A perfect game plan, quick adaptability, presence of mind, focus, and the right selection of shots, this is what a player should require to be invincible at the badminton courtyard. However, badminton is not a game where the player needs a vigorous physical strength. Its a game of mental toughness and presence of mind.

In the game of badminton, numerous shots enhance the grace and bring the majesty into the game. On the one hand, smash is considered as the most powerful shot in the game. On the other hand, there are some shots too, that is equally pivotal to win the game.

Net drop shot in badminton

The badminton drop shots are considered as concealing or deceptive shots. The drop shots are quite delicate and point-scoring shots if players are executing them with perfection and deception. However, a player can play these shots for both the wrist position, whether it is back or forehand.


The sole objective of the player behind playing the net drop shot badminton is to bring the opponent forward near the net to create the ideal space in the mid and end section of the court to play any smash or clear shots.

The surprise element

While going for the shot, the wrist action or position should be the most prominent surprise element for your opponent from your side. And the hitting zone of the racket should be above the central area.

Types of drop shots

There are two ways in the badminton shot manual through which you can execute your drop shot. The first one is a fast drop shot and the second one is a slow drop shot. So, if you are the beginner or the lover of the game and want to learn the basics of the drop shot, then you have landed on the right page. So, lets understand what these shots are and how to play the drop shots like a pro.

What is a slow drop shot?

The slow drop shot is one of the best tactical shots that bring forward the opponent and then hit the scoring near the end or mid-section of the court—the slow drop shot, lands in the front-section of the court, almost near to the net. The striking point or point of impact with the shuttlecock must be made above the shoulder to get a more significant result.


The main aim for playing this shot is to bring the opponent forward and force him/her to play a weak shot. And this chance gives you the benefit of a scoring point on the midcourt.

What is Fast drop shot?

As opposed to the previous shot, a fast drop shot lands on the mid-section of the court with a shallower trajectory. Preferably, the shot is played on the sides of the court to make the opponent imbalanced and shorten the time of respond.


This shot is more like an attacking shot because of its fast speed and shallower trajectory towards the opponents body.

Drop shot with a forehand grip

If you are a good thrower of the ball, then it would be quite more natural for you to play a net drop shot in badminton with forehand (overhead). The action of forehand overhand shot is pretty similar to throwing a ball. So, lets figure out some imperative steps of playing a forehand overheard drop shot in the game-



1. Take the forehand grip for playing the shot.

2. Then make your body stance sideways to the net, and you also need to make sure that your non-racket leg is in the direction of a net or facing the net.

3. After attaining the stance rightly, now, shift your body weight on the rear foot of the rocket leg.

4. Now, bend your racket arm elbow slightly and get the proper wrist position to make a high swing into a forward direction.

5. You need to uplift your non-racket arm to the point of shuttlecock to get pure timing and balance.

6. Make sure that the connection of shuttle and racket must be high to get the desired trajectory, angle, and power.

7. After striking the shuttlecock, now, make your rocket-arm elbow straight for the completion of the shot.

8. Remember that while hitting the shuttle, the direction of the racket will decide the course of the shot.

9. Last but not least, have a smooth follow through with transferring the weight from rearfoot and get ready to position for the upcoming shot.

Shot with a backhand grip

The backhand drop shot has a curve and downward trajectory, and it is played on the back section of the court. This shot is mainly considered as a recovery shot and gives you some time to get back into the position as soon as possible. There are two types of backhand drop shots, i.e. slow backhand drop and fast backhand drop shot.

On being compared to forehand grip, the backhand grip drop shot is quite hard to execute during the game. Even, professional players also try hard to avoid that shot. But it is equally essential for a player to understand the technicalities of all the shots because you never know when a situation would come, and it becomes inevitable to play the backhand drop shot.

So, lets check out some steps through you can able to execute the backhand drop shot with perfection-



1. Turn your body against the net and make sure your back is facing the net.

2. Take the perfect backhand grip for the drop shot.

3. Just move a little stride with your leg and transfer the body weight on the forefoot.

4. After getting the backhand position, now, raise your racket arm from the shoulder with floor facing forearm.

5. Now, your racket head must be pointing down and must be positioned across to the body.

6. You need to make sure that your elbow and rocket arm are near to the body.

7. The connection with the shuttlecock should be high and in front of your body.

8. You should remember that while hitting the shuttle, the direction of the racket will decide the course of the shot.

9. Last but not least, have a smooth follow through with transferring the weight from rearfoot and get ready to position for the upcoming shot.

Drop shot based on Trajectories

Stop drop shot

In the badminton game, the slow drop shots are also known as the stop drop shot. These shots are excellent when your opponent is entirely away from the net. These can enhance your winning chances because it would be quite tricky for your opponent to come forward quickly and defend the low trajectory shot.

Check smashes shots

The check smashes are also pronounced as fast drop shots. This shot seems little bizarre, but in reality, it is a better option of attack than later one. However, it lands near the service line, which is closer to the opponent, but the speed and low trajectory will put more obstacles against the opponent to get into position.

Drive drop shots

The drive shot is being played when a player is not in an ideal position to play a drop shot and want to prevent himself from being attacked with a net shot. In this situation, a flat and quick shot comes into play that lands slightly beyond the service line of the opponent.

Drop shot based on different angles

Middle drop shot

This shot is quite considered in the category of defensive shots. By attempting a middle drop shot, you mitigate or restrict the angle of reply of the opponent player.

Straight drop shot

The straight drop shots are pretty excellent shots that can cover the net quickly and give less time to the opponent to come forward. These shots are considered as the best option for defending the cross-court clear shots.

Drills for net drop shots badminton

Undoubtedly, the mastery over the back shot can make your game fiercer and more invincible. And these types of shots add some charm and grace to the game, but at the same time, you need to sweat hard for getting the absolute control over the shot. The drop shots require precision and pure timing while executing. So, lets figure out some great drills that you can practice to get better control over the drop shots.

Basic drop shot drill

For doing a basic drop shot drill, you need a partner. In this drill, you hit the drop shot and you partner does the net, then you lift, and he/she drops it, and you do the net, and he/she will raise the shuttle and repeat all the process again. On the other version of the drop drill, you continuously drop the shuttle, and your partner does the lifting and then switching.

However, the first drill that we have discussed should process on a half-court, and the second one can be done in the entire court. You can do three sets of approx—10 mins for having an ideal drill session. The basic drill is quite beneficial for the excellent control over clear shot in badminton.

Feeding drills

For doing the feeding drills at the court, you need to have experienced player or a coach who can assist you as feeder and throw the shuttle towards you. In this drilling process, a feeder carries almost 20 shuttlecocks and hit them towards the player without hitting them back. An ideal feeding drill session can carry up to five sets of 20 shuttles.

The feeding drill session is quite essential for increasing the speed and footwork of the player. So, if you are seeking to enhance your arm speed and footwork, then you can try feeding drill.

Errors that occur while playing drop shots

No matter how excellent you are at playing or you have mastered different types of shots because your little mistake can change the entire result. That is why most of the professional players analyze their games and their mistakes by watching previous game videos and consult with coaches.

So, here we will discuss the standard errors that occur while playing the drop shot that you must understand and try to rectify them as quickly as possible to make your game and shots controlled-

Massive racket swing

Some shots dont require a huge racket swing and drop shot is among those shots which can be completed with a moderate swing of the racket. We understand, if you are doing this colossal swing process only to disguise your shot, but still it can change the entire result of the shot if it is not done in the right area or in time. Your disguise should be done between the region and front to make your opponent dazzle for a while.

Follow through issue Follow-through is one of the prominent yet most common errors done by the players while playing the drop shot. For example, when a player strikes the shuttle, he/she wants to have the follow through on the target direction. But when it starts to go across the target, then the real problem occurs. So, try to have an open face racket follow through.

Weight transfer

It is yet another very imperative however standard error done by the players while playing the drop shot. As mentioned earlier, during the forehand drop shot, your body weight should be transferred on rearfoot of the racket leg. The transfer of weight makes your body more stable and balanced for having better control over the shot, but when a player doesnt focus on the weight transmission, then he/she could face opposite results.

Non-racket arm position

The position of the non-racket arm is considered as prominent as the racket arm. The right position of the non-racket gives you more freedom and power to play the shot. For instance, while playing a forehand drop shot, your non-racket arm must be in the direction of shuttlecock while going for the hit and slightly bend too.

Grip position

Last but not least, the grip position matters a lot. It doesnt matter whether you are going for the forehand or backhand drop shot because if your grip position is not right, then your shot will end up with unfavourable results. The role of grip position is significant in backhand drop shot because through smooth grip position; you can play more freely.

How to add deceptiveness to a drop shot?

After understanding the basics of the shot, you must also learn the art of deception to trick your opponent. For, instance, in cricket, when the ball starts to swing, bowler hides the ball during the run-up for hiding the shine from the batsman.

Like cricket, every game has its theories of deceptiveness. So, lets figure out the ways through you can be able to add some deceptive quality into your drop shot-

Lighten up your arm movement

Speed has its virtue and impact on the game as well as on the mind of the opponent. Earlier, we have discussed how to be fluent or smoothly strike the shuttle for the drop shot. But if you have fathomed the basics, then the time has come to add some deception into the game. Try drills and sweat a lot at the court to make your initial arm speed quicker to disguise your initial arm movement that hints about the shot you are going to play.

Be unpredictable

The technology has done some severe damage to the game of players. Though it has helped the player significantly but also exposed their weakness, favourite shots, and shots that they love to play in a specific situation. Due to digital exposure and game planning, your ideal shot has now become easily predictable for your opponent.

He will know that when you find yourself in a specific situation, then you play drop shot or clear shot. So, your opponent is already aware of your game. So, there is a particular need to be unpredictable. Try some different shots and unique techniques in a different situation that can create deception for your opponent.

The trade-off

We are discussing the trade between accuracy and deception. The quick arm speed and swing create the deception in your shot, but at the same time, your efficiency will suffer. So, its a quite imperative trade between accuracy and deception. However, at the start, your skill will suffer, but more sweat on the court can manage your efficiency with speed during the game.

Be convincing

Playing a smash and a drop shot is very different. When a player plans to hit a smash, he/she moves quickly into position, but things are not the same for the drop shot. And if your opponent is cunning enough, then he/she will find out speed difference and will realize your intention of the shot. So, try hard and make your preparation at an extreme level that no one can recognize your plans.


The drop shot is the most delicate yet hard shot in the game that needs to be executed with precision for better results. So, these are the steps and types of drop shots with some additional tips of deception and preparations to attain absolute control over the shot. So, we hope you have learnt the basics and hacks of drop shot in badminton and its definition.

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