Like formula racing game, the game of cricket also has some exceptional drivers who can drive with an exquisite technique. Cricket is certainly not a car racing game but driving a ball into covers is also an impeccable art.

If you are a 90s kid and a cricket lover, then my friend you have already known what sort of majesty and charisma is produced when a batsman strikes a ball into the covers. For, cricket lovers, it is like a moment that we have all waited for in the game.

Some best drivers of the cricket ball

Though it is a tough comparison, still we can say the cover drive is considered as the best cricketing shot. Players like Kumar Sangakkara and Sachin R. Tendulkar have made this shot more splendid with their touch.

However, a cover drive is like a treat to watch for a cricket lover. Simultaneously, it is not quite easy to have mastery on the shot. It seems pretty easy when we watch a batman/woman placing the ball into the covers. But