There are a lot of players nowadays who want to operate all over the pitch. And although it may sound a bit odd for a professional player, who keeps running for 90 minutes continuously, there are players who love to do the job for their coaches. These players without a proper position confuse opponent teams by switching their positions constantly. They are not that easy to mark, and they can play in every position of the football pitch. Thus, coaches love them as they have more options to substitute a poor performer in a match or an injured player with.

The first three-year spell of Zinedine Zidane as a Real Madrid coach has proved how important the role of utility players like Nacho and Lucas Vasquez. They were really important in Real Madrids back to back three Champions league triumph. And James Milner had made it a fact when he won the CL this year for the Jurgen Klopps Liverpool squad.

So here is a list of the boots that are best-fitted for the players who want to cover all over the pitch and operate everywhere the ball goes.

Here is the list of Best football shoes for all rounder

• ADDIDAS Predator: The Predator boot series by ADDIDAS although is specially designed to aid the feet of the top-class midfielders, these are suitable for any of the positions you want. These boots are for the box to box midfielders like Paul Pogba, the Manchester United superstar. These boots will make defensive works as much effortless as attacking threats. These boots are mainly available in three colors like active red, solar red and core black. The soft and adaptable synthetic upper layer is a treat to watch. This ADDIDAS Predator is made specially to provide comfort with control. Handling the ball with these boots will become easier than ever. The flexible outsole will be helping you with amazing high-speed control and stability on grounds with both firm grounds (dry natural grass) and the artificial turfs (long-bladed synthetic fiber) too. These boots are also fantastic for hard grounds.


With great ground control on and off the ball, Great control while running in high-speed, accurate passing, precise shooting and durability, these boots are a value for your money. The Predator boots from ADDIDAS has been the top choices for a lot of players out there who love to do those smooth and crunching sliding tackles. Just as much as a top corner finish with a sweet curling screamer over the wall.

• Nike Magista Opus II: What is a better way to find the best suited all-round football shoes for a utility player than by watching what the current best is wearing. Well, the current best all-round utility player might be an overstatement for James Milner (Klopp and the scousers will oppose for normal reasons), but the best one of the current best utility player boots will not be one for the Magista Opus II. Milner, the current Champions League winner with the reds is wearing these boots for a few seasons now, and he has been a trusted warrior for Jurgen Klopps side this season and has performed extraordinarily well in the whole season.


The Magista Opus II has an amazing exterior with dots across the top and the sides of the boots. These boots, as Nike officially stated, has enhanced the first touch and the control with these boots because of these dots. The bumpy dots on the outer portion of the boots are to ensure the ball is connecting properly with the boots. The initial layer of cushioning after the dots have made to absorb some of the power of the boots and then it meets the actual outer layer of the boots that absorb the rest. And this is how these boots make it easier to control any kind of passes given to you.

The soft, supple upper layer after molding correctly to your feet will give you the feeling of being close to the ball. And the strategically placed 3D areas on the medial and lateral sides of the ball will help you to come up with inventive passes, that will leave your opposition wandering.

• Puma King: One OG pair of football spikes that is adored by the players even now is the PUMA King. What a fantastic pair of boots these were. Players like The Great Pele, Diego Armando Maradona and the magicians like Johan Cruyff have worn these pair of boots all over their careers. The relatively simple look of these pair of cleats could not stop them from becoming one of the best boots even now. The classic big tongue and the monochrome design made the boots amazing. And with the fantastically stitched PUMA leather made it one of the best boots for all-round utility players even now.


With one of the most amazing designs of all time, the PUMA King series of football shoes stay true to its legendary look. Not only that, the Company has merged that look with modern material to make it well suited for the soft natural grounds nowadays. A premium K-leather upper layer with the silicon backing help the players with a smooth touch. The iconic fold-over tongue of the shoe for an even clean striking area that also keeps the laces in check. The very lightweight outsole along with the conical studs are high to help the players with a quick directional change on the soft and natural grounds. The twelve plastic studs with firm ground config also help to create the traction that redirects the energy back to your step.

• Mizuno Morella Neo II: The Japanese Company has consistently produced amazing boots for all players from each position on the field. Let it be the goalkeepers, the strikers, the defenders or the Midfielders. And their newest addition to the football shoe world, the Mizuno Morella Neo II is the perfect boot that the utility footballers were looking for. It is an evolution nothing short of a revolution. Why? Well, the Japanese Company has made these boots with the kangaroo leather forefoot but has kept it ultra-thin, making it just a right purchase for the utility players out there. However, they have kept it thick and hard in the other areas for the players who like to stick their feet in the dangerous areas. Mizuno wanted to give a seamless experience to the players while wearing these boots. Therefore, they have incorporated a V-shaped cut at the lacing area baseline to accommodate movements of the leather upper while flexing. This flexing ensures the upper layer remains smooth.


The anatomical central lacing of the Mizuno Morella Neo II has made the boots flexible to any foot shape. The molding cushioned and stitched kangaroo leather upper layer wrap up the feet of the player around the right place. It also gives the extra layer of support to your feet while changing direction in high speed and does not allow your feet to slip inside the boot.

• New Balance Tekela Pro:


The new generation boots from the New Balance has revolutionized the scene of football shoes. Their most unique inclusion in New Balance Tekela Pro is something that is going to be adored by the all-round utility footballers around the world. New Balance has merged a bunch of technologies with this series of football shoes that helps the players wearing this pair of boots the performance. The Pro is exceptionally wide. Accompanied by a very shallow lacing system that does not allow you to tighten your forefoot area. The extended neoprene collar area creates a secure one-piece upper but cuts below the ankle bone helps the players to maintain maneuverability with these fantastic pair of boots. The padded tongue to prevent lace bites also helps to edge off while shooting. The smooth neoprene liner goes great with grip socks. Plus, the Tekela Pro helps to lock down your heel. The kinetic stitch technology provides an unparalleled grip on each of the parts of the players feet. It helps to make your control better with the ball and helps them to distribute the long passes with extreme accuracy and precision. Regardless of wherever you are on the pitch, these fantastic boots will help you to get you out of the danger area and will help you to set yourself up with the attack.

These were some of the best football shoes out there as the utility players are becoming one of the most critical players on the football pitch for each of the coaches of the big teams out there. And, also the utility players are becoming big names slowly, the footballing world will see a lot of these new pair of boots in the coming time. The technology will blend with the game, and the developers will produce more of these fantastic and classy boots to help the players enhance their performance. We will be keeping an eye on the market and will keep updating articles on the most fantastic football shoes.