A perfect game plan, quick adaptability, presence of mind, focus, and the right selection of shots, this is what a player should require to be invincible at the badminton courtyard. However, badminton is not a game where the player needs a vigorous physical strength. Its a game of mental toughness and presence of mind.

In the game of badminton, numerous shots enhance the grace and bring the majesty into the game. On the one hand, smash is considered as the most powerful shot in the game. On the other hand, there are some shots too, that is equally pivotal to win the game.

Net drop shot in badminton

The badminton drop shots are considered as concealing or deceptive shots. The drop shots are quite delicate and point-scoring shots if players are executing them with perfection and deception. However, a player can play these shots for both the wrist position, whether it is back or forehand.


The sole objective