Your diet and nutrition plan can make a big difference in any sport that seeks endurance, strength, and high-intensity practice sessions. For optimal performance in badminton, players should maintain a balanced diet.

It regulates an adequate fuel supply for intense gaming activity, aids in muscle recovery after workouts, and boosts endurance at the same time. The more strenuous the workout or competition is, the more carbs you need to feed your muscles.

Protein supplements can help you repair and build certain muscle groups, while multivitamins can help you perform at your peak. Nutritionally, all players are the same, but their needs will vary.

For example, if you are a badminton player, getting the basics right is necessary. For improved performance, given below is the special diet plan, designed only for badminton players that you should follow with discipline from now onwards.

What is the right nutrition for badminton players?