In the realm of cricket gear, cricket shoes, particularly those equipped with spikes and studs, stand out as the quintessential equipment for any cricket player. When it comes to considerations, they are paramount. A majority of elite fast bowlers at the international level opt for top-tier spike shoes, enhancing their performance by facilitating improved run-ups, more controlled landings, and an overall boost in speed during bowling actions. On the batting front, it's common for batsmen to favour half spikes, specifically designed to eliminate spikes in the rear area for enhanced agility.

In the field, cricket fielders opt for full spikes shoes, especially in day and night matches where dew factor comes into play. This choice is driven by the need for superior grip, ensuring that fielders can maintain stability and avoid unwanted slips during crucial moments on the field.

At, we proudly offer a diverse range of international cricket footwear brands, including renowned names such as New Balance, Asics, Adidas, Kookaburra, Puma, SG, Thrax, and more. Our selection caters to the varied requirements of cricket players across different levels, ranging from professionals to those engaged in club-level cricket.

Recognizing that different players have distinct needs when it comes to cricket shoes, at, we diligently compile an annual list of the best cricket shoes. This compilation takes into account player recommendations, the cutting-edge technology utilised in the shoe's construction, and the overall rating of the shoe. By providing this comprehensive list of cricket shoes for the year 2024, we aim to assist players in making informed decisions and identifying the best-suited footwear for their cricketing endeavours.

Asics Speed Menace FF Spike:

The Asics SPEED MENACE FF features an upper meticulously designed with ultra-lightweight synthetic leather, durable mesh, and high-quality skin-fit material. This blend not only gives the shoe a stylish appearance but also guarantees a lightweight feel and exceptional durability for top-tier performance.

Engineered with fast bowlers in mind, the Asics SPEED MENACE FF cricket shoe is optimized for those who execute high forward jump steps before delivering the ball. The design is specifically tailored to offer these bowlers enhanced control, optimal traction force, and a precise landing platform, all contributing to a smooth ball release.

Crafted with DUOMAX technology, the midsole of this Asics cricket shoe ensures remarkable stability. To further boost performance, the deep outsole structure is complemented by extensive flex grooves, providing increased flexibility precisely at the point of delivery during a bowler's action.

This cricket shoe excels in providing stability during the landing phase of your stride, ensuring your focus remains on the moment and directed towards achieving accuracy.

The outer sole of the Asics SPEED MENACE FF is expertly crafted using rubber material, with the addition of 10 metal spikes in a 6/4 configuration to ensure optimal traction force for superior performance on the cricket field.

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New Balance CK10 R5 Spike:

New Balance CK10 R5 Spike Cricket Shoes boast a cutting-edge design in the upper, utilizing state-of-the-art technology with a stitch-less and infused lamination technique. This method minimizes manual work and stitching, with the majority of the process handled by machines. The upper features high-quality synthetic breathable mesh material laminated with TPU, ensuring durability and breathability. Additionally, a reinforced toe and padded color add to the overall comfort of the shoe.

The midsole of these cricket shoes is built on RevLite technology, incorporating a highly cushioned base material that provides exceptionally soft cushioning and enhanced comfort for cricket players.

For stability, control, and optimal traction force, the outer sole is equipped with a molded heel base. This feature ensures better stability on the field. The shoe is fitted with 11 metal spikes arranged in a 7-4 configuration, offering a perfect fit and finish for superior performance.

Other notable features include a lightweight and durable upper, setting the standard for stability and durability. The incorporation of a no-sew tip enhances the upper's strength, making these shoes highly durable and ideal for professional cricket players.

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Puma 22.2 Spike:

The upper of the Puma 22.2 spikes shoes is meticulously crafted from PU microfiber, delivering breathable comfort while ensuring a lightweight and enduring performance on the cricket field.

For optimal cushioning and shock absorption, the midsole of these Puma cricket shoes is engineered with EVA material, enhancing the player's comfort during intense matches.

Tailored to withstand the demands of lengthy cricket battles characterized by rapid bursts of play, the Puma Spike 22.2 guarantees consistent comfort and superior performance throughout extended periods on the field.

With a low-cut construction, these cricket shoes provide increased freedom for the ankles, facilitating a greater range of movement for the player.

The outer sole of the Puma Spike 22.2 is exclusively constructed from rubber material, featuring a configuration of 7/4 metal spikes for exceptional traction on various field conditions.

Equipped with 11 removable metal spikes on a rubber plate, these Puma Spike shoes offer adaptability to different playing conditions. The TPU shank midsole support further enhances stability and overall performance, ensuring the player remains at their best during critical moments on the cricket pitch.

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New Balance CK4040 W5

Upper: Elevate your cricket experience with the top-tier PU material skillfully crafted to ensure a durable and snug skin-fit in the New Balance CK4040 W5 Spike Cricket Shoes. The addition of ultra-light mesh enhances flexibility, resulting in a cricket shoe that offers superior maneuverability, a lightweight feel, and enduring performance.

Midsole: Immerse yourself in a new realm of comfort with the FuelCell-based midsole technology. Engineered with a highly cushioned base material, FuelCell delivers an exceptionally soft cushioning experience at the midsole. Every step is supported by a luxurious level of comfort, keeping you at your best throughout the game.

Outsole: Unleash your potential with the meticulously designed moulded heel base upper in the New Balance CK4040 W5. This design enhances stability, control, and traction force. Equipped with 11 strategically placed metal spikes, the outsole provides precise fitting and adjustments, ensuring optimal grip and top-notch performance in any cricket conditions.

Other Features: Experience the advantage of a lightweight and durable upper tailored to elevate your cricket performance. Enjoy unrivaled stability and durability, setting a new standard in its class. The incorporation of a no-sew tip enhances upper strength, reinforcing the shoe's longevity. Designed to meet the demands of professional cricket players, the New Balance CK4040 W5 stands as the pinnacle of durability and performance on the cricket field

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Kookaburra Pro 2.0 Spike:

The Kookaburra Pro 2.0 Spike boasts a PU and latest mesh upper, ensuring a lightweight and durable shoe with enhanced air circulation ability.

In the midsole, extra cushioning is provided through the EVA midsole, offering better shock-absorbing ability and prolonged comfort for cricket players during extended innings.

The outer sole features a rubber outsole with a U Plate and stainless steel metal spikes, providing superior grip and traction force on the cricket field.

For added comfort and style, the shoe incorporates an extra-padded tongue.

Presenting the latest and stunning cricket stud shoes from Kookaburra, featuring an attractive white base color complemented by green color strips on the sides. The Kookaburra logo adds a stylish touch to enhance the overall look of the shoe

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Adidas Howzat Spike 20:

The Adidas Howzat Spike 20 stands as an all-round cricket footwear solution suitable for batting, bowling, and fielding.

The upper of the shoe is crafted from durable and lightweight mesh material, providing enhanced durability and ventilation. This feature ensures the shoe remains fresh during long cricket innings, while the elastic midfoot support strap delivers improved support during fast running.

Equipped with Adiprene technology, the midsole offers superior cushioning and comfort for cricket players.

The outer sole is constructed with a TPU plate, known for its durability, featuring 7 removable stainless steel metal spikes for optimal traction.

With a white base color and the Adidas logo printed on the front area, the TPU sole color in lime green adds to the overall attractiveness of these Adidas Spike shoes. Developed for advanced cricket players, this footwear combines an appealing design with durability for top-tier performance on the cricket field.

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SS PRO 9000 Spike:

Introducing the SS Pro 9000 Cricket Spike Shoes, a lightweight and high-performance choice for cricket enthusiasts. The lace-up closure ensures a secure and customized fit, allowing players to focus on their game with confidence.

The sole material is a combination of elastic EVA and durable, slip-resistant rubber, featuring 18 steel nails strategically placed for exceptional traction on the field. The neutral pronation design enhances the versatility of these spike shoes, catering to various playing styles.

The upper material is crafted from synthetic leather, providing a soft and comfortable feel, thanks to its Soft PU composition. Proudly made in India, the SS Pro 9000 Cricket Spike Shoes showcase a commitment to quality craftsmanship and performance, making them an excellent choice for cricketers looking for reliable footwear on the cricket pitch.

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SG Savage Spikes 1.0:

Introducing the SG Savage Spikes 1.0 Cricket Shoe, a dynamic choice for cricketers seeking both style and performance. The lace-up closure ensures a secure fit, while the medium shoe width caters to a range of foot sizes.

The sole of these cricket shoes is crafted from durable Polyurethane, providing a reliable foundation for players on the field. The upper boasts a combination of mesh and PU, with PU material offering high wear and tear resistance. The breathable mesh upper enhances comfort, and the camo pattern at the counter adds a stylish touch, elevating the overall look.

The SG Savage Spikes 1.0 features a molded heel cap for enhanced stability, ensuring a solid footing during intense cricket matches. The skin-friendly foam in the collar provides grip and comfort to the ankle, enhancing the overall playing experience.

These cricket shoes come with spare soft spikes, accompanied by a key for easy replacement. The insock is crafted from NR EVA, offering top-grade cushioning for enhanced comfort and fit. The midsole is both lightweight and high-grade, made from molded EVA for superior cushioning and reactivity.

The outsole is constructed from durable rubber with spikes, ensuring optimal traction on the cricket pitch. The SG Savage Spikes 1.0 Cricket Shoe combines functionality, style, and comfort, making it an ideal choice for cricketers who value performance and aesthetics.

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Thrax Aello Series Spike:

Introducing the Thrax Aello Series Spike, where each component is meticulously designed to elevate your cricket performance:

Upper Material: Crafted from a resilient yet lightweight PU base material, these cricket spike shoes guarantee exceptional performance, ensuring durability and top-notch quality on the pitch.

Midsole: Engineered with a Phylon base midsole, these shoes deliver superior shock absorption and unmatched comfort. The incorporation of Opti Cushion technology provides an extra layer of cushioning for optimal performance during intense matches.

Innersole: Designed with a memory foam-based innersole, these shoes offer enhanced responsiveness and unparalleled comfort, instilling the confidence to perform at your best throughout the game.

Heel Counter: Equipped with a heel counter, these shoes provide the stability necessary for swift running between the wickets and executing agile movements on the field.

Outsole: The outsole is both stable and durable, featuring 7 X 4 removable metal spikes, totaling 11 spikes for a single pair. This ensures exceptional traction and grip, allowing you to excel in every aspect of the game. The Thrax Aello Series Spike is designed for cricketers who demand nothing but excellence on the cricket field.

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Pro Ase FS 101 Spike:

A versatile cricket shoe suitable for amateurs and recreational players, the Pro Ase FS 101 Spike features a durable PU upper with vent holes for breathability. The breathable mesh upper lining enhances comfort, and the high-grade EVA insole provides superior cushioning. This cricket shoe is designed for all-round performance, including batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket-keeping.

The aforementioned shoes stand out as the top cricket footwear choices based on Khelmart's sales data and buyer preferences. Players can choose the most suitable option based on their preferences, budget constraints, and other desired features. Whether catering to the needs of seasoned top players or beginners embarking on their cricket journey, these shoes are designed to elevate performance and contribute to success on the cricket field.

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