In 2018, LI Ning introduces Lots of New Badminton rackets and other equipment for professional players to Beginners Level. With continues success of shi yuqi (shi yuqi Chinese Badminton Player and Words Number 02), Li Ning getting lots of new hope in Badminton field. shi yuqi is using Li Ning Turbo charging N7 racket which is an example of cutting edge technologies.

For Beginners and Intermediate players, Li Ning launched Hi Power and Super Force Racket series with innovative features.

Similarly, LI Ning Introduces the Li Ning US series for advance player written detail blog posts its technology and features.

Li Ning enhance lots of racket technology, improved the material and overall performance of rackets. With continuous improvement in material, now Li Ning badminton rackets can sustain string tension up to 38 lbs.

LI Ning US series are dedicated for Mega strong frame and these rackets are developed with high grade carbon fiber material.

Similarly Li Ning introduces the Nano Force series which is the combination of higher string tension and light weight rackets.

While, LI Ning introducing lots of new features in racket, at the same time they are improving the racket overall technological features.

In this Blog we are listing the Key technologies in Li Ning Badminton rackets:
Advance AeroTec Beam System:
LI_Ling_Badminton_Rackets_Technology_AEROTEC BEAM SYSTEM.jpg

With lots of research and testing, Li Ning identified the perfect cross sections for making the frame. Li Ning research showed the combination of aero dynamic frame along with strengthen section offers better aerodynamic frame along with better rigidity and torsion rigidity.

With better aerodynamic, player will get ability to hit very quick drive shots. Player can respond quickly to fast return. This will be an added advantage to player.

Dynamic Optimum Frame:

Li Ning use isometric frame design concept which offers enlarge sweet spot area to players.

With Enlarge sweet spot area, player can hit powerful shots. Along with isometric frame concept, Li Ning offered a unique position of sweet spot area. Sweet spot area in Li Ning Dynamic optimum frame is little upwards to racket head.

Dynamic optimum frame is the results of three concepts, mainly, enlarge sweet spot area, sweet spot area is position upwards potion and enhance mechanical properties of frame.

With dynamic optimum frame concept, Li Ning offers more hitting area and better hitting velocity.

High Tensile Slim Shaft:

LI Ning used ultra slim shaft with a 7.00 mm top slim design. With aerodynamic slim shaft design, Li Ning rackets provides better control and power on shots.

Further with optimized moment of inertia and racket balance, player with get high angle of attack so that he or she can dominate on opponent.

With optimized balance, perfect aerodynamics, LI Ning rackets will provide state of the art offensive attack and control to players.

Compressed Frame Shape:

Racket stability during shuttle hit is very important parameters. We all know when shuttle hits to string bed it causes lots of vibrations and torsion on frame which can results into misplacement of shuttle form its target.

To reduce the vibration and to improve the torsinal strength of frame, Li Ning used specially designed and compressed frame cross section. This cross section is unique in nature and offer better torsinal strength to racket frame.

TB Nano Powertec:

TB nanotech is the latest material technology used by LI Ning Badminton. In this technology, Carbon fiber and resin are bound together in sequential manner with unique manufacturing processes.

This increases the racket strength up to 20% and offer exception racket behavior.

TB Nano Powertec offers better hitting intensity and better power transfer.

Box type Frame:

Box type of cross section offers better strength to frame. This type of cross section is designed to deliver better performance, better strength and rigidity.

It also improves the overall accuracy and durability of the frame.

Air Stream System:

Air Stream is again a latest technology by Li Ning. In this technology, specially designed air vents are place at 5 and 7 o clock of racket frame so that air can easily passes through air vent.

Smooth flow of air through air vent reduces the air resistance and helps in better frame aerodynamics.

With better aerodynamics, player will get fast swing speed and better racket handling.

70 Holes Patters:
LI Ning first time used the 70 holes concept in which Li Ning used the 70 holes in racket frame (It is 26 lesser as compare to normal racket frame).

With lesser holes in frame, LI Ning rackets offers better durability and better strength.

70 holes concept also improves the overall racket strength.

Stabilize Torsion Angle:

Stabilize torsion angle is a specific angle in racket which work as spring back. It provides elasticity to racket for more power on shots.

Torsion angle woks strike back even if the shuttle hits off center to string bed. As a result, shuttle gets more power and force.

Wind Stabilizer:
Wing stabilizer technology is a latest technology by Li Ning which works as damping device in racket frame to restore the racket into actual position quickly so player can hit the accurate shots.

This technology is inspired from Aviation industry in which aerodynamics and reducing of vibration is important factor.

Basically, this technology optimizes the frame restoration while shuttle hits the string bed and control the frame wave so that player will get better control on shots.

Slim Frame:
Slim frame always helps in less air resistance and drag coefficient. Li Ning used new frame design which is 25% less in height and 5% less in width so it produces 30% less drag coefficient.

With less drag coefficient , player gets very fast racket swing speed suitable for attacking and rock soild defense.

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