Football is one of those most popular games that are being played worldwide. The game can stop wars and make peace between people. If you are an ardent football follower, you know the incident of Cote de Ivory before the 2010 World Cup and how Drogba and the whole Ivory Coast team requesting to their countrymen to stop the war. However, if you are not, it might surprise you what happened next. The Civil War has ended. Yes. And not only this, there are a lot of examples like this that will prove how amazing the game is. That is why it is called the most beautiful game.

Well, this article is about some of the most expensive football shoes of the year. And just like the players, football shoes are also very, very expensive. And nowadays the players are also concentrating on the quality of their shoes. Thus, the developers are trying new technologies to help the players performance enhancement.

Thus, with the best of the teams are just warming up and the season is on the verge of starting, waiting for the whistle, here is a list of topmost priciest shoes that are releasing soon. Check out the list football freaks. Here we go.

The top 10 most expensive football shoes in 2019:

Here is the list of most expensive football shoes

Football shoes are one of the few most important parts of each of the footballers life. A lot of players tend to develop some superstitious behaviors with their shoes. Well, we dont know if their superstitions work or not, but the football shoes these days surely does. With the new technologies, all of the top footballing brands are making shoes to enhance the players performance to some extent. Here are some of the topmost expensive football shoes that have launched or waiting to launch in the upcoming year.

• PUMA FUTURE 4.1 FG/AG: Puma Future is featuring the new and innovative NETFIT technology, and it is opening up to all the kinds of lacing possibilities, and it will help you to make you comfortable on the pitch. The Puma Future is going to be used by the recent world cup winner Antoine Griezmann, and players like Luiz Suarez, Marco Reus. The revolutionizing 3D havoc design of these shoes combined with evoKNITpro upper is ready to provide you with the fit and freedom on the pitch. These streamlined shoes are for outstanding control. The ergonomic woven sock will give you the proper stability and grip between the boot and your foot. The groundbreaking lacing system, Puma call them NETFIT is made with an upper horizontal net, it allows them for truly personal lacings. And Puma has released a whole playlist named “Anthem” on Spotify to accompany the release of these shoes.


• Puma King Platinum SG: Puma king Platinum SG is one of the most amazing football shoes of all time. The Dutch legend footballer and the creator of total football, Johan Cruyff, the great Brazilian three times World cup winner Pele and the great and also controversial legendary footballer Diego Armando Maradona, all of these big names have worn this shoes. These shoes have just stood against the test of the time, and they have remained popular as ever, just like the players who used to wear them. And thus, the modern update has received a warm welcome from the footballing world. These exquisite lightweight shoes are an example of what Pumas finest collection of leathers are capable of. The outer sole of these shoes incorporates the Pebax material and the DuoFlex-technology. It increases the comfort and the power of the players.


• New Balance Furon V5 Maagum Pro FG: If you are a scouser by heart and a huge fan of Sadio Mane, then this New balance furon V5 Maagum Pro FG is never let you walk alone. These amazing shoes are a great idea to pay tribute to the Senegalese star. This special edition shoe comes with the signature details which commemorate the biggest international milestones of the player. This black and white patterns of this shoe are inspired by “the Simb”. It is a ritual that symbolizes the transformation of a man to a lion. The unique black patterns also take the inspiration from this ritual and this way, the name “Rise of a Lion” perfectly suits these shoes. Plus, the inclusion of the name and jersey number of the famous Senegalese star and currently the champions of Europe with his club team, it is obvious that this shoe is a tribute to him.


• ADDIDAS X 19+FG: ADDIDASis one of the biggest companies in the football world and this May they are going to prove it with the release of this beast. This beast features one of the most important things in a professional footballers life. Speed. Of course, this is not going to gift you the speed of KylianMbappe or Rashford. However, these shoes will be helping the wingers and the overlapping wing-backs with speed they need to blaze through the opponent defense. This is why the players like the current Champions League Winner Mo Salah and the Real Madrid left winger Gareth Bale is wearing these shoes. These shoes are made with stretchable materials, and that provides the ultimate lockdown and stability to your feet.


• Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite SG: The iconic leather shoes are at per with Copa Mundial by ADDIDAS and the Puma King. These Nike leather football shoes have set a bar of comfort, durability and stretching with these Tiempo shoes. The best part of these shoes is this Tiempo legend eight comes with premium Kangaroo leather upper with none of the stitching seams on the front of the middle foot. It gives an ultra-soft and natural texture and making it flexible. The flyKnit was introduced with the release of Tiempo 7, and in Tiempo legend eight elite SG, the flyKnit is flying. These amazing technology by Nike gives your feet space to breathe and provide support. And the specially engineered outsole based on Finite Element Analysis. Nike introduced the hyperstability soles to the Tiempo. The outer sole is made with Pebax, which is designed for movements and twists in all the directions.


• ADDIDAS Predator Zidane Accelerator FG: And something you dont have to think twice before buying these shoes. These shoes were around from 1998. However, this year, ADDIDAS has relaunched these limited-edition accelerators to celebrate the Ballon DOr triumph of arguably the greatest midfielder of the world of all time and current Royal Whites coach Zinedine Zidane. These shoes are featuring the e3xact same material from that year and the k-leather materials as the original version of the shoes. Coming complete with the color of the French flag and the initial of the Real Madrid and French international legend on the heel of these boosts.


• Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FG: The 360 Mercurial Vapor 12 by Nike was enormously popular and raised the bar of renovations in football shoes. And featuring the feet of the most fantastic young guns of the footballing world, such as Neymar, Eden Hazard and the new Barcelona signing Frankie De Jong, the previous version of vapor made all of them happy. And vapor 13 thus, has to go a long way this time. And with the amazing 360- degree Flyknit technology these shoes have already become lighter and responsive than ever before. The Mercurial Vapor 13 is going to be a great upgrade of the previous edition of the shoes.


• Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite FG: The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite FG is just a little more expensive than the vapor 13. However, this is going to be a stronger, stretchier and comfortable update of the previous version of the shoes. And this boot is a must-buy for the people who are a die-hard fan of the superstar Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegan. With the slight adjustment to the soleplate and the collar, the new striking on the branding is the most important thing of these shoes.


• ADDIDAS predator 19+FG: The Predator Boot pack already features a lot of great features, and they are available in different colors. So, you are going to get some stunning designs in this boot pack. The silver 302 redirects and the special Paul Pogba Predators edition is a serious problem for your pocket. Just like it is if you are trying for the classic Beckham or Zidane inspired designs. Released in November last year, these shoes come second in the list of top 10 shoes currently.


• ADDIDAS NEMEZIZ 19+FG: Releasing in May 2019, this is the most expensive football boot till now. And these shoes are worn by the player like Lionel Messi and… well, dont think you need another name after this right!? The ADDIDAS NEMEZIZ is all about agility. The 360-agility bandage allows the player to twist and turn in pace. No wonder why Messi chose these shoes. However, the most expensive shoes of this series are the limited edition “Spiderman” one.


These are the shoes that have released or on the verge of releasing and are surely going to be the most expensive and valuable ones this football season. Get them all.

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