the shot well.

Stiff shaft complement the racket overall balance offer a great power on shots from 3rd line.

Victor used better racket balance technique which eventually results into fast racket swing and extra power on shots.

If you compare it with Z Force II than defiantly you will feel some power difference, Z force 2 is pure power racket.

Overall, racket performance is good from 3rd line.


Defense and counter Attack:

Normally head heavy racket is bit harder to test in counter attack, because of its balance. But this racket surprised us a lot.

Its balance is very good which helps in placing accurate shots. Extra stiff shaft repulsion is optimized and suitable for fast counter attack game.

We could place accurate drive, cross corner, fast drop shots with pin point accuracy.

Overall, good racket for defense and drive shots.


Racket performance at Net Area:

Victor thruster F racket is stiff shaft racket with better balance. With its stable & stiff shaft, shuttle hold is optimum on string bed. Due to these phenomena, Players will get accurate and pin point accuracy on shape net drop shots.

We observed less vibration and very accurate shuttle placement with this victor racket.

Final conclusion:

Victor K thruster is all together a new racket for attacking game style. With its stiff shaft and good balance, player will feel batter on control game play while with head heavy configuration, you will get sufficient power to dominate on opponent.

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