Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Z Men Black Badminton shoe

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Mobility and fast court covering is very important in badminton game while stable, comfortable and lightweight badminton shoes play important role in archiving mobility and fast court covering. Yonex launched its latest Power Cushion Eclipsion Z Shoes for professional level badminton players.

Yonex_POWER_CUSHION_ECLIPSION_Z_details.jpg This badminton shoes is manufactured with state of the art technologies used first time in Yonex shoes. Radial blade sole is latest sole technology in which ninja star reminiscent patterns are used for ultimate shoe grip.

Further, to increase the contact area between sole and court surface, Semi One-Piece Sole is used. The combination of two technologies offers great stability and comfort to players.

Innovative Radial Blade sole is first used in Yonex shoes which developed on concept of arranging a windmill shape that combines areas with large and small indentations. With this new innovation, Grip of shoe is improved by 3% (and we all badminton player knows the value of grip of shoe in badminton game) .

Yonex_POWER_CUSHION_ECLIPSION_Z_RADIAL_BLADE_SOLE.jpg Yonex used trademark power cushion Plus technology to enhance the feel and comfort of shoe. In this technology, specially shaped wedge (with better cushion and shock absorbing material) is placed at heel area. This overall arrangement at heel area improved the shoe performance and offer great stability and shock absorbing ability.

Yonex_POWER_CUSHION_ECLIPSION_Z_Power_Cuhsion.jpg The main selling point of Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Z is the stability and fit. To improve the stability of shoe, Yonex use Durable Skin light material upper technology. In this, Shoe upper is developed by combining rubber, plastic and PU material. Rubber material in upper offers better flexibility, hard plastic offers stiffness wile PU material in upper is placed to offer lightweight shoe feel

Yonex_POWER_CUSHION_ECLIPSION_Z_SEMI_ONE_PIECE_SOLE.jpg Yonex_POWER_CUSHION_ECLIPSION_Z_Durable_Skin_Light.jpg Overall, Durable Skin light offers rubber like flexibility, stiffness and better comfort.

Yonex launched this shoe in 3 colors (1) Black and Reed (2) Sky Blue and white (2) Yellow Red.

Black Red is suitable for aggressive player as its attractive style shows the aggressiveness.

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