No matter what type of cricket you play, either at a national level or in school or state level, etc, hands are apparently the body parts which are most prone to acute injuries. During fielding, incidents are pretty common. The maximum hand and finger damage occurs while batting when a miss-timed shot event in the ball ceases the hand across the handle of the bat. Hence, it goes without even saying that cricket batting gloves are important to provide batsmen with enough protection to avoid injury and trigger confidence.

In recent times, the limelight on the making of gloves has been clouded by what kind of material has been used on the palm of the gloves. The major part of the gloves in the market provides leather palm gloves, but there are many different varieties of leather used and the type of it banks on the price range of the glove.

For the making of junior gloves, sometimes cotton is used. But the concern with cotton palmed gloves is that they are great absorbent of sweat. That is the reason that they are utilized for batting inner gloves. Cotton damps up the sweat almost very well, making the glove muggy and heavy.

There are many types of gloves in the market, but listed below are 10 best cricket batting gloves from the best brands and manufacturers:

1) Kookaburra Kahuna Players Edition-


These beautiful cricket gloves complete the cricket kit. Without these gloves, your cricket kit is incomplete. It is an Australian Brand and its all the products are very famous and reliable. These gloves are made up of ventilated kangaroo leather palm, which means that they are of very superior quality. They also have a soft fill foam protection to provide your hands proper protection and safety.

They are highly durable, very simple to use and easy to store. Additionally, the gloves also have multi flex sections and also a quick release wrist fastener for making it easy for a player to use them. They come in white and green colour and look really superb. This colour of the gloves attracts players even more to grab one of the pairs for them.

2) New Balance DC 880-


These gloves are a must to have as they are made up of premium quality imported PU material. They focus more on protection and quality so they offer additional protection on 2 lead fingers by adding plastic inserts in them. The palm is made up of superior sheep leather to provide more comfort, making them heavy duty. 18 Mm cross line foam padding is done so that it becomes cushier and does not weigh too much.

The sweatband of the gloves is elasticated and double-sided. Another remarkable feature of contemporary batting gloves is how colourful they are. Distinct from bats, that have strict laws stating how much of the blade is granted to be taken up with the stickers. Batting gloves can be of almost any possible colour combination like in New Balance DC 880, which offers a great blend.

3) MRF Grand Edition batting gloves-


These are one of the most innovative batting gloves from MRF and are Virat Kohli first choice. They are made up of real leather and are very reliable. They do not tear from any sort of wear and tear.

MRF has high-density foam reinforced Fingers which makes the gloves more flexible and makes them more secure. The best thing about these gloves is that they has sweat absorbing wrist grip which makes the player more comfortable as they can focus on playing more. These gloves are very lightweight which add more fun to these, as heavyweight gloves create discomfort for the players. Also, it has 2 piece thumb flexibility making them more robust. They usually come with a white colour base along with a red and blue pattern which makes them look fantastic.

4) SG Hilite Batting Gloves-


These gloves have newly advanced pittards gripster performance leather palm to retain strength and better feel. These gloves also have an airflow gusset for better ventilation and both sided sweatbands for better moisture absorption and players comfort. The palm is made up from good quality leather made by Pittard. Also, there is an additional leather patch on the hard-wearing area.

These SG batting gloves also comprise of imported PU finger rolls and have lightweight HD foam finger rolls to provide more comfort to the players. It has thermoplastic polyurethane shell in the first four fingers of the bottom hand for even more protection. Overall it is one of the best cricket batting gloves to opt for as it also has nylon gusset for ventilation.

5) Thrax Reserve Edition Batting Gloves -


These gloves feature a traditional profile and provide unrivaled shielding qualities along with fiber insert and a distinctive finish with pre-bent fingers shape. They provide with a cushioning leather palm with reinforcing wear panel, thereby making the gloves more flexible and worth buying. The superlative thing about these gloves is that they have high-density lightweight foam cushioning which makes the gloves very comfortable. The upper material of the gloves is highly durable and they have stretchable PU upper which makes them more robust.

The hand straps of these are of great quality and give a very good fit for the players. If you are actually looking for something for very high protection then undoubtedly, this is something you should choose for yourself.

6) SS Gladiator Batting Gloves -


These gloves palm is made from super soft sheep leather for a snug fit and better comfort. They are very light in weight and the best Korean PU is used to cover pre-shaped plastozote fingers. Pre-bent fiber is also incorporated in two front fingers to provide the players with added security. The fiber inserts are used on top of every finger for extra protection so that if the ball comes in high speed as well, it would not hurt.

It has everything a good glove should have like it comprises of mesh gusset for better air ventilation and augmented padded palm panel. It is also embossed with wrist tab which is fitted with 50mm velcro to fit according to the need. The exclusive thing about these gloves is that they have inside towel lining to make them softer and sweat absorbent.

7) SF Triumph Batting Gloves -


These cricket batting gloves– are of superior quality and specifically made for professionals. These gloves are particularly used by international players and are very much in demand because of the qualities. It is made up of advanced perforated leather sheepskin on the back of the gloves for improved breathability and comfort. It has high-density foam in the cuff for more protection so that hands do not get hurt even in adverse conditions.

The lining of the glove is completely of leather for making it long lasting. The design of these gloves is exclusive and not common. There is multicoloured octopus rubber in palm for making it look different. It is a little expensive but dream of every player is to own it.

8) SM Limited Edition Batting Gloves –


As the name suggests, they are limited edition gloves made exclusively for ambitious cricketers. They are an unparalleled international test ergonomic model. They are particularly made for craftsmanship. Their fit is really ultimate as they are super ultra light and exquisitely layered gloves with expertise. The palms are made up of pittards leather with strengthened wear panel. Pittards retain the distinctive beauty of look and feels with great ductile strength even at the unclouded substance. Not only this, great water-repellant elements are permanently linked to each fiber and microscopic space between the fibers allow water vapour to pass easily. The wrist of the gloves is elastic and made up of towel cloth to giver better fit and comfort.

9) BDM Titanium Batting Gloves -


It is one of the top range professional choice glove. It is made up of one of the finest selected sheepskin with great flexible flaps to provide protection and comfort to professionals. These BDM Titanium gloves design is latest and very stylish. These gloves are extremely comfortable as there is fiber stick insert in the first two fingers of the bottom hand plus pre-curved raw cotton with finger design. It is filled with multi-sectional foam layer for better protection and added comfort and flexibility.

The wristband of these gloves is of good quality and is made up of towel material. They have also provided two piece thumb for comfort and flexibility to the bottom hand.

10) Adidas Pellara 2.0 Batting gloves-


These gloves have high-density foam with single section break offers which give it more anatomical fit. These gloves are a great blend of protection and flexibility. The palm is constructed with premium sheep leather for gentle feel and comfort. It offers fiber inserts on the top two fingers for added protection and security.

Not only this, it has soft comfort foam underlay back for better flexibility and endurance. These gloves constitute of lightweight premium PU fingers so that the players feel more secure and easy. As air ventilation is a must, these gloves have mesh gusset for improved air ventilation too.

Points to remember:

In most cases, putting in more money on cricket batting gloves will give you extra protection and comfort. However, if you are looking for longevity, calfskin palms would be extremely cushy but yes, they might not last more than one full season.

To maintain your cricket batting gloves, make sure that they are left to dry organically and instantly after use in a warm and dry environment. Also, try to avoid leaving the gloves in the cricket bag or in cold wet places, because the leather and other materials which are used can damage or get affected by the mold. So, think before you choose.

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