Therere lots of options available out there, but you want to come up with the best travel chess board set, which is easy to carry and, at the same time, instant-to-play. You need a set with which you can play even wherever you are, whether youre fond of playing chess on the train! Chess on the plane! Free time chess! Or chess in the rain!

If chess-time provides you relief from tiresome and long journeys, then no wonder you must head to buying the perfect travel chess board set that keeps you always active and ready-to-go with this mind-blowing board game.


Chess is one of the most prestigious board games that, over time, has captured lots of prominences. The game has been holding a strong history track of around 1500 years, and perhaps more. Long back ago, this strategic board game was well-liked and widely-played in India.

But with the advent of globalization, people became more passionate about this game. Similarly, the chain of chess players spread out and become famous worldwide.

Therefore, its usual, while covering a long distance, if meanwhile you love playing a chess board game, then pay a glance at the following steps thatll help you in choosing the perfect set.

Choosing the type of chess set

The best practice is, to begin with, the simplest one if you are new at playing chess. Although, you can also purchase an attractive piece that keeps you engaged with the game. There is nothing more irritating than a "little board of chess," on which you can hardly see the pieces and execute your strategy. However, when it comes to chess, the size matters.

The most important point is, is it a "travel set"? However, therere lots of options available in the market that are specially made to provide you with the best playing experience, anytime and anywhere. But therere more notable points too about which well discuss below.

Is it a Decoration Piece or the Real Travel Chess Board Set?

Before buying the best chess set, build a clear idea of everything, what will work, and what not for you. If youre looking to buy chess that creates your journey more enjoyable, figure out everything you want in your chessboard set in India. In most instances, people prefer to choose an attractive piece rather than buying a great chessboard set thats best to play.

Therefore, you must first make a clear pattern of the actual purpose behind buying a chess game set. Glass, stone, or metal pieces in chess are also good chess options, but they arent suitable if youre on an outdoor tour.

The traditional wooden chess boards are the popular option among players, as they are best for playing. But still, if youre finding those attractive chess sets in stone, glass, or metal a far-better option, then, of course, its a bad idea.

They can be a great option if you want to leave a distinct impression whenever guests or friends visit you at home and ask for chess gameplay. Undoubtedly, these stylish chess boards are a better option, but they arent convenient and easy to carry if youre seeking the best travel chess board set.

Moreover, if attractiveness comes first for you, then you can go beyond the traditional black & white combination chess board set. On its place, you can choose a colourful option too as manufacturers provide this feature too.

Material Used in Chess Set

Now, its time to pick the best material for your travel companion, the all-time favourite "chessboard." As per quality, the wooden chessboard Blood Red Bud Rose Material can suit your chess pieces better as the wooden frames design and edges provide you with a real player feel.

Although you can go with handcrafted wooden chess boards too; they can be much more expensive. Since they are made up of top-quality wood, such as rosewood and ebony wood; hence, they may go out of your budget. At the same time, if you are looking for a travel chess board set, then, of course, you must search for further options.

Consider the chess pieces as its another essential step. The perfect combination of the chessboard and pieces delivers a well-finished look. Similarly, it cheers your feelings about playing the chess board game. A Large or Small Board

The size of the chessboard set in India is also a significant point of consideration. However, for an indoor match with family and friends, a big-sized board can be an ideal option. But if you know that you have to play chess games anytime and anywhere with them, then you can go in small sizes too. It is often cost-effective since most of the bigger sets are a bit costly.

Working with a larger set is highly-recommended for those who have weak-vision power. If the sight is not great, it often becomes challenging to play with tiny pieces on the chessboard.

But this problem has also been resolved; if you want to carry a big set with you, you can go with light-weight options. For instance, manufacturers also produce plastic products, but their poor quality can be a downside that you may dislike.


After addressing everything, such as the size, form of wood, style, weight, etc., its time to move further and check out the detailing. Please dont choose a chessboard with heavily weighted chess pieces, for seed chess and blitz; they arent comfortable options.

Although there are lots of different variants available in the market, including a Dublin design, upright patterns, streamlined design, mono-block patterns, themed chess sets, etc. If youre in search of a perfect travel chess set that goes according to your preferences and requirements, then go with the one that is simple, portable, and flexible.

For instance, a foldable chess board set can be the best option that provides you access to store pieces. Such as, in most of the products, you may find a bag for storage or storage spaces, but it also calls for a lot of attention to pay.

What is your budget?

As described above, all these factors determine the final price of the chessboard set. In short, a chess boards material and size are the most influential factors. However, most of the chess lovers are ready to spend good dollars to get the thrill out of their all-time favourite strategic board game. But the chess game is beyond luxury and beauty.

If youre new to chess, then going with affordable options has always been the best decision. At a fairly low price, you can begin your journey in the chess-world. And once you become confident that the game is yours – undeniably, along with the game, you can easily upgrade your collection.

Its not requisite that only expensive games can provide you with perfect delight. Indeed, if you dont have money to spend on this outstanding game, then free options are also available. Such as online chess board game.

Go online!

Over time, chess game has become the most popular strategic board game, and when it comes to chess, parents never stop their children from playing. Alongside being the best game, chess is also popular in boosting mind power and enhancing cognitive skills among children.

Thats why no matter whether youre playing chess on a real-world chess board set or a virtual-world chess game, you just need a wish, and youre ready to give it a go!

Especially if you are travelling along with family or alone, then nothing can beat the option of online chess games. If you have a smartphone, youre all set to hit the game, either with friends or individually. Yes, chessboard online game comes with features to play with the computer if you dont have an opponent to play with you.

On the other hand, if you are new at chess and want some elementary training, you can ON the instructable mode. No wonder, playing online is a far better option that you can carry in your pocket and hit the game anytime.


Finally, you can come across the best decision. Therere lots of flexible, affordable, and quality chess board sets available in the market. But, if youre looking for a perfect travel board set that cares about your convenience and playful soul, all at the same time, then beyond doubt, you can go with an online chess board game.

In todays modern time, online chess board games are emerging as the most favourite chess-lovers platform, whether youre just a fresher, intermediate, or advanced player. You can shift the game level as per your skills and abilities to accept an easy or tough competition. However, physical board games are also a good option.

The way you want, whenever you want, itll cheer up your feelings. You dont have any need to pay attention to its design, pattern, shape, and size. Itll stay in your pocket, and whenever you want, within a click, you can start your game. In the end, its up to you how you pick the best option.

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