Whether you are planning to run, walk, or jog, start your outdoor pursuit by covering your feet through a perfect pair of shoes. This basic thing can make all the difference since your shoes will be your best companion all the way. What could be better if your shoes are from Puma! Puma is known in the world over for their high-performance sports shoes which make the athlete more confident.

Set up by two brothers, Puma and Adidas are enjoying great accolades and success stories since their inception. The brands peerless comfort, dynamic design inclusive of inimitable style is very foremost among sports stars, rockstars, and innumerable others.

Now lets explore the brand Puma to know why it is so coveted and superlative in the sports and lifestyle field through its best-branded cricket shoes.

1. Puma Evo Speed 18.1 Spike Cricket Shoes


The Evo Speed 18.1 Puma Cricket shoes are one of the lightest cricket spikes on the market. It is endorsed by cricket icon Virat Kohli as the superlative shoes comfort wise. It is designed in such a way that it looks innovative and appealing. So, groove into the cricket season with smashing Puma Products. Stylish, durable, and comfortable!

There is nothing like Puma Cricket shoes to place you in trend.

Puma is one of the eminent sports brands which takes the player on the playing field with full confidence.

Features and benefits of Puma Evo Speed 18.1 Spike Cricket shoes: -

• The upper feature is made up of soft mesh with a thin layer of fused microfiber skin in the vamp which enhances stability and support while playing

• The design of the shoes is low-ankle which meets the latest pattern and style

• The upper portion is of synthetic for long-lasting durability

• The toe area of shoes is reinforced with a highly abrasion resistant rubberized material for extra durability and protection of the toe

• Puma has designed this shoe in multi-color for an attractive look

• The footbed of the shoes is cushioned which makes the player comfortable and relaxed during play

• The collar and the tongue part are padded

• Closure strap enables the additional stability needed to the player

• High-tech material is equipped for the lightweight feature to run through turf rapidly

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2. Puma Evo Speed 18.1 C Spike Cricket Shoes


Performance at all levels is ensured while wearing Puma Evo Speed 18.1 C spike cricket shoes. Combination of comfortable, lightweight, style, and best designed, it is recommended as the foremost cricket shoes and even for all types of sports. Moreover, these shoes are made in such a way that they protect the players foot while keeping it light. Featured with good breathability and air flow, plus the upper portion which is made up of synthetic material is water resistant. All these advanced features make this Puma Cricket shoes durable.

The Puma Evo Speed 18.1 C spike Cricket shoes are less in weight which is ideal for both batsman and wicketkeeper for quick movement.

More advanced features: -

• Comes in two attractive colors that are white and black

• The midsole is Eva which is ultra-lightweight. Numerous small bubbles which get compressed while walking, ensure optimal cushioning and improve the flexible action of the foot

• Torsion control element which is built into the waist of the sole offers greater support, stability, and energy in return

• The outsole is made up of rubber which is wrap around heat at 300 degrees was inspired by high performance

• Comes in low-ankle design

• Tongue and collar are padded for extra comfort and relaxation

• Lace-up closure

• The footbed is featured with a cushion so that players foot gets comfortably adjusted in the shoes even on a rough path

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3. Puma Spike 19.2 Spike Cricket Shoes


Breathable and lightweight are these white and black colored Puma Spike 19.2 Cricket shoes. Other than this, it is a newly engineered Cricket shoe which is a true performance shoe meant for the best cricket athletes. It also allows the player to put their best foot forward on the ground.

Features which make this cricket shoe awesome: -

• Lace-up makes this shoe a worthy pick-up for any ambitious player

• It offers low ankle design so that it delivers the player a superb grip and fit

• The upper part is made of synthetic material and comes up with air mesh technology for better support, breathability, and water-resistant power

• Lightweight EVA midsole ensures optimal cushioning combined with the high-performance outsole; which as a result, offers superior stability and traction

• The outer sole has rubber plate with removable spikes

• TPU shank for mid-foot stability

• It can be worn while playing or casually for the style

• The shoe is made up of high-quality nylon mesh and synthetic material with lamination manufacturing technique; which as a result, offers better shape from outside and comfort to the cricket player

• This all-new design shoe is best for a pro to advance player, because of its comfort and stylish look

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4. Puma 19.1 Spike Cricket Shoes


For sure the ultimate test of Puma Cricket shoes would be on the pitch, with matches that are hours long. This Puma cricket shoe with an imploring look is manufactured to be the highest shoe in cricket performance wise.

It is a blend of protective and lightweight material which offers cricket player to move rapidly on the grass comfortably. Moreover, these cricket shoes will bowl you over.

Features of Puma Spike cricket shoes: -

• Lightweight upper construction delivers superb support in the multi-directional movement

• The midsole is of EVA ensures extra comfort with every step player move

• The outsole is of rubber plated with removable spikes that keeps the cricket player nimble and boosts bursts of energy when it is needed

• Designed to offer every movement with rubberized reinforcement in the toe area for extra durability

• Mesh and thermoplastic polyurethane upper portion for breathability

• Lace closure for a snug fit

• Puma brand logo is on the tongue which provides an amazing look to the shoe

• The rubber outsole is high absorption resistant

• Protective TPU skin is fused to the mesh for enhanced durability

• This Puma cricket shoe is abrasion resistant because of thermoplastic polyurethane

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5. Puma 19 FH Stud Cricket shoes


Puma FH 19 Stud cricket shoes are innovated with latest and modern sole design with ultra-lightweight material. With the combination of lightweight and innovation, it is the revolutionary stud shoe which is suited in every style of playing. Indeed, it is best for men who want to outstand themselves in the play of cricket. With advanced features and functions designed to withstand long hours out on the pitch, it delivers comfort while playing.

Best features of these Puma Cricket shoes: -

• The leather which is used to make this shoe is Nubuck well-known for its long-lasting performance

• The sleek design provides a player to run quickly on ground with proper stability

• The midsole is soft and resilient which offers relaxation while playing cricket

• This lightweight Puma Cricket shoe is made up of microfibre which is durable and skin fit

• The sole of the shoe is highly durable and printed that delivers attractive look and optimize traction for the gripping comfort

• Superior cushioning is provided in the EVA midsole

• The upper portion is soft and durable made up of high-quality synthetic

• Puma has invented a new air vent system which in turn offers proper circulation within the shoe

• The upper cage of the shoe is uniquely designed to feel fresh to the player while playing

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6. Puma Evo Speed one 8 R Stud Cricket shoes


The white Puma Evo Speed one 8 R cricket shoe is one and all best collection of Puma which endorsed by many eminent players of the cricket field. It is inclusive of both style and profession which enables the player to give a superlative performance on the field.

Puma has developed this shoe with modern footwear design philosophy which is a combination of style and features. The base of it is white which is comprised of Puma logo in signature style enabling awesome look.

Unsurpassed features of this Puma cricket shoe: -

• Nonpareil for professional players because of light weight and superb fit

• Made up of ultra-lightweight microfiber, extra durable mesh and skin fit enabling cricket players to run easily and quickly

• The outsole is ergonomically designed which delivers excellent grip and traction force

• It is equipped with 11 spike configurations for extra durability

• The moulded sole is manufactured is such precision so that the player will perform best

• The midsole of Puma cricket shoe is made of high resilience EVA which easily absorbs shocks and delivers excellent comfort to the player

• Arch shank for traditional support whilst offering a natural ride

• The toe guard is stitched to enhance durability

• Air vest technology in this shoe ensures proper air circulation within the shoe to feel fresh and energetic

These all shoes from Puma brand are unrivalled in terms of quality. It completely depends upon the players requirement and comfort level on which shoe suits you the most. So, go for the best Puma cricket shoe to give a superlative performance without any obstruction. In the last, before buying any cricket shoe, first look at the best features which will offer you comfort and relaxation for an outshining performance during play.

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