LI Ning N 7 II is new badminton racket added into N series. This racket is used by shi yuqi and with this he won the many international medals in badminton.


This racket is one of the top end rackets in Li Ning Pro racket series. Racket weight is around 87 gms which is a standard weight for pro players. This racket comes in traditional matt finishing with attractive graphics.

To test this racket, we used 3U (85 to 89 Gms). As it is an unstrung racket so we did the string with Yonex 80 Power. We used 25 Lbs string tension for test this racket.

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Following are our observation of testing of Li Ning N7 II:

Racket Performance from 3rd Line:

N 7 II is a head heavy racket and if you already tried head rackets of Li Ning than you must aware of that fact that Li Ning head heavy rackets are exceptionally good in power.

With proper string selection and string we improved the overall racket performance up to a great extent.

From 3rd, we got good response from racket. It helps in easy clear. Racket sound is very clear and offensive. Smash power is superb and as per the expectation of a head heavy racket.

Since it is head heavy racket but balance of the racket is very good so you do not feel pain in hand even for long and intense single games.

Overall, Racket performs very well from 3rd line. Easy 3rd line clear and powerful smashes.

Defense or Counter Attack:

Defense and counter attack are always a challenge for head heavy racket but as we explain earlier, racket balance is very good to you will get better swing speed which helps in effective counter attack. Racket responds quickly for fast drive shots. We got sufficient time for responding the flat drive shots. Sometime racket behavior as even balance racket that because of its exceptional balance.

Moreover, we can place the shuttle with 100% direction accuracy.

Overall, defense and counter attack of N 7 II is very good.

Racket performance at net Area:

For head heavy rackets, net area work is something which largely depends on individual players skills. However, N7 II is performed well in net area.

There some cases where we observed the need of timing adjustment but that is with ½ hr of play once you understand the racket behavior than you can control shuttle easily.

We observed and got good timings on close net area shots, drop shots. With good control on shuttle, player can perform very close drop shots.

One important thing we would like to point out here that is racket generates very less vibration and even for returning very fast smashes.

So player can counter attack to opponents shots or change the opponents offense into point winning strategy.