Cricket batting pads are an imperative part for any cricket players protective gear. They are usually constructed of numerous different components. Each one of these lineaments provides different levels of safety, endurance and longevity reckoning on the material which is used and in some of the cases, intricacy of their designing.

There are various types of cricket batting pads available to the cricket players and its very crucial to select the ones which suit your game the most. There are logics why the prices, appearance and shape of leg guards are different. While choosing a cricket batting pad, one should make sure to check the size of it according to his requirements, the maintenance of it, its design, material and durability for added durability.

Listed below are 10 best cricket batting pads available in the market:

Kookaburra Kahuna Players-


This iconic Kahuna Player batting pad has been the pioneer of the Kookaburra range since last 14 years. Its strong profile, one of the best edges and lofty sweet spot makes it perfect for the stroke maker who wishes to take charge and lead the team by becoming an ideal example for them. It has lightweight reinforced cane rods for better protection. Also, it has a hybrid pro liner and HDF side wing to make you more secure and flexible.

It also comprises of three-piece knee roll along with vertical bolsters which give better shape retention. Also, the revolutionary Hybrid Pro Liner gives ergonomically shaped compressed light HDF Internal Bolster which increases protection & reduces the bulk.

MRF Genius Elite-


These cricket batting pads are manufactured by MRF specifically for 2 reasons that are comfort and protection. They are one of the best high end batting pads and specially customised with a blue colour to make them more stylish. They are constructed with the high-end rubber-like foam and around seven straight canes are inserted with stuffed cushion-like support to make them more comfortable and to make your leg flexible.

Once you would try these guards, you will realise that they give a featherweight feel. They come with 3 straps along with good quality velcros. They also give shin protection strip. Also, they have a PVC instep wear protection which provides more strength in challenging situations. So, without wasting any time you should opt for MRF Genius elite batting pads as they are light in weight, made from good quality material, provide extra protection and are reliable.

Thrax Proto 11 Moulded-


These are the pads one should choose if looking for extra protection as they are made up of high-density foam that would give you super augmented protection. It has a 3 piece extra padded knee boaster which is specially constructed to give extra security. The front face of it is made of PU material and is very durable and stretchable that provides long-lasting performance.

Thrax Proto 11 cricket batting pads construction is different and is very stylish along with the best thing that they use advanced material which gives a great feel. It also comprises of a premium quality strap with great strength which ensures the perfect fitting and support. The strap is made in such a way that it ensures the complacent running between the wickets. They are good enough for the advanced level of players. If you are looking for something nominal with all the qualities within, then undoubtedly Thrax Proto 11 Moulded is the best choice to opt.

Adidas Libro 1.0-


It comes with a trendy blue design with greater protection. This cricket pad has a 3 central piece cane along with high-density foam to give it a modern look. They are made in such a way that they are light in weight and give you added security as they have sculpted wings, panels and canes.

The best part about these pads is that they have single knee locator which has a height adjuster, so you can adjust it accordingly when required instead of buying a new one. It also comprises of internal TPU board for extra protection behind the vertical bolster. The high and low-density foam is combined to give better support and flexibility.

SS Gladiator-


These batting pads are made up of high-quality leather from SS sunridges. They have great density sponge along with vertical cane bolsters. They have used good quality PU outer for painless maintenance. The pads are resistant to all type of weathers, have robust piping for longevity and hard wearing instep with added padding to make them more endurable.

These fantastic pads are used by many international cricket players and are a dream of many players to buy it. They are ultra lightweight as they are made up of good quality material and just weigh 1696 grams per pair. They come with 6 vertical canes with leather covering at the back that gives them more strength. They come for both left and right-handed batsman.

SF Test Pro-


These batting pads (right handed) are ultra light MERRI skin PU Pads. They provide traditional cane safety because of the seven bar configured outer shell. The right-handed pads have foam filled padded shin bolster to provide more comfort to the players. Additionally, they provide padded and greatly shaped knee bolster and knee roll fit for making them more flexible for the players.

They comprise of high-density side wings along with the plastozote foam for making them extra cushy. The batting pad has extra forefoot padding and is very durable as it is made up of premium quality imported polyurethane. It also has extra butterfly straps for the perfect fit so that you do not have to adjust them again and again. So without a second thought, you can go for these pads as they are value for money.

SG Hilite-


Exceptionally great batting pads made with good quality imported polyurethane facing- is what that defines this pad. It also has high-density foam filled in for a traditional look, also there is added foam filled in the side wings to make it more cushy and flexible. The superlative thing about this pad is that it has extra butterfly straps which give the player a perfect fit.

It also comprises of a thermoplastic polyurethane moulded knee socket for extra security. It has a modern construction with 7cane width and mesh instep- wear resistance piping. They are waterproof and can be used in any type of weather. They are really easy to maintain and if you are looking for something traditional in a modern look with better performance, go for it.

Puma Evo Se-


This is the special Edition Batting Pad from Puma. This batting pad is designed especially for professional cricket, with a slimline, lightweight batting pad which is constructed to grip the leg because of the contoured design which allows the player to target on running quickly towards the ball. It is the best blend of featherweight and protective materials made to design this pad, such as the pre-moulded wings and internal shin guards, making it Puma superior quality batting pad ever.

They also have slimline lightweight AMBI wing great fit for both right and left-handers. These pads comprise of3D flex knee fit protection for extra comfort and traditional front panelling for best wrap fit. Not only this, it has a contoured internal shin guard along with padded Velcro straps.

Moonwalkr Cricket batting pads-


They are very uniquely designed and very attractive. They are one of the best lightweight and slimmest cricket batting pads in the world. A ballistic proof blend is used to make the product a robust character. The design of these pads is patented which ensures the best protection to all the sensitive parts of the leg such as the knee and shin part. Moonwalkr pads protect you at speeds of 160 kph.

They are 50% lighter than the traditional Leg Guards, 50% slim than a traditional Leg Guard and 15% more strength than other Leg Guards. Numerous international cricketers who usually use Moonwalkr leg guards state that it has a superb fit, is very much comfortable and offers an excellent amount of freedom.

BDM Titanium-


These are constructed for confirmed safety with the cloth cover padding and are moulded to give seamless protection. The best types of foam and fabric are used to make these by using advanced technologies. They are made under strict norms of quality in conformity with well-illustrated industry standards.

They are extremely light in weight as the pads are made from high-density PU. They have a very trendy design with a comfortable wrap around fit which makes it a must buy for players. They provide unbeatable comfort while playing and also have extra padding for the knee from the front and a knee locator in the back to give added protection to the knee.

Final words:

So take your decision wisely and before buying one please make sure you measure it from the start of your foots instep arch to the middle of your knee. At the end, when the pad rests on the top of your foot, the knee roll should be positioned over the knee.

Make sure you check all the points before buying one as it is a crucial thing while playing as nothing is more important than your safety and comfort.