Cricket Kit Bags are one of the classic ways of carrying cricket gears and equipment. Things become easy to pack because of these bags and most of the bags have heavy duty wheels for smooth rolling across the turf. Once you own all the cricket equipment, it is paramount that you shelter and transport your cricket gears in the best possible manner, and all this is achievable by the aid of a cricket kit bag. Well, most cricket kit bags have a unified particular room for your cricket bat, but many of the bags have an abundant place for keeping two bats.

There are many cricketers who have recently been preferring carrying the duffle bag at the back for transporting their cricket equipment. The duffel bags are also easy to transport and a lot of minds have gone into designing them, ensuring that they offer sufficient room for everything. Some cricket kit bags also have side pockets so that it can properly carry and transport cricket bats. A cricket kit bag alone may be sufficient for the occasional cricket players who play the odd corporate match or village friendly – the club or organization might give them the core batting gears for its players.

Check out the Best 10 Cricket Kit bags for Year 2019

Each sort of cricket bag serves a different motive. Some of the cricket bags are meant to be better for training. On the contrary, others can double-up as a standard gym bag for midweek fitness sessions. Some might have very specific uses, such as a cricket ball bag. Here are a few kit bags and you can choose one according to your requirements-

1) 2 Wheel Kit Bag-


Bags with wheels are really easy to carry as you do not have to lift the weight of the heavy cricket accessories in your hand. The 2 wheel kitbags are very easy to carry on flat terrain plus they remove the load off your shoulders. These bags also come with a pull handle for added practicality. Commonly these bags are known as wheelies, these bags are generally very large and have a big aperture to facilitate you to check around the inner part of the bag fairly easily. Additionally, if your dressing room is upstairs, 2 wheel kit bags can be very convenient to pick-up. Also you can crawl them through the slope.

2) 3 Wheel Kit Bag-


These bags are even comfier than the 2 wheel ones as they provide better balance and are easier to drag. They offer easy portability while travelling. Mostly 3 wheel kitbags are chosen when there is a lot of travelling as they are very easy to move around and there is no stress of carrying them on shoulders. These bags usually come in big sizes so that they can accommodate all your cricket pieces of equipment and gears and you do not have to carry another bag with you. The premium thing about opting these bags are the balance, portability, size, and comfort.

3) Backpack Kit Bags-


The Cricket backpack kitbags are a traditional choice constructed for the occasional players or players that do not have a lot of cricket accessories. They are also a beneficial choice for the juniors who are in habit of wearing a backpack to school. The backpacks are beneficial when you have to climb a lot of stairs as there it is not possible for you to carry the wheel bags as you would not be able to drag them there. The backpacks are light in weight and easy to carry. A premium quality backpack kitbag has many pockets which mean that you can keep your gears organized and know very well where they are when you require them. A well-organized backpack kitbag can make your life easier.

4) Team Kit Bag-


You can keep all your cricket essentials together with the help of a Team Kit Bag. These bags are designed in such a way that they have a large space which is abundant enough to carry and store a full strip, match balls, bats and other sporting accessories. They comprise of heavy duty zippers so that they can close without any obstruction and have additional pockets on both sides as they help to keep your essentials in one place. They usually come with adjustable straps which allow you to experience the most comfortable travelling. It is not for a player to carry his own stuff but this is basically for the captain who would want to carry extra things if someone in the team might need. These bags are very spacious, so arranging things in them is really simple.

5) Junior Kitbag-


These are usually for kids under 18. These bags are designed in such a way that they have room to keep stuff according to them. They are light in weight so that they can be carried around easily. Space is enough in the bags so that the users can keep all the necessary gears easily in the bag. These bags usually have the same compartments as others but they come in different fantastic colours and designs so that the kids get attracted to them.

6) Duffle Kitbag-


Cricket duffles or Cricket duffle bags have become quite popular over the last few years, as few cricketers choose to have an over shoulder bag rather than the traditional wheelie. These bags are especially good for training purpose, specifically if you do not take all of your accessories with you.

If you have a lot of cricket gears then it would be better off with a wheelie bag for you, as you wont want to put all that pressure on your back, but the duffle bag provides a highly contemporary substitute, as some stand-up duffle bags are not too disparate to stand-up wheelie bags. Shoulder straps are mostly which defines the duffle bag. It makes it stress-free to carry the bag upstairs as their weight is comparatively less than the wheelies.

7) Trolley Kit Bags-


Trolley kitbags are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes to suit various requirements. It is available in many colours and sizes as well. The quality differs according to the sort of materials used. Few bags are made of nylon, plastic, leather and so on. The prices also vary according to the grade of materials used. Trolley kitbags make travelling effortless as they can accommodate all the stuff of a cricketer along with the equipment and clothes. These bags are very comfortable to carry and have a large space to arrange all your stuff. These bags come with a big handle to drag and a strap to pick up when required. These bags are mostly liked by the new generation cricketers as they have many pockets inside to arrange the gears accordingly.

Different Brands in Cricket Kitbags-

Well, there a lot of brands in the market which offer cricket kit bags but below are listed 4 best brands that you should consider first before checking for another brand-

? SG Kit bags-


Sanspareils Greenland is trusted in providing premium and sustainable value to all their customers, employees, business partners, and host communities. SG bats and kit bags have been used by Sunil Gavaskar and Rahul Dravid. Well, its initials also match with that of its previous user Sunil Gavaskar, though its ownership is not related to him. It is a very renowned brand among the famous cricketers. This is one of the most reliable brands that one can think of when buying any cricket gears. Their bags are made up of advanced technology to shield your gears with top shape along with multiple storage options. SG bags are a splendid complement to your cricket gears.

? Kookaburra Kit bags -


It is an Australian brand that mostly manufactures all the balls that are used for One day international and Test Cricket. The cricket bags of Kookaburra are constructed to outwear any competition. Their bags, balls, hockey sticks, etc are quality made and reliable and due to this people have full faith in their products. It was established in 1890 and since then Kookaburra has been constant about maintaining the quality of its products. The bags are such that they can withstand any sort of wear and tear during travelling, and inclement weather as well.

? Thrax Kit bags -


With a variety of different colours and up to date configurations available, their professional standard cricket bags are made for your life. They provide one of the biggest selections of cricket kit bags, apparels, and equipment. Thrax believes in providing a quality product without compromising on price. The best thing about this brand is that the products are very economical that every player can afford it and accomplish their dream of becoming a cricketer. The supreme brand uses latest technology to provide you with the best cricket bags which are durable, comfortable, spacious and are a great value for money.

? New Balance Kit bags


It is a US brand, and their focus is to drive strong sales momentum across the brand by providing superior quality, robust and reliable products. New Balance states that they have differentiated their products by working on technical features, like blended gel inserts, heel counters and a better selection of sizes, specifically for very narrow or wide widths. This is a very good brand established in 1906 and should always be thought of before buying a cricket kit bag.

? SF Kit bags


They make cricket equipment of very high standard. Their philosophy is to work on the feedback given by the users and make advanced products with the use of new technologies. They have deep knowledge of choosing the correct raw material for making the best cricket kitbag for you. They provide the best value for money as their products are eye-catching and very stylish along with being durable.

Here is everything you need to know about the types and brands of the cricket kit bags. So dont hurry, take your time and choose the best one for you which can lasts for years.