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The landscape of cricket has undergone a significant transformation, as evidenced by the current dynamics of the 2023 World Cup. In today's 50-over matches, a total of 350 or even 380 runs no longer seems adequate; teams are effortlessly chasing down these formidable scores. What was once considered a defendable target back in 2000 has now become easily attainable.


Given the evolving state of the cricketing world, it is imperative for cricketers to adapt and keep pace with the demands of the modern game.


To meet the requirements of contemporary cricket, players must reassess their approach to selecting a cricket bat. In the present era, a bat should not only be lightweight but also possess a robust back profile with a high spine, enabling players to deliver powerful shots without expending excessive energy.


Although many modern-day bats come with a firm press that enhances performance, players must also be careful in evaluating factors such as the edge profile, spine shape, and overall bat balance to maintain their competitive edge in the game.


Among the myriad choices available in the market, Khelmart proudly presents a curated selection of the top 10 cricket bats. These bats not only deliver outstanding performance but are also favoured by international cricket players who are achieving remarkable run scores in the 2023 Cricket World Cup matches.


Here are the List of Best Cricket bats for Year 2023:

  1. SS Gunther Bat :

SS Gunther stands tall as one of the most premium and high-value cricket bats globally. Crafted after an exhaustive quest for the finest willow and profile, this bat emerges as the preferred weapon of elite cricketers across the world. It stands out with superior performance and top-tier quality willow, showcasing the following key attributes:

  • Hand-Picked Super Premium Grade Willow: Each bat is crafted from Grade 1 willow, handpicked to ensure top-notch quality.
  • Superb Selection and Grading: Bats go through a stringent selection and grading process, setting the standard for excellence.
  • Unmatched Ping: Experience an exceptional ball response and a resonant sweet spot, delivering the best performance.
  • Air Dried Willow: The willow undergoes careful air drying, enhancing its durability and performance.
  • Precision Engineering: Designed to meet the exact specifications of the world's elite players, this bat empowers you with their techniques.
  • Cutting-Edge Shape: The latest design boasts massive concave TON edges, enabling high-impact shots with optimal performance.
  • Classic Aesthetics: An embossed retro sticker adds a touch of nostalgia and provides an excellent grip for your hands.
  • Expansive Sweet Spot: Enjoy a wide play area with a clean bat face, ensuring powerful and precise shots.
  • Tailored to Your Style: Choose between a rounded or flat toe based on your preference.
  • Modern Profile: The new secular profile aligns you with the contemporary game, offering you a competitive edge.
  • Premium Protection: Your prized possession comes with a premium, portable SS bat cover, guaranteeing its safeguard.
  • A Legacy of Quality: Take pride in owning a cricket bat that's crafted in India, renowned for its rich cricketing heritage.

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  1. MRF Grand edition Bat :

            The MRF Grand Edition stands as the preferred pick of the world's elite cricketers, including the likes of Virat Kohli. Undeniably, this bat exemplifies the quality and standards set by this legendary cricketer. Its unique duckbill profile is engineered to deliver exceptional bat balance and maximise the sweet spot, ensuring peak performance for players.

  • The Latest 2023 Design: Keeping up with the modern game, this bat reflects the latest design trends in cricket.

  • Premium Willow: Crafted from Grade A English Willow carefully selected to ensure peak performance.

  • Pristine Grains: Boasting 7-9 straight grains, this bat combines power and precision.

  • Superior Handle: The rounded handle, made of Sarawak Combination Cane, is designed for shock absorption and driving power.

  • Optimal Grip: The MRF Plain Bat Handle Grip offers the perfect combination of control and comfort.

  • Massive Edges: With an edge thickness of 38-40 mm, this bat ensures formidable power behind each stroke.

  • Senior/Men's Size SH: Available in Senior/Men's Size Short Handle, catering to the needs of professional players.

  • Precise Weight: With a weight range of 1160 to 1220 grams, you can select the bat that suits your playing style.

  • Authenticity Assurance: Each bat is adorned with the MRF Authenticity Hologram, a mark of genuine quality.

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  1. Ceat Rohit Sharma Bat :

We've all been spectators to the remarkable starts made by Rohit Sharma, where he quite literally dismantles the morale of the opposing fast-bowling attack with his powerful pull shots, drives, and cover shots. It's no surprise that there's something truly special about his cricket bat, enabling him to execute shots with utmost ease and effectiveness. The CEAT Rohit Sharma bat not only delivers exceptional performance but also instil confidence in the player, empowering them to assert their dominance on the field. It offers following key benefits to players:

Premium Willow: Crafted from CEAT Hand-Selected Grade A English Willow, ensuring peak performance.


Feather-Light Power: Despite its power-packed features, these bats weigh only 1160-1220 grams, allowing for agile gameplay.


Rohit Sharma Edition: The Rohit Sharma Edition is adorned with 9-12 straight grains, reflecting its exceptional quality.


Mighty Edges: With edges measuring 38-40 mm, these bats deliver impressive power.


Concave Edge Profile: The highly concave edges enhance their performance, facilitating those mighty strokes.


Superior Handle Grip: Sporting a Special Scale Grip, the bat handle ensures optimum control and comfort.


Shock Absorption and Power: The 9-piece Saravak Combination Cane Handle is designed for shock absorption and power-hitting capabilities.


Super Rebound Quality: These bats offer exceptional rebound quality, adding to the player's advantage on the field.


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  1. Thrax Platinum Maximus :

Introducing the Thrax Platinum Maximums, a professional-grade English willow cricket bat crafted from hand-selected English willow clefts. This bat delivers exceptional performance, unmatched durability, and a powerful punch, making it the top choice for elite players.


  • Weight: 1150-1220 grams
  • Grains: 11 to 12 Clear Grains, Maximum Edge, Full Back, Powerful Round Toe, Maximum Sweet Spot
  • Sweet Spot and Profile: Mid to low sweet spot position with a carefully crafted bat profile that ensures excellent balance and an incredibly light feel when held.
  • Handle: 12-Piece Singapore Cane Handle with rubber laminated technique, facilitating maximum power transfer to the ball.
  • Willow Type: Crafted from 100% Authentic and Genuine Players Grade A English Willow.
  • Cover: Full-Size Padded Bat Cover equipped with a shoulder strap for convenient carrying, made with high-quality materials.
  • Manufactured by Thrax Expert Manufacturing System: A bat that exemplifies superb balance and an ultra-lightweight design, tailored for professional to advanced-level gameplay in English Willow cricket.

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  1. SG HP33 Hardik Pandya Bat :

Embraced by the formidable Indian cricket stars like Hardik Pandya, this cricket weapon is the ultimate selection for aggressive players who relish unleashing ferocious strokes on the long-on and long-off boundaries of the cricketing arena. Crafted by SG, this bat is a masterpiece, engineered from Grade A English Willow, ensuring not only outstanding performance but also remarkable durability. It's the choice that resonates with power-hitters and boundary hunters, just like the stars who wield it.

  • Presenting a cricket willow blade of Grade A pedigree: Crafted for those who crave the sublime, this featherweight cricket bat is the epitome of all-round excellence on the pitch.

  • With a substantial edge thickness of 38-41 mm and a weight ranging from 1160 to 1230 grams, this bat proudly showcases bountiful 8-11 straight grains, a testament to its top-tier quality and performance. Engineered for comfort and ease, it's a batsman's dream.

  • The addition of the cutting-edge Chevtec grip affords you an unmatched sense of command over your shots, guaranteeing precision in every stroke. And as a delightful bonus, it comes adorned with a full-length padded bat cover, complete with an adjustable strap for your convenience.

  • This cricketing gem is exclusively available in SH size at the esteemed Cricketer Shop. Elevate your game and claim your mastery of the pitch with Grade A English Willow craftsmanship!

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In the hands of South African cricket maestro Rassie van der Dussen, this cricket blade is a result of collaboration with international cricket legends. It embodies the very essence of van der Dussen's batting temperament, the driving force behind his prolific run-scoring. Crafted from top-grade willow, this bat boasts impeccable balance and a sweet spot that facilitates the execution of contemporary cricketing shots, just like those seen in the modern game. It's not just a bat; it's a reflection of a batting virtuoso's artistry.

  • Crafted from the finest Grade 1 English Willow, meticulously handpicked for its excellence in performance.
  • Air-dried to perfection, ensuring that the natural qualities of the wood are harnessed to their fullest potential.
  • Designed in accordance with the exacting standards of the world's elite cricketers, delivering a bat that matches the expectations of the very best.
  • Features a contemporary design, showcasing massive concave TON edges that not only provide a striking appearance but also deliver high-impact power and optimum performance.
  • Adorned with an embossed chrome sticker and a high-quality grip, combining aesthetics with superior handling.
  • Boasts a generously wide playing area and a clean bat face, offering cricketers the precision and control required for today's game.
  • Includes a premium, portable SS bat cover for the convenience and protection of your prized possession.
  • A source of national pride, as it is Made in India, representing the country's cricketing prowess and heritage.
  • Detailed specifications: Length – 33.5 inches, Blade – 22 inches, Height – 11.5 inches, Width – 4.25 inches (107-108 mm), Edge thickness – ranging from 38 to 40 mm, Spin – measured between 65 to 67 mm.
  • Weight ranging from 1130 to 1180 grams, ensuring a balance that suits the discerning cricketer.


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  1. MRF Chase master :

Witness the cricketing masterpiece hewn from the carefully selected Grade A English Willow, renowned for its unparalleled excellence. True to its name, the MRF Chase Master is a reflection of players who relish chasing those colossal totals, much like the indomitable Virat Kohli himself.What truly sets this bat apart is its exceptional balance and duckbill profile, engineered to empower cricketers to execute shots with grace and precision, requiring minimal effort and maximum impact. Just like the chase masters of the game, this bat is your trusted ally in conquering those towering targets.


  • Featuring 8-12 straight grains and a meticulously rounded handle constructed from Sarawak Combination Cane, this bat embodies excellence in its design.

  • The handle is thoughtfully engineered for both shock absorption and driving power, ensuring that each stroke is met with precision and force.

  • Equipped with the renowned MRF Plain Bat Handle Grip, this bat offers supreme control and comfort, allowing you to dominate the game with finesse.

  • The imposing edge thickness measures between 38-40 mm, making it a formidable weapon in your hands.

  • Available in the Senior/Men's Size SH, this bat is tailored for the serious cricketer who seeks excellence in every aspect of their game.

  • The bat's weight falls within the range of 1160 to 1230 grams, providing a balanced feel that suits your playing style.

  • For the mark of authenticity, it bears the MRF Authenticity Hologram, a testament to its quality and craftsmanship.

  • To safeguard your prized possession, it comes complete with an MRF Padded Full-Length Bat Cover, ensuring your bat remains in peak condition.

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  1. New Balance TC 1260 Players Edition:

Introducing the outstanding features of the 2023 edition of the New Balance TC 1260 Players Edition English Willow Cricket Bat:

  • Carefully hand-selected from the finest Grade A Players Edition English Willow, this bat embodies excellence in its craftsmanship.

  • With a weight range between 1180 to 1220 grams, it caters to the discerning preferences of cricketers.

  • Boasting an impressive 12-15 straight grains, this bat showcases the purity of its willow.

  • The round handle provides a comfortable and versatile grip, allowing for a wide range of shots.

  • It features gracefully curved edges with an edge thickness measuring between 40 to 42 mm, providing both aesthetics and power.

  • The combination of a Sarawak Cane Handle ensures excellent shock absorption, enhancing the bat's power and performance.

  • With its expansive edge and super rebound quality, this bat allows for explosive shots that keep you ahead in the game.

  • To affirm its authenticity and quality, it proudly bears the NB Authenticity Hologram, a symbol of trust in the cricketing world. This bat is more than just equipment; it's a testament to the pursuit of excellence on the cricket field.


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  1. Kookaburra Jos Butler Limited Edition: 

Made to the exact standards of the cricket world's best, the Kahuna Jos Buttler Players Replica Cricket Bat features the finest English Willow available. Designed with a Full Players Profile and Jos' preferred Oval Handle and Hexa Grip, this specially crafted bat brings you one step closer to one of England's best.

  • Handcrafted from the most exquisite Players Grade Unbleached English Willow, this bat is the embodiment of excellence in the world of cricket.

  • It boasts a full Players Profile, ensuring a bat that meets the demands of the most discerning cricketers.

  • The design features maximum spine and edges, delivering both strength and aesthetics to the discerning eye.

  • The tapered square toe profile and standard face profile combine to offer a balanced and versatile cricketing tool.

  • A semi-oval handle provides a comfortable grip, facilitating control over a wide array of shots.

  • The Hexa Bat Grip adds a touch of class and superior handling to this exceptional bat.

  • Weighing in the range of 2lbs 10oz to 2lbs 11oz, it caters to the preferences of cricketers with a discerning taste for balance.

  • For your convenience and protection, it comes complete with a complimentary padded full-length bat cover, ensuring your prized possession remains in peak condition.


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  1. DSC BLAK Players Edition:


Presenting the DSC bat, the trusted weapon of the rising cricket sensation, Rachin Ravindra. Rachin's style is all about aggression, and he achieves it with a lightweight bat that boasts an expansive sweet spot.This cricket bat is a true masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted from the crème de la crème of player-grade English willow. Each piece is hand-selected and rigorously tested, ensuring it delivers a stellar 5-star performance. 

  • Weight: Ranging between 1160 and 1200 grams, this bat is crafted for the seasoned men of the game.
  • Handle: Sporting a Short Handle for impeccable control and manoeuvrability.
  • Crafted from the finest player-grade willow, this bat is the epitome of quality and performance.
  • Meticulously handcrafted by our master craftsmen, ensuring precision in every detail.
  • Featuring a curved blade, this bat is primed for powerful and dynamic performances on the field.
  • The extended Power Zone provides a monstrous hitting area, enabling cricketers to take their shots to the next level.
  • Equipped with a treble spring (9pc) handle, it excels in both shock absorption and strength, ensuring the ultimate feel and durability.
  • A pronounced bow adds to the magic, granting players unparalleled stroke play. This bat is more than equipment; it's your key to cricketing greatness.


Every bat mentioned above stands as a testament to excellence in the world of cricket, with some even endorsed by the game's elite. These bats epitomise top-tier quality, exceptional performance, and remarkable durability, meticulously crafted to meet and exceed the stringent standards of international cricket.

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