Being a badminton player or a fan of this game, you would have had the experience of being in a state of awe regarding how the players manage to deliver great quality shots with unbelievable speed. Apart from the solid experiences gained over time and daily training, great perfection is also built on exceptional footwork which greatly depends on the kind of shoes a player wears.

In Badminton, footwork is an essential element which drives the contact point, shot stability and timing. If a players shoes are not that great, he might fail to take himself to the contact point easily. Quality and placement of the shot might get jeopardized, which would result in underperforming attack or defence.

Badminton players need to move a lot while playing. When they move around it pressurizes the forefeet that can be painful at times, especially when you are relaxing at night. So it becomes essential that the shoes which hold your body weight should be extremely comfortable and cushioned.