About Ashaway Badminton Brand:

Ashaway is UK base badminton equipment manufacturing brand with versatile manufacturing setup. Ashaway brand is known for its quality checks, better and wide products line. Main product of Ashaway badminton is badminton strings. They produce high quality badminton strings for beginners to advance badminton players.

Ashaway is known for its badminton strings, with following key features:

  • Quality,
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • tension retention

The company provides a wide range of strings to different playing styles and skill set.

One of Ashaway's top selling string is the Ashaway ZyMax.

ZyMax strings are manufactured with ZyWeaVe technology, which develops with strong multifilament fibers with proprietary BETA polymer microfilaments. This new technology of string manufacturing offers following key benifits:

  • Enhances string strength,
  • control