Badminton is one of the sports which have generated immense popularity in the last few decades. PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal are the most excellent ambassadors of the game who have been adding great significance and making it more important day by day. And if you are also a pure and passionate lover of the game, you might too be keen to know about some fantastic techniques and shots instead of just sending the shuttlecock forth and back.

Like any other sport, the game of badminton also has new techniques that can make a player stick to it. For example, there is a brutal technique called smash in Badminton game. The Badminton smash is one of the shots that can make you a fierce player and add some high power to your game.

However, in badminton, there are five main five shots- serves, clears, drives, drops, and smash. Among all of these, the Badminton smash technique is considered immensely powerful. It is an almost invincible shot to defend for the opponent. Though, rather than smash, there is hardly any other way to make a win. A smash can be played through backhand and forehand.

How to hit a badminton smash?

There are a few basic things that you need to keep in mind while going for the smash in the game. Firstly, you need to jump high into the air to smash the shuttlecock hard. Secondly, you need to be careful enough with the angle of the smash and your landing position. Thirdly, it would add more significance to your smash if the shuttlecock is high in the air because then you can create more angles.

Your smash must be sturdy and pace oriented to the opponents court because it would be hard for any player to defend the smash that is coming at downwards angle. And last but not least, to hit a smash at the upper torso of your opponent is considered one of the brutal and invincible strategies.

Tips to enhance the smash power

• For a great and power smash shot, you need to extend and stretch your arm to reach the shot in the air. And you have to make sure that you are entirely utilizing your shoulder, wrist, and thumb for the shot.

• While smashing the shuttlecock, take a deep breath and release stress to generate more energy and power. It would be best to hit the shuttlecock when it is in the air at a high angle for a forceful downward landing.

• Injection of Pace is a professional term in the Badminton game, which means to enhance the pace of the shot. A player needs to move quickly towards the shuttlecock.

Badminton Smash Techniques

Mainly, there are three immensely popular techniques of smashing a shuttlecock on the badminton court: Forehand smash, Backhand smash, and Jumping smash. So, lets find out the best ways to execute this smash with precision-

The forehand smash technique is considered as one of the most brutal smash techniques that can make you win by thrashing your opponent. If you are a follower of Badminton sport, it would be more manageable for you to understand or learn this technique. And if you are not, then we will explain it to you in the simplest way. A forehand smash technique or shot is played over the head. A player hits the shuttlecock downwards with high energy and pace.

If you are a good thrower of a ball or have some knowledge about throwing the ball at pace or angle, then forehand could become your deadly technique to win. It is almost similar to throwing a ball straight at high speed. However, some smash tips are imperative because while smashing the shuttlecock, your posture and angle matter a lot.

How to hit forehand smash


1. The move or step towards hitting a highly précised forehand smash is the angle and direction of your non-racket hand. We know it would be a little hazy for you to understand this, but yes, it plays a vital role. For a more celebrated smash, you need to raise your hand above your chin point height. It will help you to generate the immense pace at the smash.

2. Second and one of the most critical steps for maintaining the right balance is shifting your weight onto your rear foot. This would help the player to track and analyze the downwards angle and saving you from foul play.

3. Next step, you need to make your elbows straighten and make your racket swing with a smooth flight. On the other hand, you have to make sure that your racket foot moves forward and your knees are slightly bent.

4. And last but not least, the grip of your rocket hand is quite crucial while executing the deadly smash. It would be best if you were on your toes every time to hit a super forehand smash.

Backhand Smash Technique

The backhand smash technique is regarded as one of the harshest smash techniques to execute on the badminton court. Indeed, it is tough to play, and you need to very determined and persevere in learning this smash. However, it is a tough move that can dazzle your opponent. Like we have mentioned, it is a rare and hard smash that even great players of the game try to avoid backhand smash until there is a certain situation.

How to execute backhand Smash?


1) Like as we have mentioned earlier, the grip of your racket hand is exceptionally essential, whether you are hitting forehand or backhand smash. But while going for the backhand smash, it would not be more comfortable making the grip high.

You need to make sure that your racket must flow gently from forehand to backhand grip while keeping other angles and shots in mind. And this means you are playing with all your senses alert.

2) It is equally essential to wait for the right moment for the backhand smash. It means unless and until a player is confident enough that she/he has not any other options or shots to play, he/she should not go for the backhand smash. Though it would be quite more laborious for opponents to defend your backhand smash at the same time, it is equally imperative for you, too, to smash the shuttle at the right angle and pace.

3) Next step, you need to make sure that your body turns as net faces your back. This shuffle must be done in a few seconds to save time.

4) In the last smash technique, we have mentioned that your overall weight would be transferred on the rear foot to maintain the angle and pace. But in the Backhand smash technique, your body weight must be moved on racket foot to attain the high angle and pace.

5) While getting backhand smash position, you need to make sure that your racket is above your head, and it is pointed towards the down. Indeed, it is a robust posture to get, but some extra sweats on the training court can make a huge difference in your ability to smash.

6) The Backhand smash technique is based on the alertness of your presence of mind. The moment you feel to hit the backhand smash, you need to get in the position without taking any time or hesitation.

The critical lesson which you need to learn is that more potent and powerful grip always yields exquisite pace and shot. On the other hand, unlike any additional shots or smash, you need to get back into your normal position to defend your threshold in a quick motion again.

7) And lastly, a player should never execute a powerful smash unless you are confident enough to make your smash at the right angle.

Jumping Smash Technique

The Jumping smash technique or Jumping smash slow motion is one of the methods which is immensely popular and loved by the fans. We can say it is one of the ways that is highly emulated by beginners. In jumping smash technique, you need to jump height according to the shuttlecocks height and smash it like a bullet to the opponents end. Game experts say this is probably the best attacking way to defeat your opponent.

How to hit Jumping Smash


1) For example, in cricket, when a player tries to catch the ball, which is high in the air and also quite far from the player, he/she runs harder and jumps towards the ball to complete the catch (while keeping eyes on the ball). The same thing goes with jumping smash technique. The jump of the player is very crucial to hit the shuttlecock with pure timing and power.

a. For this smash, you need to decide within a second and prepare your position because this would give less chance to the opponent to judge your next move.

2) The closeness or we can say Injection of pace is quite imperative to a smash with raw power and timing. In short, the higher angle of the shuttle, the quicker you go and the stronger it would hit.

3) On the other side, the forehand grip of your racket is equally essential to hit a jumping smash. It will help you to get the right balance and proper grip. 4) During the jump, your body attains a little hard position in the air, and for a better smash, you need to make your body stress free and loosen.

5) While attempting for a jumping smash at the court, you need to be highly determined towards the shuttle. After having a jump, you need to make sure that your legs are straightened, knees are a little bend and must stretch your non-racket arm as much as you can to attain the high tempo smash.

a. During the jump, the non-racket must be in accordance with your body and should be at the height of your ribs. While in the air, when you start to go for the shot, your non-racket arm must be positioned sideways and a few moments later, you need to straighten your elbows.

6) While going for the jump, you need to make sure that you are driving downwards along with your main racket foot. And last but not least, for a more considerable and smooth jump and smashing, a player needs to inhale the breath while having a jump and exhale during the smash.

7) For a smooth and balanced landing, you need to keep your racket foot a step forward to absorb the weight and keep your body in motion. While going off any smash technique, you need to make sure that you must retain your previous position as soon as possible to defend your court.

8) Pre-calculations of angle, power strength, timing of jump and balance are one of the cruxes that a player needs to consider before going for the jumping smash.

a. The angles are critical because they decide the fate of the smash and your landing positions too. However, three pre-decided parameters can be pursued to attain the precise yet powerful mash—the rules and techniques of smashing, presence of mind, and readiness or comfortability of the player.

Other Badminton smash shot technique tips.

Every sport in the gaming world has its own set of theories and regulations. That is why those who want to make a proper career in sports always go with professional coaching guidance. However, the game of badminton looks like a more straightforward game between two or four players, but in reality, it is far more arduous than it seems.

It means just hitting a shuttlecock with powerful strokes will not make you a professional or great player. A little extra coaching time, more sweats at training, analyzing the game by watching or understanding the game of great players, and most importantly, patience is what makes you a better player.

A badminton smash technique requires excellent accuracy and intense training for perfection. One of the famous and most used smashing tactics, which is preferred by great players, is disguising. It means, hiding smashing shot. It is like we all used to do in our childhood differently with our friends or family members.

This hack is often used to distract the focus of the opponent player. Like to pretend you are smashing another side, but in the end, you smash on a different side. Though this hack sometimes works and sometimes doesnt.

Badminton shots

Like any other sports, the game of badminton also shows a vast list of shots. During a game, each shot has equal importance. As a player, you need to know about every shot, practice hard for attaining the perfection and have to keep your mind alert to execute each shot with smoothness.

Clear shot

Shot Purpose - Defensive

Trajectory - high and towards the end of the court

Played – from the backcourt

The aim of the player while playing the clear shot is to take some time and get back to the attacking position to win the game battle. This shot is being played from the back end of the court, and it goes straight to the endpoint of the opponents court. It is a defensive shot with a high trajectory.

Drop shot

Shot purpose - Attacking shot

Trajectory – Loop close to the net

Played from – Backcourt

This shot can clearly disguise the opponent player. The drop shot is being played from the end part of the court, and it drops just near the net of the opponents side. This stroke is used when the opponent is expecting for the drive or a clear shot. For executing this shot, you need to hit over the overhand and aim towards the net.

Drive shot

Purpose – Defensive shot

Trajectory – at the opponents body and flat

Played from – mid-court

The drive shot is rapid and flat trajectory shot that travels straight to the opponents chest part over the net. To play the drive shot, you need to have a straight head facing racket position. Though sometimes it would become tough to meet or defend the drive shot.


Purpose – Attacking shot, to give opponent less time

Played from – Mid/backcourt

Trajectory – close to the net

There are many badminton smash shot techniques which can be used based on the situation to defeat the opponent player. Like forehand smash, backhand and Jumping smash.

Net Lift shot

Purpose – Defensive shot

Played from – close to the net

Trajectory – high towards the backcourt

The net lift shot is played to conquer the net shot of the opponent. It also gives you the extra time and kills the chances of getting defeated by the net kill shot. It shows the swing from the downwards with a high trajectory.

Net Kill

Purpose – To attack

Played from the- forecourt

Trajectory – downwards and flat

The net kill shot is a very attacking and strategic shot which is used to end a rally.


Badminton is not a physically intense or aggressive game like football or cricket. Still, it does require an absolute physical strength, calm, and focus for defeating the enemy within a short court.

So, these are the rules and techniques of smashing shot and some other shots which are necessary to attain greatness. So, if you are trying to get control over your game, then you can try these shots and techniques. Checkout Full Range of Badminton Racket at Click Here

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