If you are looking for the best hockey stick brand in India and are still confused about the choices, dont worry, you have landed on the right page. Here, we have compiled an exquisite list of top 10 best field hockey sticks that will suit your game, style, and skills.

It seems unfair to say which hockey stick is the best one because all the field hockey sticks have their characteristics that complement individual preferences.

However, when it comes to buying a perfect field hockey stick, you need certain things to keep in mind. Like a field hockey stick with the appropriate weight, length matching to players hip-bone, standard Bow (may depend on individual preferences), and toe shape. And last but not least, a precise selection of hockey sticks will suit your skills and game.

So, before starting the list, lets discuss some important factors that will help you to decide which one is best for you-

Skills level

The skills are categorized into four levels based on the players experience and stick characteristics.



The beginner level sticks are best for the initial level athletes. These hockey sticks are quite beneficial in enhancing and controlling the skills and make the basic foundation strong. These field hockey sticks are ideal for the age group of 10 years.


These are a little advanced field hockey sticks which showcase the virtue of power with a touch of control. These hockey sticks are truly recommended for 11-13 age groups of players who have played the game for at least one or two years.


The best combination of power and balance! An advanced field hockey stick helps to nourish the skills. These sticks best suit the age group of above 12 with more than two years of game experience.

Elite level

An elite level of field hockey sticks is precisely designed for the international level players. Those who love to add power and control to their game would be the best choice for them.

Playing position

The 11 members of the team, including goalie, play in the ground. Players play at different positions such as forward players to mid-fielder, from fullbacks to goalie. The forward players have core responsibility of targeting a goal, while mid-fielders play defense and offense game. The fullbacks, also known as sweepers, assist due to their defending role.

So, as a player, you need to understand your role and must go with a suitable field hockey stick that will suit your game and skills.

Budget and Brand

Budget and brand both are different sides of the same coin. The more you will invest, the better you will get. The budget is something that you need to keep in mind while buying a field hockey stick. Though it is not written anywhere that an expensive hockey is always the best choice, you need to purchase a hockey stick based on your game level and need.

But at a broad level, the price of a hockey stick depends on the carbon percentage. The higher the carbon percentage, the more it will cost.

On the other hand, today, you will have countless brands and choices, but you need to go with a premium brand if you want to enhance your game. The premium brands provide more durable and impactful hockey sticks that can enhance your game.

Although you can purchase any basic wooden or fiberglass-based field hockey stick during the initial level to learn the basics.

Top 10 field hockey sticks 2020

1. TK Synergy S4

The Synergy S4 is one of the prominent choices for elite level players. It offers enhanced control, best aerial aid, and come with TK brands scoop technology. The shape of the hockey stick provides more control, and the bow is closer to the head for creating sharper angles and drag force.



• It comes with 25mm bow size.

• It has 50 percent carbon and 10 percent aramid composition.

• It comes with scoop technology and enhanced ball control.

2. Adidas V24 Carbon Composite Field Hockey Stick

The V24 carbon composite filed hockey stick is yet another best choice for Adidas lovers. It is highly durable with dual rod technology to prevent vibration and shock while shot-making. The carbon composition offers light-weight quality that makes a player move faster on the court. Overall, it is a must-have choice for the initial level players.



• Highly shock absorbent

• Comes with J toe shape

• Control bow shape

• Dual rod internal carbon foam

3. STX field hockey stallion

It is a multi-purpose field hockey stick that can be used by all level players. The STX stick is designed to offer maxi toe shape for better control over the hit, bow shape for a more comfortable strike, and fiberglass composition for the power enhancement. In short, it is a prominent choice from beginner to advanced level players.



• Maxi Toe shape design

• 100 percent fiberglass composition

• Light-weight stick (440g)

• Versatile bow shape

4. Grays Jumbo composite field hockey stick

The Grays Jumbo composite field hockey stick is one of the popular hockey sticks among the players. The latest graphene technology showcases an astonishing combination of shock-absorbing and energy transfer technology while striking the ball.

The field hockey stick offers an integrated combination of carbon, aramid, and resin system of graphene. The hockey stick comes with a maxi shape head and a stiff blade profile for higher durability and strength.



• Octagonal energy reduction technology for the handle

• 200mm curve

• AR zone heel protection

• Aramid and carbon composition

• Low backhand zone

5. Princess 7-star low bow field hockey stick

The 7-star princess low bow field hockey stick is probably the best armor from the Princess brand. It is made of 100 percent carbon composition that means higher power rating and stiffer stick. It comes with a low curve design that enhances speed and light-weight quality (550g). Overall, it is a prominent field hockey stick that deserves to be listed in the top 10 list of best hockey sticks.



• 100 percent carbon composition

• Low curve design

• Maxi Toe shape

• 550g light-weight

• 24.mm bow size

6. Mazon Black Magic V5

Mazon is one of the famous brands in the Australian hockey sport. It comes with immense hitting power with a torsion stability rating (TSR) of 9. The hockey stick is made of Carbon 95 percent and Kevlar 5 percent. It offers some great technologies like the Traction control zone, Tomahawk zone, Reduced vibration system, and, last but not least, the Kevlar duro zone for greater durability.



• Open maxi head

• Bow varies from 19 and 24mm

• Weight between 515 to 570g, depending on size

• Composition- carbon 95 percent, aramid 5 percent

7. Grays GX10000

Grays Gx10000 has become one of the most prominent choices among professional players. The field hockey stick is extremely light-weight and has a great balance point that makes it a super stick for ball handling.



• Super control

• An excellent light-weight stick with Jumbow design

• Composition- 90 percent carbon and 10 percent of aramid.

8. STX Surgeon Field Hockey Stick

The STX surgeon series of field hockey sticks is probably among the prominent choices of advanced players. The series is solely designed for the attacking players with extreme light-weight quality and 50 percent carbon composition for the greater power. Overall, it is the best hockey stick for forwards.



• Composition- 50 percent carbon, 45 percent fiberglass, and 5 percent aramid.

• Late bow design

• Maxi tow shape

9. Malik Platinum Field Hockey Stick

It is one of the best field hockey sticks for offensive forwards and drag-flicker players. This best U hook shape stick allows you to enhance your 3D skills. Overall, the Malik Platinum field hockey stick is truly a superb choice for the players when it comes to sweeping and hitting.



• Composition- 80 percent carbon, 15 percent fiberglass, and 5 percent aramid.

• Multi-curve and low bow of 24.5 inch

10. Grays GX7000

The Grays Gx7000 is one of the destructive weapons on the hockey ground. The Gx700 is still the first choice of many international players while walking on the field. It is extremely powerful due to its composition and construction design. For us, it would be the top contender of the top 10 list.



• Composition- Carbon 80 percent and Aramid 20 percent

• Maxis head shape

• Traction hi-soft grip

• Standard bow

• Light-weight


The mentioned field hockey sticks dont not only offer premium features but also compliment the game skills of players from beginner to elite. So, these were the best field hockey sticks in 2020 that are truly best for the game, and you must consider these while going for a buy.

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