A cricket bat is a piece of fundamental equipment in a cricket sport. And when we think of buying the best cricket bat for us, then our foremost priority is always its price and English willow used. It is because the quality of cricket bats is essential for both intermediate and advanced cricket players.

But if we talk about the price range, then there are several cricket bats under Rs 5000 available in the market that meet perfectly with the demands of both intermediate and advanced players.

Nowadays, players want to save their time to enhance their performance. Therefore, they dont have time to go through each specific detail. So here in this article, we have come back with The Best Cricket Bats under Rs 5000 , which will help the players in filtering the best English willow bats under this price range.

But also, when we talk about having a quality cricket bat, then almost every player prefers to have the English willow cricket bats. Thus, before we could proceed to buy the best cricket bat under Rs 5000, let us check out the quality of English willow bats.

Quality of English Willow Cricket Bats

English willow is an excellent timber with a soft and fibrous texture, which is used to make cricket bats. The white willow cricket bats are mostly preferred by the players due to its peak performance.

These bats have the best grains structure as well as quality. Here the grains mean the most beautiful lines present on the front of the bat. It also represents the age of the willow too. More will be the grains; more will be the age, and so better will be the performance.

English willow bats offer flexibility to the player with hard balls as these grains are softer and grow slowly in cold climatic conditions. They also have thicker blades, which enhances its stability. Moreover, they are available in grades from one to five. Higher grades define the aging of the bats.

Now, let us proceed to know the quality of best cricket bats for intermediate and advanced players.

Quality of Cricket Bats for Intermediate to Advanced Players

The quality of cricket bat for intermediate to advanced players plays a vital role in giving power pack performance during play. A good quality bat can help in improving the performance of the player too. Therefore, every player must look to these qualities before proceeding to buy a bat for them.

? Bats should be lighter in weight

? A quality bat must be made with English willow, which enhances its durability

? The bat must have high compressibility to offer knocking performance

? It must have a maximum sweet spot area for knocking performance

? The bat must have the most exceptional straight 3 to 10 grains

Cricket Bats for Intermediate to Advanced Players

When we talk about the best cricket bats under Rs 5000 for intermediate to advanced players, then we always consider the most notable brands like SG, MRF, KOOKABURRA, THRAX, SS, DSC, BDM, and SM, etc.

These are the most profound brands which offer the best cricket bats under Rs 5000 range. Now, lets check the key specifications of these cricket bats so that you can choose the best cricket bat for you.

SS Ton Single S Power Blaster English Willow

These bats are specially manufactured with class grade 4 English willow and are specially designed for beginners as well as advanced players. It comes with 3 to 6 clear grains and with the latest shape. The massive edge increases from the shoulder towards the sweet spot with extended sweet spot region for remarkable balance.


Also, its high spine and massive edges give the broad hitting area with excellent balance and ideal weight. SS Ton power bat also has a Sarawak cane handle, which offers premium gripping during play and helps to absorb maximum shock during the game.


Thrax Terminator English Willow

Thrax Terminator English willow manufactured with grade two-level English willow. The use of the traditional willow processing technique gives the bat superfine grain profiling. Its extended sweet spot region offers a maximum ball hitting zone. Also, the handle of the bat is made with the twelve-piece cane handle.


Furthermore, Thrax uses a scale grip to improve its gripping. And the sweet spot is present in the middle of the bat while the toe of the bat is flat so that it can quickly generate a maximum power of hitting. Thrax bats are ideal for advanced level players.


SG Cobra Xtreme English Willow

SG Cobra Xtreme English willow cricket bats are purely handmade. Thats why each cleft of the bat is diverse. It comes with a full-size padded cover with adjustable straps, which makes it easy to carry during traveling.


SG cobra English willow bat is made with the excellent Grade 2 English willow, which has five to seven straight perfect grains. Its multi-pieces premium Sarawak cane handle is made with unique SG technology, which also has a rubber piece in the middle of the handle.

The handle helps in absorbing maximum shock and gives power pack performance to the players. It comes with a round face profile with maximum wood behind the sweet spot so that players will get maximum direction control.


Kookaburra Blaze 100 English Willow

The English willow bats by Kookaburra are produced in particular concave shape. It comes with a large sweet spot near the lower part of the bat, which is having a significant sharp cut flat surface toe for better balance and swing.


These premium quality bats are made with Grade three English willow and have nine to twelve clear grains. Its lightweight design gives a destructive performance, and its short oval-shaped handle with nine pieces cane make it ideal for intermediate and advanced players.


MRF Elegance English Willow

MRF is the most premium brand of a cricket bat, which offers the most excellent quality English willow bats. Its elegant English willow bat comes with a flat curvy toe with a little concave on the backside, and the sweet spot in the middle offers destructive shots performance.


The edges are specially designed for playing destructive shots during intermediate cricket level. MRF always manufacture their bats with grade C English willow, which is naturally dried and compressed for giving perfect grain structure to the bat.

The handle of the MRF cricket bat is made with nine pieces of Swark cane that helps in controlling the batting power.


DSC Intense Ferocity English Willow

DSC intense ferocity English willow bats made with the most excellent quality Grade 4 English willow. Its thick edges with full profile grains and durable blade with lower sweet spot provide better stroke power during play. And its treble-spring handle comes with reinforced tape on its face for maximum shock absorbance.


This handcrafted bat comes with a lightweight design that weighs around 1134 to 1247gms. Its lightweight and high-quality willow make it ideal for both intermediate and advanced players.


BDM Sting English Willow

This BDM sting cricket bats specially manufactured with English willow that is hand-picked. It consists of a power arc blade with specified contoured edges and six to ten straight grains. Extra wood behind the sweet spot design gives players top-class performance on all ground surfaces.


Also, its multi-piece cane handle gives superior performance and remarkable control. It is also helpful in delivering the best stroke during play with precise control on the handle. These bats are ideal for advanced level players.


Thrax T 20 Strike English Willow

Thrax T 20 strike English willow bats specially made with Grade three English willow with three to four straight grains. The signature touch of the Thrax processing technique gives it the finest grain profiling for enhancing its durability.


It is extended to a lower sweet spot with massive back and rounded toe offers maximum and power pack performance to the players. The use of a Thrax scale grip and nine pieces cane full cane oval-shaped handle helps in providing maximum gripping and power pack performance.


SF Almandus Mammoth English Willow

SF Almandus Mammoth English willow cricket bats made with the most beautiful English willow, which has five to seven clear grains. It consists of maximum wood in the sweet spot, which gives remarkable hitting performance to the players. And its twelve-piece treble spring cane handle provides maximum gripping and shock absorbance during play.


Its lower toe and flat blade make it ideal for delivering hitting knocks to the players. These bats are suitable for both intermediate and advanced level players.


SM Sky Shot English Willow

The SM sky shot English willow cricket bats are handcrafted and specially made with naturally dried and compressed grade four English willow. Its maximum size sweet spot emphasizes the strokes while playing the game.


Furthermore, its full-sized rounded face gives a defined direction throughout the hitting zone. These are specially for beginners level players.



So, these are the top ten best cricket bats under Rs 5000, which is an offer by most profound cricket bats manufacturers. Still, when you search for the best cricket bat in such an affordable range, then you dont need to compromise with its quality. You can even have the best cricket bat with high-quality English willow with the most beautiful grains in such an affordable range.