A chessboard comprises 64 equivalent squares organized in eight lines and eight sections. The squares are in two different colours, white and black. However, there are various materials used to make chess boards in India.

Undoubtedly chess is one of the most loved games, but the times were years ago when chess was being played on simple black and white sets. Now everyone wants to own a different and attractive chessboard, which enhances the interest in the game way more.

Finding a decent chess set may not be an advanced science; however, it may take a ton of steadiness and be very tedious since there are such a large number of chess sets out there in the market. Notably, in the case, if you are an eager player and have that talent for even a small and complicated detail, at that point, you would look for a set that compliments your taste and preference.

So, have a look at all the various sorts of chess sets here. This will assist you with looking