Usually a childs outdoor game starts with either a football or cricket. Though the majority of the world follow football, cricket has its own lovers and fans all over the world. Last year cricket was played on the Alps mountain as well, and this suffices to depict the popularity spreading across the higher altitudes as well. Well, in order to start with, you need to know the rules and before that a bat and a ball which would do the job. Now the difficult part comes when you have to choose the bats as you would be confused with the range of the bats available in the world. Needless to say, the bats made of the English stands out to be the best. The professionals mostly use the English willow bat.

Quality of English Willow Bat: The English Willow Bats are hand-made and are considered as one of the best crafts in the world of cricket. They prepare high-quality bats, and the shape is perfect for each player. These bats are made from the cleft which is generally imported from UK. The bats are developed for the professional player to much more advanced players who enjoys playing with the natural and best bats.

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Improvement of performance: Choosing the bat can be a daunting task in the initial stages. However, if you start with English willow, then you would not get a second thought to change in the future. The willow should be chosen very carefully as the game of yours depends solely on the bat that you choose. You must be able to choose your weapon wisely as it would help you in your battle. Rest assured, the English willow helps you to play your natural game. You are able to control the game more efficiently. The best part is the timing of the bat, which helps you to hit the ball perfectly and in a much more composed manner.

Key benefits to players:

• The English Willow Bat provides better punch, so the player gets maximum power on the shots

• The bats are generally lightweight in nature.

• The bats offer durable performance to the player

• The bats are perfect for the players who love to hit the ball hard.

• The bats are springy and are ideal for the serious competitive players.

Some bats you can pick from:

1. Thrax Black Edition Cricket Bat


This type of bat is meant for the professional level of cricket. This brand is very popular in and around the world. The main reason to choose this bat is nothing but the power it generates after hitting of the ball. The bat generates a massive power at the stroke and that too at the center of the face of the bat. The bat is designed in such a way which helps to manage the weight of the bat effectively. Hence you get good control of the bat.

Further down is the little round and flat toe which is optimized in the more efficient manner. The bat is very lightweight and has a concave structure at the backside. The optimized weight combined with the concave backside gives a perfect combination so that the player can hit with maximum power. The brand is tested by the professionals as well and has been found to achieve outstanding results with lots of runs scored on the board.

Other essential features:

• The bat uses full cane handle with imported swark canes.

• It uses grade one English willow, which makes it even more preferable.

• The superb balance and power give the Thrax brand a new image.

2. SS Reserve Edition Cricket Bat


The SS TON Reserve Edition is a top-class bat from the SS with the grade one willow in the market. The making of the bat is unique, and this is the reason the bat is preferred among the wider professionals.

• The bat has massive TON edges and very light pick up.

• The bat has a huge playing area with perfect weight and good balance

• In the initial stages, you might find it difficult to use. However, with the time you can balance the bat in the more efficient manner.

• The little round and the flat toe make it a perfect combination for the batsmen to play their natural shots.

• The bats have a fullback profile at the backside.

• The little concave at the backside helps to optimize the weight and balance of the bat.

• This helps to enhance the performance with the maximum power.

• The willow is processed naturally, and it gives a perfect grain structure, and the results are awesome.

• There are close to 9-12 grains and that too straight.

• The bats are prepared in such a way which gives durable and optimum performance.

• The weight normally varies from 1130 gms to 1240 gms.

• The handles are rigid and durable enough to sustain the huge impact caused by the ball.

3. SG Players Edition Cricket Bat - this model is the latest model developed by the SG. It is developed with the finest willow.


• The players get normally get 7-9 straight grains with cool and clear willow profile.

• The thickness of the bat is around 40-45 mm and has the enlarged sweet spot position.

• The bat has a unique structure. It has a unique spine profile and back profile.

• The presence of the Chevtec grip gives the batsmen a better grip, and the cushioned surface adds more grip for the hands.

• The batt comes with the highest quality and performance.

• The power-driven handle gives an edge to the batsman.

• The bats are generally 1150-1230 gm which makes it a good choice for the batsman to go for.

4. BDM DYNAMIC Power X Treme Cricket Bat


This bat is made of the hand-selected English Willow. Packed with a Power arc blade and with contoured edges, this bat has one of the best looks. The bat is designed for perfect performance, and it can be used for all kinds of surfaces and pitches.

Other essential features:

• The structure behind the bat gives you the best shot along with the power.

• The bat is known for the quality production and usages

• You can never find any blemishes, and there would be a minimum of 8 straight grains.

• Well, the edges range close to 40mm, and the spine is 63 mm

• There is no concaving actually, and this is what makes the structure of the bat unique.

• The balance is excellent, and the pickup is perfect which gives the batsman a proper time to strike the ball

• The bat comes with fitted with tip quality treble sprung multi-piece cane handle for an outstanding feel.

• Well, another thing that stands out is the shock absorption

5. Kookaburra Kahuna Players Edition Cricket Bat


To manufacture this bat, the willow is exceptional, and there is not a doubt or a question about the quality of the willow. They are the best and are made for a perfect result.

• With the imported and chosen willow, you get the best quality grains on the bat

• There is flexibility to design, and it also gives stability and structure to the bat.

• The toe guard provides the longevity of the bat and prevents future scuffs and splits.

• The Kookaburra uses traditional methods to prepare the willow.

• The weight of the bat ranges from 1150 to 1210 gms. The bat normally feels very lightly

• The edges range from 34 to 41mm, which has a high spine and thick edges.

• The handle of the bat is made up of 12 Piece Sarawak Cane, and Round Handle with Xtreme Trio Grip

Do use the authentic bats in order to get the best result. Now bats are normally purchased online, and you can do that pretty easily. So, you should stay choosing your bats right from the tender age if you think of taking cricket seriously. You must know which bats to go for as per your body. The early you start, the better it is for you. It is the face of the bat and the handle which can make the difference. And ultimately it is all about the timing of the bat and the angle through which you play the strokes.

There are various types of cricket bats available now with all the details. You must ensure that the bats you purchase have the proper dimension and structure, as mentioned in the box. Before doing that, you must be able to judge the sweet spot of the bat. The grip should be used of fine material so that your hand fits in well. It is the quality of the willow which holds everything for you and how you perform on the pitch. You must be able to know which willow is suited for which types of surfaces. Only then you can become a proper cricketer. This would help you in going forward with the game. Always take the kit with you and cover the bat after you are done with the batting or practice. Rest assured, choose your willow wisely to hit boundaries!