A chessboard comprises 64 equivalent squares organized in eight lines and eight sections. The squares are in two different colours, white and black. However, there are various materials used to make chess boards in India.

Undoubtedly chess is one of the most loved games, but the times were years ago when chess was being played on simple black and white sets. Now everyone wants to own a different and attractive chessboard, which enhances the interest in the game way more.

Finding a decent chess set may not be an advanced science; however, it may take a ton of steadiness and be very tedious since there are such a large number of chess sets out there in the market. Notably, in the case, if you are an eager player and have that talent for even a small and complicated detail, at that point, you would look for a set that compliments your taste and preference.

So, have a look at all the various sorts of chess sets here. This will assist you with looking over a broad scope of choices accessible, depending upon your choice and affection.

Wooden chess boards

Wood has demonstrated to be the best option that individuals typically prefer to purchase because of its toughness and mind-boggling designs. Wooden chess pieces are stunning pieces to be appreciated regardless of whether they are just for decoration purposes, sets cut out of walnut, boxwood or rosewood, coal-black, maple, or sandalwood. When finished to draw out the grain of the wood, this improves the excellence of those finely made sets and pieces.

A few chessboards have pieces made of various materials like glass, marble or steel to give it a differentiating look. Costs may shift according to the type of material used. Since the expenses continuously rely on the equipment utilized, the sort of wood vitally affects the prices and the measure of exact hard work and craftsmanship that goes into the making of each chess set.


Wood is considered as the most conventional material for making chess sets and pieces; some go back hundreds of years are as yet a demonstration of their durability. While some are handcrafted having an enthusiastic incentive to it, others are mass-created in the same sizes and structures. If you are a professional chess player, a massive 21 inches board is fit for you, while a 16 inches board is suggested for kids.

Themed Chess Boards

Other than the ordinary chess pieces- the kings and queens, the bishops, the knights, the rocks, and the pawns, have you ever seen a unique chess set where the king and the queen are the images of the movie characters? For example- one where you are taken to the wizarding world of Harry Potter movie with the chess pieces from the famous movie scene having Hermione, Ron, and Harry with the harry potter wizard chessboard.


You also have options from Game of Thrones to Star Wars and even The Lord of the Rings, and there are chess sets that would take your breath away.

These themed boards have their appeal and uniqueness as they give a personalized touch, and anything personalized can own your heart any day. But these sets are costly because of their exclusivity and being in limited editions. Also, the charm of themed chess sets wears off quickly as you dont feel as excited about that theme a few years down the road.

Luxury chess boards

As the word says it all, this set can be a luxurious beautifying piece at home. They work best for the most thoughtful gift one can think. These luxury sets are the sign of excellence for the player who desires to adore his game in the whole new light.


Luxury chess sets are the fascinating ones as there are a whole lot of options lying ahead. It can be a marble set that turns out to be long-lasting while needing lesser maintenance; they do not rust like other metal sets and are also not delicate like the sets made up of glass. Their glossy polished top can be very mesmerizing to look at.

Staunton Chess boards

This chess set is the most valuable belonging of a player. It is used in traditional competitions, and the pieces are also specific ones. For easy understanding, these chess sets were selected to be a standard set to know the meaning of every move that the pieces make on the board.


The Staunton Indian chessboards are designed to impress even the choosiest person. In this set, the pieces are hand-carved. They have a broader base than any of the other chess pieces have. They are made up of luxurious materials like porcelain, genuine ebony. The cost varies based on the size of the king. Taller is the king in inches, and the higher is the price.

Plastic chess boards

To the vast majority of the individuals, the thought of purchasing a plastic chess set may show up frightfully, imagining how awful it would look. However, some individuals need the board to fill the need of a just game, and not as an appealing decorative thing. For them, a plastic chess set is a perfect decision.


The features of plastic chess sets are that they are amazingly reasonable and might be accessible at the lowest costs. Yet, before purchasing such little evaluated chess sets, you have to reconsider as the board honestly and the pieces as well, may not have enough weight to be utilized for a decent game. In contrast to other significant and costly sets, these plastic chess sets are accessible effectively at any place by any means. Be it the toy area of the departmental store or a fixed shop in the area, and you are destined to go over plastic chess sets in different sizes, shades, and modest costs.

Marble chessboards

Marble is god gifted with that flair of emitting brightness and glow. It looks desirable to our eyes. It makes its presence more unusual, with beautiful colours running throughout the marble. It is long-lasting and low maintenance, withstanding severe weather conditions and temperatures. They even can survive under rain, sunshine, and even snow, so they can be the best choice for playing an outdoor match rather than being confined all the time indoors.


These chessboards vary in prices based on their sizes. Some of these boards are polished to excellence, which brings out an immaculate shine in them, whereas others are poorly crafted and shined. The difference can be visibly seen in quality when they are kept together.

Glass chess boards

There are two kinds of glass sets: one is made of hand-blown glass, empty and exceptionally delicate, while the other is durable glass and is sturdy. These may arrive in different colours relying upon the sort of glass utilized. It is usually combined with a glass or mirror board, which improves its excellence to numerous folds. Glass sets are the best chessboards in India after wooden boards; they are mass-created just as handcrafted.


Glass chessboards give a curve to the game. Some sets have bits of shot glasses. Every chess piece has a shot glass incorporated with it, containing various types of fluids/drinks in it. The player needs to drink that fluid each time the rival takes their piece.

Travel chess boards

Travel chess boards come in multiple varieties and are incredibly made for travel purposes. Be it a car ride or a plane journey; these boards are your smartest option.

Travel chess boards might be electronic, Velcro, or magnetic. All fulfil a similar need of holding the pieces from getting lost and being handy. Electronic chess boards are generally another sensation in the market. It has the alternatives of either two human players or one human player against the PC.

Metal chess boards

These boards are irresistibly refined, sparkling, and portray historical and imaginative landscapes on them. Their presence on the table naturally invites you to start playing with these beautiful weighty pieces. They give you the confidence of a winner already. They top the list when durability and portability are concerned. It is one of the most ethereal and awesome enriching things one can have around in the house.


The cost may vary from the type of metal used. It tends to be adjusted by utilizing a mix of chess sheets and pieces and not going all metal.

So, these were some of the exclusive options you can try if you are looking to purchase a new chess set.

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