If you're a dedicated badminton enthusiast aspiring to elevate your game from intermediate to advanced levels, the Yonex Nextage series is a must-explore and adopt. True to its name, Nextage is crafted to propel your badminton journey to the next stage, incorporating cutting-edge racket features, technology, and performance. Embrace Nextage and experience a transformative leap in your badminton prowess.

The Yonex Nextage series embodies the latest innovations in badminton, featuring the enhanced Sonic Flare System, Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM), Wide Diameter Grommets, E.B. CAP PLUS, and a Wide Profile Frame. These advancements not only boost performance but also provide an excellent racket feel, a crucial element for achieving optimal results on the badminton court.

As Yonex Astrox Nextage has been thriving in the market, catering to players seeking a head-heavy balance, Yonex has recently introduced its headlight counterpart in the Nanoflare series—Yonex Nanoflare Nextage. While both models belong to the Nextage series, it's essential to note the distinctions between the two. This blog outlines the key differences and similarities between these rackets.

Explore the newest rackets from Yonex in the Astrox and NanoFlare series

About Yonex Astrox Nextage:

Presenting the Made in Taiwan Yonex Astrox Nextage racket, designed for professional badminton players. Crafted with precision, the frame material comprises Graphite, VDM, and Tungsten, ensuring top-notch performance. The super slim shaft, featuring Graphite and NANOMESH NEO, adds finesse to your game.

This head-heavy racket boasts a 10mm longer balance point, providing an exceptional feel for powerful shots. Weighing 83 grams (4U) with a G5 grip size, it offers the ideal combination of manoeuvrability and control. String it between 26 to 27 lbs with the recommended BG66 ULTIMAX for optimal power and excellent control, or choose BG 65 TI at 27 to 28 lbs for a balance of power and durability.

Embedded with core technologies like NANOMESH NEO, ISOMETRIC, Rotational Generator System, Super Slim Shaft, and Energy Boost CAP PLUS, the Astrox Nextage ensures a groundbreaking gaming experience. The innovative frame design enhances shock-absorbing ability, resulting in accurate shot delivery and pinpoint accuracy. The rock-solid balance of the racket aims to deliver extraordinary power in every shot, making the Astrox Nextage the go-to choice for professional badminton players.

The standout innovation in the Yonex Astrox Nextage lies in its VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh) technology.

VDM is a cutting-edge material integrated into the frame to effectively absorb unwanted vibrations, providing pinpoint accuracy on shots. This technological marvel ensures that players experience an exceptional racket feel, translating to unparalleled hitting precision and control.

The Astrox Nextage also incorporates Nanomesh Neo technology, contributing to the frame's stability and delivering an incredible feel upon impact. The Aero-Box Frame technology further reduces air resistance, enhancing swing speed for faster and sharper smashes.

With a slightly head-heavy balance point and a mid-flex shaft (83 grams weight and G5 grip), the Yonex Astrox Nextage becomes a formidable force on the court. The combination of head-heavy balance, mid-flex shaft, and VDM technology creates a deadly synergy, unleashing explosive power in every play.

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About Yonex Nanoflare Nextage:

Introducing the Yonex Nanoflare Nextage, the latest racket crafted in Taiwan, designed to deliver decisive racket speed for unparalleled power in every shot.

Constructed with precision, the frame material combines HT graphite and Nanocell Neo, ensuring optimal performance. The super slim shaft, made of graphite, enhances the overall agility of the racket.

With a head-light balance point, the Nanoflare Nextage weighs 83 grams (4U) with a G5 grip size, striking the perfect balance between manoeuvrability and control. String it between 26 to 27 lbs, and experience the recommended BG66 ULTIMAX for powerful shots and excellent control, or opt for BG 65 TI at 27 to 28 lbs for a blend of power and durability.

Equipped with advanced technologies including Nanocell Neo, Aero Frame, Isometric, Sonic Flare system, Super Slim shaft, Built-in T joint, Wide Profile Frame, and E.B. CAP PLUS, the Nanoflare Nextage promises a revolutionary badminton experience, combining speed and power for a dominant presence on the court.

The Yonex Nanoflare Nextage racket incorporates key technologies to elevate your badminton performance:

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Improved Sonic Flare System:

Enhancing the Sonic Flare system results in heightened repulsion and comfort. Players can expect maximum shuttle acceleration and a thrilling feel during gameplay.

Broad Profile Frame:

The Nanoflare Nextage features a wide frame with an aerodynamic shape and sharp edges. This design minimizes frame warp during swings, leading to improved repulsion and a seamless follow-through for a more effective and controlled play.


The inclusion of E.B. CAP PLUS (Energy Boost Cap Plus) is designed to amplify snapback, adding to the racket's dynamic and responsive gameplay experience. This feature enhances the overall performance and responsiveness of the Nanoflare Nextage on the court.

Distinguishing Features between Yonex Astrox Nextage and Yonex Nanoflare Nextage

Balance Point:

The pivotal distinction between the two rackets lies in their balance points. The Yonex Nanoflare Nextage features a head-light balance, catering to players who seek a more manoeuvrable and agile experience on the court. With a balance point closer to the handle, these rackets enable swift wrist movements and quicker reaction times, making them ideal for those who prioritise speed, precision, and a defensive playing style.

Conversely, the Yonex Astrox Nextage is characterised by a pure head-heavy design, tailored for players who favour a powerful and aggressive approach. The balance point, situated closer to the head, allocates more weight in that region, delivering added momentum and strength to shots. This design is particularly advantageous for players with a robust attacking game, especially in singles, who appreciate potent clears and smashes. Head-heavy rackets empower players to generate increased power, facilitating an aggressive playing style and dominance in rallies.

Frame and Shaft Construction:

The Nanoflare Nextage features a frame crafted from HT graphite and Nanocell Neo material, whereas the Astrox Nextage boasts a frame composed of Graphite + VDM and Tungsten. The configuration of both racket frames is designed to complement and uphold the overall concept of their respective series.

Likewise, the shaft of the Astrox Nextage is constructed with graphite and Nanomesh Neo material, whereas the shaft of the Nanoflare Nextage is solely made of graphite.


As previously mentioned, both rackets are part of the Nextage concept curated by Yonex. Players can choose a racket based on their playing preferences and skill type. The Yonex Astrox Nextage is an ideal choice for aggressive gameplay, whereas the Nanoflare Nextage is well-suited for skillful and strategic playing styles.