Football is one of those most popular games that are being played worldwide. The game can stop wars and make peace between people. If you are an ardent football follower, you know the incident of Cote de Ivory before the 2010 World Cup and how Drogba and the whole Ivory Coast team requesting to their countrymen to stop the war. However, if you are not, it might surprise you what happened next. The Civil War has ended. Yes. And not only this, there are a lot of examples like this that will prove how amazing the game is. That is why it is called the most beautiful game.

Well, this article is about some of the most expensive football shoes of the year. And just like the players, football shoes are also very, very expensive. And nowadays the players are also concentrating on the quality of their shoes. Thus, the developers are trying new technologies to help the players performance enhancement.

Thus, with the best of the teams are just warming up and the season is on the verge