Review of Yonex POWER CUSHION INFINITY Badminton shoes play a major role while playing the game. Yonex completely understands this and make the shoes accordingly. Yonex is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to making badminton gears, be it rackets, badminton bags or shoes. Yonex takes the game seriously as you do; this is the best thing about them. Not only this, it is a technology-driven organisation; they always try to explore new design, material and strive to make the best out of it.


Whenever they design any badminton shoes it is mostly based on the reviews given by the players, so that they can work upon the limitations and requirements according to them. This is also one of the reasons why the products are so good and impeccable as all the requirements of players are completed in these shoes. One such new technology is Yonex power cushion infinity which is introduced by Yonex so that the players can get the Best Fit and Comfort in Badminton Shoes.

This is the first time ever that some company has introduced this technology. Yonex badminton shoes are well known for their durability, comfort, fit, grip and the best technology used to make shoes. The same goes with this new technology which would provide you with the immense comfort that your foot would not hurt at all. They are very light in weight which adds to the comfort.

Yonex has proudly introduced the new Yonex Power Cushion Infinity badminton shoes. The pace of this game is getting faster, in the same way, more and more people have started loving this game. They look for a shoe which can also adapt to the fast and new style on the field like the new technology of Yonex.

Let us know more about the Yonex Power Cushion Infinity technology used in badminton shoes from the basics to the technicality that is used it.

The Yonex Power Cushion Infinity comprises a seamless upper with a double Boa system. There are two adjustment buttons in it which ensure quick, better adjustment of toes and ankles so that the players can get an unmatched fit. Furthermore, there is a 3D Carbon board which is added to the midsole of these shoes to give a stable landing to the player.


The midsole is outfitted with power pad + technology of Yonex. Whenever the player runs, jumps and sprints, it absorbs the energy created by the impact of the action and rebounds it. This technology is best suited for the aggressive pace of the players while also taking into consideration the fit, weight, stability and shock absorption.

So, these were the basics of the technology, let us see the technical innovations-

BOA- Fit system-

This is the most innovative thing about this technology, well calibrated double BOA Fit system which ensures a different and ingenious fit. There are two command dials which are - fixed one on the toe and the other on ankle position, by reviewing the requirements and movements of players. The toe position with the help of this technology gets smooth, flexible and enduring movements. Additionally, the canvas on its ankle can also be attached on the instep. These shoes not only meet a different kind of footwork when playing badminton but also they can be worn easily and effortlessly.


Power pad +-

Lets see the other aspect of these shoes which is just seen in Yonex shoes and introduced lately. Its Shock-absorbing Power pad + mechanics converts the impact forces of movements quickly into energy. Rebound and shock absorption have been greatly improved if we compare it to the basic power pad stuff. There were many tests conducted regarding these shoes and technology. It has been proven that, if we throw a raw egg from a height of 12 meters into this Powerpad + power cushion it would not break. This itself shows how comfortable and friction free your foot would be while playing badminton. This plays a major role, because of this feature the shoe becomes more enduring, flexible and gives a really good grip and fitting.

Stability enhancement –

3D Carbon board: To give more stability to the players, the midsole which is placed on the outside of the sole has been made with the latest designed 3D Carbon Plate. After understanding the players requirements it is placed in the most needed area. It improves the rigidity where needed. This technology is amazing and very unique from others.

These shoes have become very famous among the players as they are also being used by many international level players. As they are very light in weight many players prefer buying these shoes. Your foot would not hurt at all even after a long tiring day of play, as they provide you with such comfort that you would not feel heavy.

The technology used is such that if there is any sweat coming because of the weather, it soaks in quickly without making the shoes heavier. They are made in such a way that they can bear all sort of wear and tear. Needless to say, Yonex badminton shoes are always very long lasting.

For excellent grip and improved stability with every movement, this technology has been equipped with excellent power+ cushions and BOA fit system. One of the vital feature to consider when purchasing a pair of badminton shoes is it is cushioning. This is the major reason for the comfort level of shoes. So, keeping this point in mind the Japanese firm launched its renowned Power Cushion for utmost shock absorption and excellent traction while playing.

The badminton shoes look really amazing and the colours are also very elegant. It comes in 2 colours and black. The design of the shoes is really unique because of the BOA technology used. It also makes wearing the shoes very easy and trouble-free as you do not have to tie the laces. This is also one of the elements, why players attracted to these Yonex Badminton shoes.

In recent times "the fitting characteristics" of the badminton shoes are made in such a way, as the game of the badminton paces up and rebounds back in counter to the shuttle quickly. Yonex has worked on this concept and integrated them in making the shoes. There is a wire which tightens just to turn a dial to the shoes and stations the Boa system which is adjustable. You can adjust the ankle and toe both according to your comfort level. You can loosen it or tighten it as well. The tiptoe portion of the shoe has the ankle outer area with great design so that you can close well. Once you wear it, you will realize how cushy they are and then you would be able to make the difference between the normal shoes and Yonex power cushion infinity technique.


The 3d carbon mechanism used in the shoes increases the stability of the shoes. The torsional stiffness to the outside of the shoes is around 20% more in these shoes which is the reason why they are more stable. Seeing all the aspects of these shoes there is only one thought which comes to the mind i.e. that these are a must buy for badminton players. Since the advancement used while designing and construction these shoes is very innovative and gives much more relaxation to the shoes while playing.

This technology was made keeping in mind the important aspect that , the shoes does not become any hindrance while playing. Instead it should become a strength so that the foot movement becomes smooth and easier. So, whenever you plan to buy badminton shoes opt for Yonex shoes, especially Yonex Power Cushion Infinity so that you feel more confident, comfortable and easy. Do not think twice to go for it as it is a complete value for money.