What is a cricket ball thrower?

A cricket ball thrower is a practicing tool that is used for field practicing and for improving batting skills. It is a new innovative approach for facing fast bowling attack. The purpose of the ball thrower is to provide consistency and batting practice with accuracy for the cricketers.


The cricket ball throwers are proved to be a boon for batsmen. It is a revolutionary practicing tool that helps in generating ball swings, speed turns, and seaming deliveries in a precise manner. There are plenty of cricket ball thrower types of equipment which are used by the cricketers of all levels, during practice sessions or net practice.

How cricket ball thrower helps batsmen?

In the era of technology, the practicing for batting has improved with the use of these cricket ball thrower machines. It helps a batsman in a number of ways like facing the speedball, practicing the desired ball speed, etc. which in turn improve their batting skills. It reduces the stress of using man force for practicing batting because now it is done with these ball thrower equipment.


Moreover, the ball delivers and the speed of bowling can be controlled according to the requirement of the batsman. It also helps batsmen to focus on the ball and improve their concentration power. This revolution brings a change in the cricket world. It made practicing a bit easier because you dont need to search for a bowler to practice and improve your batting skills.

The length of the ball, speed of delivery, etc. are the main concerns of every batsman to face. With the invention of a ball thrower, it becomes easier. Nowadays these ball thrower machines are used all over the world, whether it is international level or low-level cricket.

Types of cricket ball throwers


There are different types of cricket ball throwers available, which make your practice more comfortable. Some of them are explained beneath-

The speed arm ball thrower

Speed arm thrower is a revolutionary tool for cricket. It helps in delivering the ball with a controlled speed of 120 kmph and provides accuracy. The extended arm generates seaming deliveries, swinging, and raw pace in a controlled manner. The natural trajectory produced by the speed arm ball thrower allows the batsman to sight the ball easier as compared to manual bowling. The finger-like gripping extended with gooseneck design and short handle assures you accurate delivery.

It is less prone to injury or any turn. Thus, all the energy is transferred to the ball entirely which is induced by the thrower. It is almost unbreakable and made with high-quality PPE material. This practicing tool is used by the professionals, as well as junior cricketers, by coach for net practice and improvising the batting skills of the batsman. Speed arm thrower is designed for professional cricket to be practiced.

The Robo arm ball thrower

The Robo arm thrower is the most advanced ball thrower with a revolutionary interchangeable ball holder for a better sighting of the ball. The advancement of Robo arm helps in generating speed from 60 kmph to 160 kmph. It is suited by all age group cricket whether at the junior level or international level. It can stimulate finger, wrist, and hand to grip the ball more firmly and accurately. It is also less injury-prone. It is helpful in the skill development of the batsman.

The Robo arm is specially designed for throwing nine different length balls at different speeds. It is used by the players and coaches to generate high-speed deliveries with minimum efforts. One can notice a significant improvement in batting skills after using Robo arm for practice. Robo arm is the extended version of speed arm with interchangeable ball holder to generate high speed. Moreover, it comes with a versatile holder design to practice a bit more with different angles.

Bowling machines

The balling machines bring a revolutionary change in the cricket world. It enables batsman to practice exact ball delivery. The main concern of the cricket is the length of the bowl, speed of the ball, and precise line. The bowling machines are a boon to assist humans in improving batting skills as there is no comparison of artificial intelligence with the human speed of the ball.

The bowling machines come with concave wheels to catch the ball properly and help you in avoiding the inaccurate throws. Modern bowling machines come with speed meter, which helps in controlling the speed of the ball. It helps in precising variations of bowling accurately. Moreover, it helps in delivering the ball with the speed required by the batsman. It reduces the man force.

There are different types of bowling machines which deliver different kinds of balls with different length.

Mechanical bowling machines

This type of device is simple, reliable, robust, and useful for delivering a wide range of ball lengths like fast, slow, spin, bouncers as well. It consists of two wheels of 30 to 50 diameter, fitted with an electric motor. The ball assembling chamber and electric motors allows variation of the speed of the wheel and balling.

Pneumatic bowling machines

The pneumatic bowling machine has a space hopper which contains balls. There is a rotor fitted at the bottom of the hopper with a space of six balls. The pump is used to provide a flow of air in the ball drop chamber which pushes the ball along the gasket, which is known as the restrictor. The ball bursts through this chamber on the main body of the machine and guise upwards, and releases from the height for delivery. It helps in stimulating different distributions like fats bowling, spin bowling, out swing, bouncers. Seam bowling is the limitation of this machine.

Programmable bowling machines

The programmable bowling machines come with the advancements to overcome the limitation of the above tools. It is also known as Merlyn. The artificial intelligence plays a vital role in improving the skills of a batsman with precise control on the bowling speed, length, and variations. This machine comes along with computer programming to control the speed, angle, and length of the ball precisely. Also, it helps reduce mans efforts as you dont need to bring a ball and throw it again and again. The revolutionary approach helps in facing high-speed balls.

Role of Raghavendra in Indian Cricket team

Raghavendra is the man who can continuously throw the ball at the speed of 140 kmph. He is also a crucial member of the Indian Cricket team as a support staff. The previous captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni says that Raghavendra is a foreign pacer in the squad, which helps in improving the skills of the batsman. Raghu can easily create swings and reverse swing in a ball. The man with a golden arm had worked in enhancing the unique skills of many cricketers.


The injury of arms affect Raghus bowling as well. Raghu, from a few years, started using Sidearm ball thrower which is an equipment of cricket to throw balls more accurately and firmly. The spoon-like shaped equipment with a holder delivers a ball at a speed excess 140kmph. The Roboarm used by Raghu added another essential aid in his bowling technique, which in turn, helps a batsman to improvise his batting skills as well.

Dhoni says that Raghu balls with fast consistency and does something more important than any other Indian pace. The Indian quick bowlers are those who release the ball with precise length. The Roboarm helped Raghu, who is an assistant trainer to the Indian team, to make the batsman customize to a higher pace than the usual pace.

Our current Indian team captain Virat Kohli resounded the sentiments and acknowledged the role of Raghu who provide a genuine pace during the practice session. Raghu has helped the Indian batsmen to be adept confident.

The fact is interesting to know that Raghu is the only throwdown specialist in the world. He also travels with the national side for his specialized skills. The results provided by Raghu are outstanding. The role of Raghu in improving skills is no less than the bowling machines. Ajinkya Rahane has also said the same with his own experience of misfortune that happened during the practice session with Raghu during Mumbai Test against England in December. The entire top order of the Indian cricket team members like Murali Vijay, Virat Kohli, and Ajinkya Rahane acknowledged the role of Raghu in improving the skills in their batting. Raghu is also known as the Roboarm of the team. Raghu is also known as the golden arm man.