Most of us are well aware of the fact that Badminton has been one of the most popular sports across the globe. The entry of Badminton in the Olympic Games in the year 1992 brought about an uproar of enthusiasm from fans. Right behind soccer stands Badminton that continues to be the most participatory sport. Today, let us check out the list of badminton players - both men and women who have earned their reputation in this field.

Best Badminton Players Men:

Some endless players have earned their names in this field. However, only a few could make it up to the top. Here is their list of names from where you will know all their achievements and their careers.

1. Kento Momota – Kento Momota is number one in the BWF world rankings and number 3 in the world tour rankings. He has 293 career wins, and in 2019, he won 28 matches. He is considered fast and flexible with the attack; that is why he is the best when it comes to the game o