Over the past years, the game of badminton has gained immense popularity. Badminton leagues and tournaments have generated a massive following among the people and especially among young kids. Although it is a straightforward game, if we talk about the professional level, then one needs to be prepared well to get into the standard.

Like any other game, the badminton also has some beautiful shot and playing techniques that sometimes becomes very hard to understand or play. Shots like smashes (forehand, Backhand and jumping smash), net kill and drop are some of the techniques that require some extra sweat on training court. However, you need to have excellent practice and a lot more training to attain pure timing because, in badminton, determination and timing are all that you need to win.

In badminton, the backhand technique or shot is regarded as one of the toughest shots to get the command. There are numerous reasons like poor timing,